Scary Creatures Caught on Camera

These Creatures Certainly Are Creepy

From a scary creature seen perched in a tree to a mysterious beast caught on camera in a park late at night, we look at scary creatures caught on camera.

6. Scary Creature Appears From The Darkness


This clip was uploaded to maticholic‘s YouTube channel way back in June, 2009.

It shows two people sitting on a couch playing instruments and singing when suddenly, a strange creature appears from the darkness and crawls towards them.

The camera holder begins shouting at the two musicians who turn to see the beast sitting, just feet from where they are.

While the creature initially seems to resemble a monkey, several viewers have likened it to Gollum from The Lord of The Rings films. It has large hands and long, slender arms that seem to bend unnaturally as it crouches.

It pauses for a few seconds before bounding off with its powerful hind legs.

The title of the video translates to ‘The appearance of tuyul in BOGOR area’ – which is a city in Indonesia. A tuyul is a creature from South East Asian folklore described as an undead infant that can be summoned by a shaman using black magic to do their bidding.

They’re described as looking similar to a toddler or goblin with grey or green colored skin and are mainly used to steal things from other people or to perform mischief. It is thought that if money or valuable items go missing from one’s house then a tuyul might be responsible.

Could it be possible that this video actually shows proof that these mythological creatures really exist?

As the video is in another language it’s difficult to know for certain what the creature really is. Some viewers have also noted that the calm manner in which the musicians react to its presence probably indicates that it is familiar to them in some way.

If anyone can translate the original video there’s a link in the description box below. We’d love to know what they are actually saying about this scary creature.

5. Mysterious Creature Caught on Camera


This unsettling clip was uploaded to James Barnaby‘s YouTube channel in Oct, 2015. It is supposedly footage taken from a CCTV camera in a bar somewhere in Singapore.

The video begins as patrons are seen mingling and ordering drinks. It then cuts to two men sitting at the bar while the bartender mops the floor. Suddenly, one of the chairs begins to shake. It rattles back and forth before finally toppling over.

The startled men quickly turn to see what has happened and as they move closer, a strange white shape can be seen moving behind them. None of the men seem to notice it as it quickly passes out of sight.

If you slow the footage down, you can see that the shape actually appears to be humanoid. Several viewers have suggested that it resembles a small child, however the speed at which it moves makes that very unlikely.

Others believe that it could be a ghost or even some sort of goblin or elf.

What do you think this mysterious creature could be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Alien in The Park

There is very little information available about this video other than it was supposedly filmed in southern Vermont, several miles north of Green Mountain National Forest.

Prior to the footage surfacing, several locals had reported that their animals were mysteriously vanishing without a trace. Some even found dead livestock in their backyards with puncture wounds on their necks.

This video is said to have been captured by two children who claimed to have had an encounter with an alien in a local park. The story goes that they were heading home from a party when they began to hear strange noises. They took out their phones and captured this footage.

The clip shows a bizarre, long-limbed creature that appears from behind a tree and slowly makes its way across the grass. It has a bulbous, black head and slim body. The figure’s hind legs look like those of a human but most strikingly are its two elongated front arms that it uses to stalk eerily through the park.

Initially, some viewers labelled the video a fake. However, many others thought that it could indeed show proof of the creature thought responsible for taking livestock from the area.

Could there actually be an unidentified creature living in the hills of southern Vermont? Or is the video more likely to be a well made hoax? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Strange Creature Spooks Farmer

This video was supposedly captured in India by a farmer who was searching for missing livestock using a night vision camera.

After walking for sometime, the farmer, as if startled by a strange noise turns towards a large tree. He points the camera up into the branches were he spots some sort of bizarre creature perched among the leaves.

The farmer zooms in for a closer look at the beast. However, it appears to take him several seconds to actually realize what he is looking at.

The creature looks crouched as if ready to leap at the distraught farmer. He then lets out a panicked gasp and quickly flees the area.

If you take a closer look as he initially zooms in on the creature, you can see that it appears to be moving. However, it’s could just be a shadow cast by the camera’s light that is creating the illusion.

It has a relatively large head for its body size and looks as though it is perched in a manner similar to that of an insect or even a frog.

While the poor camera quality makes it difficult to see the creature in any great detail, whatever it is certainly startled the farmer.

Could it be possible that this is the creature responsible for the farmer’s missing livestock? Without further information we may never learn the truth behind this mysterious video.

2. Scary Creature Seen in Mine Shaft


Usually known for his videos that showcase his parkour performing dog, Youtuber, TreT managed to capture something very strange on camera while out filming in the Chernivtsi province of western Ukraine.

The video, which was filmed in an unknown forest begins by showing what appears to be a metal detector and a shovel lying on the ground. The camera then pans past an old, overgrown cabin eventually focusing on what looks like a mine shaft that has been boarded up.

The YouTuber moves in for a closer look and is able to peer between the boards and catch a glimpse of the darkness below. Suddenly, he spots some sort of scary creature peering back at him.

Spooked by what he has just seen, the YouTuber runs from the area and the footage ends.

If you take a closer look at the creature, you can see that it has large eyes that appear to reflect the light of the camera, creating the eerie illusion that they are glowing. It has a wide, open mouth and its skin appears to have the soft, moist texture of a frog.

The YouTuber claims that he captured the video on his mobile phone but gives little other context as to what he thinks the creature was or what he was doing in the middle of the woods in the first place.

One can assume by the tools present that he was perhaps hunting for valuables and was maybe even considering entering the mine shaft before he spotted the creature.

As the video is in another language, we’d love to know what he is actually saying during the clip. There’s a link to the original video in the description box below.

1. Man Attacked by Strange Creature


This short but spooky clip was uploaded to Kouseke‘s YouTube channel way back in May, 2006. Because it is so old, the video quality is poor however that doesn’t make it any less scary.

The camera person in filming two men playing with a soccer ball along an alley way at night. After a few moves, the man in the foreground kicks the ball towards the light pole.

As the other man attempts to retrieve the ball, a strange creature suddenly reaches out from behind the pole and tries to grab him.

The man immediately runs from the area, informing the others or what he has just seen. The inquisitive camera man zooms in for a closer look and manages to capture the creature’s head on film one more time.

The clip then abruptly ends.

According to the translation in the video’s description, the man who was attacked by the beast says ‘Something grabbed me, right there man! I swear to you!’

Because the video has been online for such a long time, there have been many theories that have attempted to explain what the men witnessed. The most popular is that the creature was actually an alien that was attempting to hide out of sight.

Other, more skeptical viewers have noted that just before the creature is seen on camera on both occasions, the footage quickly cuts. This could have allowed for the insertion of a clever post production special effect.

Despite this, many viewers of the footage genuinely believe that these soccer players did indeed capture an alien on film. However, as the video quality is so low it’s difficult to comment further without more information.