Caught on Camera

Scariest Things YouTubers Have Witnessed

From YouTubers who witnessed paranormal activity to some that encountered a clown in a sewer, we look at the scariest things YouTubers have witnessed. 4. YouTubers Witness Paranormal Activity in Haunted Cemetery This creepy video […]

A black and white photo of the exorcism of Clara Germana. She was a victim of demonic possession

Terrifying Real Cases of Demonic Possession

Throughout recorded history, there have been stories told about people who trifled with demons and seriously regretted their decisions. Unfortunately, there have also been cases of perfectly innocent people being targeted by fiends from hell […]

Scary footage no one can explain
Caught on Camera

Scary Footage No One Can Explain

Here’s some scary footage no one can explain. From a strange elf-like creature caught on security camera to a possible poltergeist in an Ohio daycare centre, we take a look at some scary footage that […]