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  • Ireland’s Most Notorious and Haunted Places

    October 11, 2018
    From black hags to the Devil himself, listed below are Ireland’s most notorious and haunted places Ireland is a beautiful country rich in legends of mythical creatures and ancient deities. Practically every location has some [...]
  • 5 Chilling Halloween Crimes That Really Happened

    October 5, 2018
    Here are 5 truly chilling Halloween crimes that shocked local communities to their core. From a deadly trick-or-treat visitor to a boy that went missing after a Halloween party here are 5 Halloween crimes that [...]
  • 10 Creepiest Doorbell Camera Videos Ever Captured

    October 4, 2018
    From a ghost caught on doorbell camera to a clown filmed outside someone’s house, we count the 10 creepiest doorbell camera videos ever captured. 10. Doorbell Camera Captures Ghostly Figure First uploaded to kount Darko’s [...]
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  • 5 REAL Halloween Murders That Will Freak You Out!

    October 4, 2018
    Listed below are 5 real Halloween murders that are sure to make you lock your doors and leave your lights on. When we think of Halloween, our thoughts wander to macabre tales of wandering ghosts [...]
  • 10 Creepiest Museums in the World

    October 2, 2018
    Museums are vital for helping us preserve human history. There are thousands of them all over the world, covering some truly fascinating wonders. Of course, some museums are creepy reminders of some truly unspeakable horrors… [...]
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