Seriously Scary Videos That Will Make You Say Nope

Which Of These Seriously Scary Videos Spooked You The Most?

From a mysterious ghoul caught on camera to footage from a supposedly haunted plantation these seriously scary videos will make you say nope!

6. Shadowy Figure Caught on Camera



The old Tooele Hospital in Utah, has long been said to be a hotbed for paranormal activity. Now known as Asylum 49, this haunted attraction continues to scare those brave enough to step foot on the premises.

In this video, uploaded to YouTube by Ogden Paranormal, a group of investigators decide to visit the building to see if they can witness something supernatural for themselves. While part of the group conduct a tour of the facility, two investigators remain behind to set up cameras and lighting.

The pair sit quietly in the darkness as they wait for the others to return. Suddenly, they hear whispering and other scary sounds coming from the other side of the hall. Bravely, they decide to investigate.

As the pair enter one of the rooms, the first thing  that will no doubt grab your attention is the unbelievably creepy mannequin. It has a weird, deformed head. It’s arms are outstretched and it appears to be wearing a hospital gown. The combination of its soulless eyes and creepy grin are surely enough to spook even the most seasoned of paranormal investigators.

While the mannequin provides the initial scare, its what the pair capture on camera that will likely send chills down your spine. A dark, shadowy shape actually seems to move away from the window. If you slow the footage down, you can see that there does indeed appear to be something there. You are even able to make out the shape of its head, neck, and shoulders. As the investigators move closer, the silhouette disappears.

Suddenly, one of the investigators feels pressure on the back of his knee for no explainable reason. Could it be related to the mysterious shadowy figure that seemed to vanish seconds earlier?

Abandoned hospitals are often thought to house the spirits of former patients and they provide popular locations for paranormal investigators to explore. What do you think this pair managed to capture on camera? A ghost or shadow person perhaps? Or could there be another explanation for this creepy video? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Mythological Ghoul Spotted in Grassland


This seriously scary video was shared to the Facebook page The Most Haunted Places in Pakistan. In the footage, we see what some believe to be a Phi Kong Koi or Gong Goi – a jungle ghost from Thai and Lao folklore.

While descriptions of this mythological creature vary, it is often said to look humanoid with one very distinct difference – a single, central leg which it uses to get around by hopping. It is sometimes depicted as having long, dark hair and is said to have earned its name from having the tendency to scream “Gong Goi!”

Travelers are warned to keep their feet protected while sleeping in the jungle for fear of having the blood sucked from there toes by this fearsome beast.

Throughout Thailand’s Buddhist history, these popular beliefs have become intermingled with other legends of spirits and ghosts of local folklore. This begs the question: Are these creatures real or just a myth? If this footage does prove to be authentic then the people living in the areas that it is said to haunt should probably remain on the lookout for this legendary ghoul.

4. Paranormal Activity Filmed in Home



This creepy piece of potential paranormal evidence was uploaded to the YouTube Channel, Really Haunted. In the video’s description the uploader, Lee mentions that his family has been experiencing some strange and unexplained things in their home. While Lee believes his house to be haunted, others are not so sure, so he decided to set up a camera to try and capture proof.

The first strange event seen on the video is when the curtains begin to move all by themselves. About a minute later, the bathroom door begins to shake, and then suddenly, it swings open. This is followed by sounds of items either dropping or being thrown on the bathroom floor.

While the video is certainly creepy up until this point, it’s what happens next that will really make you gasp.

Roughly a minute later, a light, misty figure appears to walk past the doorway in the bathroom. It’s seems to pause momentarily, possibly turning its ghostly gaze towards the camera set up in the hallway.

It appears that Lee and his family might have finally captured proof that a poltergeist really is living in their home.

What do you think? Does this footage really show some sort of supernatural presence? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Ghost Filmed Crossing Street?



This seriously scary video was uploaded to the YouTube Channel, Satyaproductions. The footage, supposedly captured on CCTV in Bangalore, India, appears to show a ghost making its way across the street. At one point, a car is even seen driving right through the figure without even noticing.

As the clip continues, the figure briefly disappears, reappearing again soon after. Some viewers have suggested that this could be a clue that the video has been edited in some way. However, if you watch closely, the figure doesn’t just suddenly vanish but rather seems to fade away like a mist or vapor.

The video’s description notes that the site where the footage was captured is well known for accidents and that several people have also claimed to have seen and felt a strange presence in the area.

Towards the end of the video, a white car appears to pass right through the figure. However, unlike the previous instances, this time the figure completely vanishes. It is almost as if it entered the car as it drove away.

Imagine suddenly glancing up at your rear vision mirror only to see a ghost staring back at you from the back seat? What would you do if this happened to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

2. Giant Spider Approaches Police Officer



This video, uploaded to CBSDFW‘s YouTube channel is almost certain to immediately creep you out. That is, until you take a closer look at what is really going on.

Initially, it appears as though a giant spider is approaching the police officer as he makes a traffic stop. While your first thoughts might be ones of sheer horror, especially if you happen to have a phobia of spiders, in reality, it is actually all an optical illusion. A small spider is crawling across the windshield of the officer’s vehicle and the dash cam, makes it look far larger than it really is!

Whether you have an intense fear of spiders or not, the feeling of one crawling towards you can be very scary. A spider the size of a dog would likely send most people running for their life.

Imagine the shock the officer would have received when he first reviewed the footage? Luckily for him, spiders that big don’t actually exist.

1. Ghost Spotted at Haunted Plantation?



This final video was captured by Brandon and Taryn Hunt at the supposedly haunted Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana.

The plantation itself is said to be a paranormal hot spot. Even as the couple were checking in, they were greeted by a previous guest who claimed to have photographed a ghoul.

The pair were not expecting to see anything unusual on their weekend away. However, they did manage to capture this footage which seems to show the ghostly feet of up to three different figures.

They recorded the creepy clip while wandering around the property and claim that they didn’t notice the anomaly until the next day when reviewing the video.

It’s thought that the clip might actually show the disembodied feet of up to three ghostly children, two of which appear to be dressed in long white socks with black, buckled shoes. One of the figures pauses momentarily, as if looking directly at the camera, before their feet seem to turn and walk off.

Brandon shared the footage online where it soon went viral, drumming up a considerable amount of discussion. Some thought the footage revealed the legs of a ghostly dog rather than three individual children. Others suggested that the effect could have been caused by a reflection of people walking behind the couple as they captured the video. Some, more skeptically minded viewers thought that the footage could have been edited to create a ghost-like illusion. However, Brandon insists that the video is completely untouched.

Unfortunately, without a definitive answer this seriously scary video will continue to remain a mystery. What to you think this couple has managed to capture on camera? Does it look more like the disembodied feet of ghostly children? Or could it actually be the spirit of a dog? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.