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  • 10 Cursed Books You Should Never Read

    November 15, 2018
    You should never read these cursed books. Most books reward us with knowledge and wonder. However, some books hold curses that can bring calamity to anyone who dares to open them. These are ten of [...]
  • Real Examples of The Mandela Effect That Can’t be Explained

    November 14, 2018
    From thousands of people who claim to remember Nelson Mandela dying in jail to a movie starring comedian, Sinbad that never actually existed, we look at real examples of the Mandela Effect that can’t be [...]
  • Most Haunted Cemeteries Around the World

    November 13, 2018
    Below, read about ten of the world’s most haunted cemeteries! There are lots of places where spirits can lurk: old houses, former battlegrounds, or abandoned hospitals. However, cemeteries are simply crawling with paranormal activity. 10. [...]
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  • The Most Haunted Roads around the World

    November 2, 2018
    These are the most haunted roads around the world. Nothing spoils a good road trip like catching a ghostly glimpse in your rearview, or getting the feeling that someone – or something – is watching you [...]
  • The Most Bizarre Miracles Ever Documented

    November 1, 2018
    These are the most bizarre miracles ever documented. From a statue of the Virgin Mary crying to a levitating monk, these are the strangest religious events throughout history. 10. The Clearwater Virgin Mary In 1996, [...]
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