Caught on Camera

Scary Videos You Shouldn’t Watch in the Dark

From a creepy creature seen stalking campers to a haunted statue caught on camera, these are scary videos you shouldn’t watch in the dark. 6. Creepy Figure in Abandoned Building [embedyt][/embedyt] First up on […]

Caught on Camera

Freaky Footage That Needs Explaining

Sometimes when you see freaky footage on the internet, the comments section is filled with possible explanations for the bizarre events the footage depicts. But some videos are just too peculiar for the amateur sleuths […]

Scary footage no one can explain
Caught on Camera

Scary Footage No One Can Explain

Here’s some scary footage no one can explain. From a strange elf-like creature caught on security camera to a possible poltergeist in an Ohio daycare centre, we take a look at some scary footage that […]