The Cupboard Ghost: Mysterious Kitchen Disturbance

A recent share on our Slapped Ham subreddit by user Jackalope8770 has stirred up quite the conversation. Dubbed the “Cupboard Ghost”, this piece of footage captured by their friend could very well fit into the anthology of domestic disturbances that have long fascinated both skeptics and believers alike.

It all began with a series of peculiar knocks that would echo through the kitchen, compelling the homeowner to investigate the source. With a camera in hand and a dose of trepidation, they captured a bewildering sight:

Friend sent this. Is it real?
byu/Jackalope8770 inSlappedHam

In the stillness of the kitchen, a cupboard door was caught in a slow, rhythmic dance—swinging open and shut with no visible cause. In one of the cupboards there’s a Mike Wazowski mug, a benign character from the beloved Pixar film Monsters Inc., its presence humorously labeled as the potential culprit by amused viewers.

However, not everyone took the incident lightly. Some viewers sounded the alarm, suggesting that the homeowner might be entangled with a poltergeist—a type of ghost or supernatural entity known for physical disturbances. Their advice? It might be time to burn some sage. This ancient cleansing ritual is often used in an attempt to purge a space of its spectral inhabitants and restore tranquility.

The footage leaves us at a crossroads of interpretation. Is this a simple case of a wonky hinge, or is there something more spectral at play? Could this be the playful antics of a Pixar mug come to life, or is it a sign of a restless spirit making its presence known?

Cupboard Ghost

Chime in with your thoughts below. Whether you’re a staunch paranormal investigator, a lover of animated movies, or a homeowner in search of peace, this cupboard ghost sighting is an invitation to ponder the mysteries that could be lurking in the corners of our own homes.