Creepy Poltergeist Footage That Will Chill You to the Bone

Creepy Poltergeist Activity Caught on Camera

From scary poltergeist activity caught on tape to a ghostly figure seen in a guitar shop this is creepy poltergeist footage that will chill you to the bone.

7. Scary Events Filmed in House


This video, uploaded to YouTube by Charles Laurita & The Mischief is a perfect example of classic poltergeist footage. After hearing creepy sounds around his house for quite some time, the uploader decided to set up a camera in an attempt to learn what was going on.

Focused on a dresser with cluttered objects, the camera picks up some seriously odd activity. First, the lamp on the right end of the dresser wobbles slightly, then more vigorously. Just when the lamp stops wobbling, an object falls forcefully from the left side of the dresser.

Then, as the objects stop moving, the door swings shut all on its own.

Watching the footage, it appears that whatever is causing the odd activity in the room is more likely into harmless pranks than causing actual disturbances. Still, this odd behavior is unsettling enough to make anyone worry about a potential poltergeist problem.

6. Toy Moves on its Own


We all have toys that were once childhood favorites. After a while however, they likely get boxed up and put away somewhere. This usually seems to be about the time that a potential poltergeist decides to take an interest in the discarded items.

This is apparently the situation depicted in this piece of creepy footage uploaded to YouTube by user GtheOneandOnly. Providing some backstory, the uploader mentions in the video’s description that he always considered himself to be a skeptic. However, the events around his home have so thoroughly shocked him that he appears to have changed his mind.

Having heard the sounds of the toys being played with more than once, the brothers decided to take matters into their own hands and attempt to capture the bizarre occurrences on video.

The clip begins with the clacking sounds already audible. Then, when the boys open the door to the room with the toys, it becomes quite clear that there is no one else inside. Baffled, the brothers confirm with one another that the sounds were actually audible halfway down the hall, well away from the room in question.

Potentially, the creepiest moment of all is that just as the brothers begin to exit the room, one of the large toys turns its head, as if it is watching them leave.

Barely perceptible, and impossible for the brothers to have noticed without later watching the footage, this movement alone seems to confirm the mysterious activity haunting their childhood toys.

While the video uploader goes on to reiterate that he and his family have never felt unsafe in their home, it’s hard for even the most skeptical of viewers to not feel somewhat disturbed by the footage they’ve managed to capture.

5. Supernatural Activity Seen in Store


Entitled “Haunted store in kingsville”, this video uploaded to YouTube by user JoeyNike12 begins with two boys in an office setting discussing their desire to film a room in the building.

From the beginning of this clip, it is clear this room has an infamous reputation. Putting the camera down, the two boys leave and disappear from view. After just a few minutes, the activity begins to escalate. A small dustpan on the left side of the screen falls over just before the door comes swinging to a close all on its own.

Coming back a short time later, the boys are shocked to find the door has shut. Sure that the camera has picked up some sort of poltergeist activity, the boys can be heard quickly deciding to review the footage. The clip then cuts out leaving the viewer wondering if what they have just witnessed was really caused by something supernatural or just some clever deception on behalf of the boys.

While certainly not the scariest footage we’ve ever seen, this video still leaves the viewer questioning and wanting to know more about this mysterious and potentially haunted room.

4. CCTV Catches Poltergeist in Store


Uploaded to YouTube by Leanne Wilkinson, this CCTV footage begins like any other standard security camera video. Clearly set up to keep watch over a store closed for the night, the video quickly takes a chilling turn as a mysterious shadow passes over one end of the store.

Fruit falls from the shelves as the shadow continues to be seen floating across the floor. Its source is perplexing and one cannot help but think that the cameras might have actually managed to capture proof of a mysterious shadow person.

While the dark presence is certainly very creepy, it is what the video shows next that will likely send chills down your spine. The camera cuts to another angle of the store, revealing a door violently shaking. Almost as if something sinister is on the other side trying to force its way in.

Then, just before the video cuts out, the strange shadow can be seen passing through the room once more. Seriously disturbing, it is quite clear that something out of the ordinary has been occurring in this store.

What do you think? Could these security cameras really have captured evidence of a resident poltergeist? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Poltergeist Caught on Camera


At first, this video, uploaded to YouTube by oldphantom13, appears to be some fairly standard footage of a supposed poltergeist haunting. Moving objects, creepy noises. Standard fair for such a clip and easily dismissed by several viewers as a possible fake. However, is you watch the beginning of the video carefully, you can see what appears to be some sort of strange light that the uploader believes could be a ghost.

The mysterious figure certainly lends weight to the clip and makes the subsequent actions even more creepy.

The video’s description mentions that the uploader had been having problems with people breaking into and vandalizing their shop, so in an attempt to catch the culprits in action, they decided to set up several security cameras around the property.

While the cameras might not have captured a human intruder, what they do show is far more unnerving.

As the video continues, two of the locker doors begin to open and close all by themselves. Shortly after, a persistent clanging sound can be heard as if something is trying to open a locked door.

Then, just as the sound stops the wheelchair slowly begins to wheel across the room. Certainly a very chilling sight for someone who was expecting to see a potential burglar.

2. Ghostly Figure in Guitar Shop


Unlike most poltergeist videos that are usually filmed at night, this footage uploaded to YouTube by user GAK was captured in a guitar shop in the middle of the day. Customers are still around and it seems clear the shop is open.

In some ways, this makes the clip feel more authentic as it does not include any of the classic spooky cliches.

In fact, business seems to be running as usual in the guitar shop as various patrons test out guitars, seemingly unaware of the potential ghost moving among them. The mysterious figure seems to enter through the door on the right side of screen then appears to make its way straight up the stairs without a single customer noticing.

Sometime later, the man to the left of the screen moves further into the middle to get a better look at a guitar. Just when his attention is elsewhere, the ghostly figure, seemingly not wanting to draw any attention to itself quickly moves toward the back of the store.

It is clear that the shop’s patrons have no idea that the possible ghost is moving among them. However, its presence is very obvious thanks to this security camera footage, leaving us scratching our heads as to what else this mysterious figure could potentially be.

1. Ghost Appears in Creepy Photo


Those in search of true poltergeist activity know that famously haunted spots are often a goldmine for these sorts of happenings. This video uploaded to YouTube by user idealspain is no different. Captured at what is commonly known to be one of the most haunted homes in Spain, Cortijo Jurado Campanillas these visitors appear to have found exactly what they were looking for.

After a brief explanation, the video zooms in on a photograph taken of the exterior of the house. Upon closer inspection, the ghostly figure of an old man is clearly visible standing in one of the windows.

If this isn’t eerie enough, one of the video’s comments suggests that the figure bares a remarkable resemblance to Mr. Heredia, one of the home’s past owners.

Local legend says that the Heredia family kidnapped young girls from the area and subjected them to sinister rituals. While it is true that many young girls did disappear during this time, the Heredia family were never proven to have been involved. Some say that they managed to evade justice using their vast wealth and influence.

What do you think? Does this photo really show the ghost of Mr Heredia? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.