6 Photos of Aliens That May Prove They Exist

These photos are amazing!

Here are six photos of aliens which may prove they exist. From a photo of an alien creature meeting military officials to a image taken inside an alien spacecraft, join us as we take a look at six compelling alien photos that may prove we’re not alone in this universe.

6. Alien Meets Officers

This is one of many alien photos that may prove their existence

This extraordinary photo appears to show the moment two unidentified military officers escort a strange being through a compound.

Allegedly, this photo was taken in April, 1950 in Wiesbaden, Germany. However, it wasn’t revealed to the public until 1977 when the FBI declassified documents on request of the UFO Information Network.

The photograph depicts a small humanoid figure with what looks to be a breathing apparatus attached to its mouth. It’s hard to tell by the graininess of the photo, but the figure’s posture looks like it may have its hands tied behind its back, as though in custody.

If you dig deep enough, there’s rumours that this photo is simply a hoax created by  photographer Hans Scheffler, who airbrushed an image of his son walking with two military officers.

Researchers have defended the image claiming that the hoax story is a misdirection tactic to cover up the fact that the German government has made contact with extraterrestrials.

5. Tiny Alien

This is one of many alien photos that may prove they exist.

This photo was revealed to the public in Cologne, Germany in April 1950. It was released near the beginning of the Cold War when an unprecedented amount of UFO sightings were being reported all around the world.

It shows two government agents assisting what looks like a tiny alien creature. The figure has outstretched arms, a muscular physique and little boots on.

It’s believed that the photo was first shown in a photojournalism magazine called Neue Illustrierte. It was linked to a story covering the infamous 1948 Aztec, New Mexico UFO incident.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘other Roswell’, the Aztec UFO incident purports that the US military recovered  sixteen alien bodies from a giant spacecraft that landed in Hart Canyon, not far from the city of Aztec.

The story was ultimately outed as a hoax created by con men, Silas M. Newton and Leo Gebauer. It’s alleged that they concocted the incident to sell supposed alien technology to the public.

However, some believe that the incident did actually occur and that the government has planted hoax stories to complicate public opinion.

Author Leonard Stringfield claims that the Aztec incident is real and that the government recovered the alien craft and is keeping it hidden along with several other alien ships in a top secret military base.

In April 2011, a letter was uncovered, known as the ‘Hottel memo’, which many believe is proof that a cover up was employed by the US government. The memo contained the statements of a man named Guy Hottel, an FBI agent in charge of the Washington field office at the time. The memo was addressed to J Edgar Hoover and archived in the FBI records. Until recently, the infamous memo was publicly available on the FBI’s website.

In 2013, the FBI issued a press release claiming that the memo was a hoax. They said it was an allegation that was never investigated and that the letter doesn’t prove the existence of extraterrestrials.

Whether the government is covering their tracks and implementing a ruse to confuse the public isn’t clear – the incident still remains a mystery to this day.

4. Leaked Alien Photo

This is one of many alien photos that may prove they exist.
Hoax or Fact

This photo purportedly shows the moment an alien grey shook hands with a US military officer in the 1940’s.

The photograph shows a small humanoid creature with a bulbous head and big black eyes standing in front of a military officer and a scientist to the left. There seems to be some unusual machinery in the background.

The photo first appeared on the Internet in 2003. It was posted to an old UFO investigation forum with the text:

‘Welcome to Area 51
Let me show you our 25 level deep facilities.
You know officially this base does not exist.
But you can see it in daylight.We will let you use our Gene Pool ,
(from our female wombs) to clone Hybrid Humans, What did you say you want in return?’

As the text suggests, many believe this photo was taken inside area 51 at which time the US government made first contact with an extraterrestrial species. It alludes to a hybrid cloning program that may indeed be running without public knowledge.


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