6 Photos of Aliens That May Prove They Exist

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3. Ilkley Moor Alien Photo

This is one of many aline photos that may prove they exist.
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The Ilkley Moor alien photo is considered by many to be one of the most plausible alien encounters in recorded history. Skeptics, historians and Ufologists all agree that the photo is one of the most significant of its kind – leading some to speculate that this is photographic evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials.

On a misty December morning in 1987, retired police officer Philip Spencer was walking through rural countryside known as the Ilkley Moors in Yorkshire, England when he allegedly had an encounter with a strange being that has been debated on for decades.

The area has been noted for paranormal events for centuries. Mysterious carved stones date back to the Bronze Age, ghost sightings have been reported, strange lights are often seen and there’s a circle of esoteric stones located in the moors but almost no one knows their origin.

As Spencer navigated his way through the desolate moorland, he took a collection of photographs, hoping to capture something unusual. He had been inspired by local reports of strange lights hovering around the area.

Suddenly, along the path he noticed a strange little creature. It had large three-fingered hands, V-shaped feet with two toes as well as a bulbous head with enormous eyes. It’s mouth was small but didn’t appear to have a nose. Spencer felt as though the being was waving him away, to leave the area immediately. It was at this moment that Spencer took this infamous photo.

The creature then ran away. Spencer gave chase and saw just over the ridge a saucer shaped craft. It hovered above the ground for a few moments before taking off into the sky.

Astounded with his encounter, Spencer quickly made his way to the nearest town to report what had happened. However, when he arrived he noticed several hours had gone by unaccounted for and the compass he was carrying was pointing south.

Months went by and still Spencer couldn’t articulate or comprehend what had happened. It was at this point he enlisted the help of UFO investigator Peter Hough, who helped him have the photograph analysed. Kodak labs, photo journalists and other experts, even the US Navy examined the photo, all of which agreed that the image hadn’t been tampered with in any way – it wasn’t superimposed or a case of double exposure.

The more Spencer tried to explain himself the more mysterious the event became. Soon he was having vivid dreams of the encounter and resorted to hypnotherapy to process his regression.

In these sessions, he discovered that he may have actually been abducted by the alien. He began having visions of being inside a spaceship. More little green men surrounded him. They performed strange experiments, prodded him with instruments – sticking things in his nose.

During the abduction, Spencer was allegedly given a tour of the ship. He said he could see Earth from one of the windows. The beings showed him a screen full of images, nuclear bombs going off, war, destruction, soldiers marching. But it’s the second video he was shown that is somewhat more mysterious. Spencer said he watched something that was of the utmost importance but he was sworn to secrecy. Even when under hypnotic trance or being interviewed by police or the military, Spencer refuses to divulge what he saw on the alien screen. Even to this day, he has remained secretive about this one hidden detail.

2. Photo of Alien Inside Spacecraft

This is one of many real alien photos that many prove their existence.

This image allegedly shows an extraterrestrial being that was photographed on board an alien spacecraft.

According to the book UFO Contacts in Italy, in October 1957 two men were allowed to enter an alien spaceship and take photos. The craft was thought to have landed in Francavilla along the Adriatic coast of Italy.

The extraordinary set of photographs show what appears so be some kind of flight deck, some unusual equipment and, most startling of all, an alien pilot.

The photos form part of what is now known as the ‘friendship case’, a mysterious set of events that ran from 1956 to 1957. During that time, a group of local residents claim to have been involved in regular visits from extraterrestrial beings. They said the beings were friendly and were willing to help advance the human race. Allegedly these aliens built enormous underground bases here on Earth, in particularly in Italy, along the Adriatic coast.

It’s claimed that this collaboration between aliens and the small cohort of humans went on for 20 years and that Italian diplomat Consul Alberto Perego took part in the operation.

Whether these events really took place remains unclear but the sensational Italian book, which was published in February 2018, defends the evidence, claiming that aliens really did visit our planet during the 1950’s.

1. Dead Alien Found in Siberian Snow

This is some startling footage that emerged out of Russia in mid-2011. It appears to show a dead alien lying in the cold Siberian snow.

The mysterious body was found in the snow in the Irkutsk region of southern Siberia.

Just prior to the discovery, locals in the area reported seeing a ‘pink and blue glowing object’ streak across the sky. A loud bang was then heard leading many to believe it was an alien spacecraft crash landing in the countryside.

The event was so alarming that the Russian government dispatched a team of investigators to determine what had happened.

After an exhaustive search no crash site was ever discovered.

Russian media outlets widely covered the strange occurrence but it wasn’t until this footage leaked that many people began questioning what exactly had happened.

It’s alleged that the Russian government gave a statement declaring the event a hoax, stating that high school kids created an alien model out of breadcrumbs and chicken skin.

What do you think, is this whole thing a high school prank or did an alien really crash land in Siberia? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Well there you go, there’s our list of 6 photos of aliens that may prove they exist. Did this listicle make you a believer or are they all just hoaxes? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below or on any of our socials.