Scariest Things YouTubers Have Witnessed

Super Creepy YouTuber Encounters

From YouTubers who witnessed paranormal activity to some that encountered a clown in a sewer, we look at the scariest things YouTubers have witnessed.

4. YouTubers Witness Paranormal Activity in Haunted Cemetery


This creepy video was uploaded to The G Team Paranormal Investigators‘ YouTube channel in March, 2019. It was filmed as part of a collaboration with Misguided Roadtrips who also uploaded a video to their channel.

It was shot in an old, abandoned cemetery located in the middle of the woods somewhere in the state of Georgia.

The pair begin their exploration of the cemetery by examining many of the old graves. One of the women then attempts to make contact with the spirits by asking if there is anybody with them? Receiving no answer, she continues searching.

Suddenly, she hears something that sounds like footsteps on the ground in front of her. Startled, she shines her flashlight around the area. The other woman then mentions that she too has heard footsteps in the same area during a previous visit to the cemetery.

Hesitantly, the pair continue their exploration of the area. As they approach another set of graves, one of them spots a strange light in the bushes up ahead. She quickly alerts her friend who hurries over just as the light appears to vanish. Thinking that it might have been the eyes of an animal that were reflecting her flashlight, she moves in for a closer look. However, neither of the women find anything so they decide to venture deeper into the cemetery.

By now, the path is overgrown and the tombstones are few and far between.

Then, just as they approach a small brick structure, one of them notices that there appears to be a dark figure standing nearby.

If you slow the footage down, you can see that there does indeed appear to be something standing there. It looks as though it is covered in a dark cloak or robe and seems to be staring right back at the women.

The scariest part about this encounter is that the video uploaded to Misguided Roadtrips’ YouTube channel also managed to capture the same eerie, black figure.


Suddenly, one of the women thinks that she can see it moving. Scared, the women decide that it would be best to leave the cemetery. However, as they do, one of them feels something grab at her from behind. She lets out a blood curdling scream.

Shortly after, the other woman falls to the ground. Believing that she has been pushed by some sort of unseen force, the pair hurriedly retreat to the safety of their vehicle.

While it’s unclear exactly what these paranormal investigators managed to capture on film, their experience certainly seemed terrifying. I’m sure both of them will now think twice before returning to this haunted cemetery.

3. Photographer Gets Nasty Surprise


No list of scary things that YouTubers have witnessed would be complete without this unbelievable video uploaded to David Clow‘s YouTube channel in March, 2013. The remarkable footage was captured by the Tárcoles River in Costa Rica in an area aptly named Crocodile Bridge.

The video begins as the camera holder is focusing on the head of a submerged crocodile that is slowly drifting down the river. Someone from the embankment above throws some food at the beast who quickly snaps it up with its powerful jaws.

As the crocodile approaches the side of the river, it becomes apparent that there is a photographer sitting dangerously close to the edge.

The crowd above can be heard shouting at the man to move as the crocodile nears. However, he ignores their pleas, intently focused on capturing the perfect photograph of the dangerous animal.

The screams from above get louder as the photographer motions for them to throw more food into the water. Little is he aware, that a second crocodile has now emerged beside the edge of the river, just below his line of sight.

Once more, he turns towards the frightened onlookers. This time he appears to tell them to be quiet.

Suddenly, the hidden crocodile lunges towards the photographer who manages to narrowly avoid the beast’s powerful jaws.

Shaken, the man quickly scampers up the embankment. As he does, another crocodile leaps from the water. Luckily, his friends are able to pull him to safety just as the crocodile is seen retreating back into the river.

Hopefully, this budding wildlife photographer has learnt his lesson and will definitely think twice before returning to Crocodile Bridge.

2. YouTuber Chased by Gas Mask Creeper


YouTuber, Carnage caught something truly scary on camera while exploring an abandoned gas tower in Motspur Park, South West London.

In the video, which is now on HumorArmy‘s YouTube channel he begins by explaining that he has decided to investigate the area alone as part of a 100,000 subscriber special.

Carnage is seen making his way through a wooded area and eventually reaches a large creek. Needing to cross the water to continue, he is informed by a group of boys that the only way is via a makeshift bridge made of thin, green pipe.

He decides to cross. However, as he does he slips, drenching his feet in the icy water.

Eventually, he and the group reach the gas tower. After they enter the facility, Carnage decides to climb the tower in order to get a better look of the area.

He descends and the group continue their exploration. Soon, they approach an old gate that appears to be covered in a mysterious, red liquid.

Unsettled by their discovery, they decide to head in a different direction.

Cautiously, they make their way towards a dilapidated, green shed. The doors are open so they decide to take a closer look. Just as Carnage enters the building, he is suddenly confronted by a man wearing a gas mask.

The man chases the group who run screaming from the area.

Like so many abandoned places, the Motspur Park gas tower is rumored to be haunted. This can often be a lure for young explorers looking to catch a ghost on camera. While Carnage was unable to capture anything paranormal on this occasion, what he did see was certainly no less scary.

One suggestion was that the sinister figure might have been a homeless man intent on protecting his territory. If that was the case, then these explorers might have been very lucky to have made it out of the facility all in one piece.

1. YouTubers Encounter Clown in Sewer


Popular YouTuber, OmarGoshTV uploaded this unsettling video to his channel in September, 2017. In it, he and fellow YouTubers Moe Sargi and James from The FAM decide to explore a creepy tunnel that is believed to be haunted.

The clip begins as the group are making its way towards the tunnel which is located somewhere in San Diego. Omar mentions that it actually passes underneath an interstate that has been the site of many traffic accidents.

When they eventually reach the tunnel, James and Moe decide to head inside while Omar stays behind to talk to the viewers.

At this point, several keen eyed viewers have noticed that there is actually a creepy clown hiding behind one of the trees in the background.

Unaware that he is being stalked, Omar too decides to enter the tunnel.

As he slowly makes his way into the darkness, the sheer size of the tunnel becomes apparent. He notices some graffiti written on one of the walls that says ‘Look behind you’ and immediately turns to see if there is anything there.

He continues deeper into the tunnel and is soon reunited with the others.

Suddenly, one of them spots something ahead in the darkness. Thinking it could be a bag, they move in for a closer inspection. As they do a horrible howling sound echoes through the tunnel.

Once again, Omar zooms in on the object for a closer look. As he does, it becomes apparent that it was not a bag at all but a figure of some sort. It stands up and runs into the darkness.

Startled, the group decide to press on. Suddenly, they hear a noise from behind and turn to investigate.

Unable to see anything, one of the group calls out to the figure ahead and asks if there is anybody else with them? In a loud voice the figure replies ‘Leave!’

Suddenly, the figure rushes forwards from the darkness. It appears to be a man dressed in a clown costume. Scared, the YouTubers turn and run towards the exit.

After waiting for several minutes to see if the clown has followed them, they eventually decide that the safest option would be to leave the area completely.

The scariest thing about this video is that if you take a good look at the outfit that the clown is wearing in the tunnel, it actually appears to be different from the clown that was hiding behind the tree. The tunnel clown’s costume is almost all white with red and black buttons and a red lined collar. While the clown behind the tree appears to be wearing a dark colored top.

If this was the case, then there was probably more than one clown that was stalking the group.

Who could they have been? Members of a strange gang perhaps? Or predators out searching for their next victims?

Let us know what you think the clowns were up to in the comments section below.