Real Audio Recordings of Demons Defy Explanation

Okay, these are creepy!

It isn’t often that creatures of the underworld make themselves known to the mortal world. However, for those unlucky few who have been unfortunate enough to be contacted by hellish entities, their lives are never quite the same afterwards. While it may be difficult to believe some tales of visitations from such fiends, these audio recordings of demons are certainly compelling evidence.

8. A Ranting Demon
Evidently, audio recordings of demons can be found in some very unexpected places. In this case, the Youtube channel D-MAXX heard what they believe to be the voice of a demon calling out during a religious sermon.

The man in the video obtained a tape of a sermon being given by evangelist James Robinson in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1985. While the sermon itself may be compelling to some, what caught the listener’s attention was a voice that can be heard in the background of the tape.

The voice is faint, but it seems to be arguing back at the preacher as he discusses God’s attempts to call the faithful to action against evil. The voice is slightly raspy, making it even more difficult to make out the words of his argument. However, at one point, it seems to say “you lie” in response to the words of the preacher.

If this recording truly captured the voice of a demon during a religious meeting, it would appear that no place is truly safe from visitations from the denizens of Hell.

7. Audio Recordings of Demons – A Portal to Hell

In 2002, a radio host from Coast to Coast AM did a show in which he discussed a Siberian drilling expedition. He claims that when the government drilled deep into the ice in Siberia searching for deposits of rare minerals, they accidentally opened a portal to Hell. He stated that the experimenters who made this horrifying discovery were disturbed to hear the actual sounds of the underworld coming from the portal that they believed they uncovered.

Evidently, this story hit close to home for one listener. In an email to the radio show host, the listener claims that his uncle was actually there when the portal was discovered and that the uncle made audio recordings of the hellish sounds. The listener attached the audio recordings of demons from hell to the email and the host played them on the air.

In the recording, we hear a legion of voices screaming out in torment. They cry out in a single wail of pain and agony that is like one voice, but at the same time many. The listener who sent in the recording said that he was hesitant to do it because the sounds are so disturbing to him. Certainly, whatever made these hellish sounds experienced torture that we cannot begin to comprehend.

6. The Devil

Many people believe that animals are more in tune with the paranormal that their faithful humans. If that is the case, then this audio recording from a ghost hunting expedition may be the real deal.

In this video, Youtuber LiveScifi plays back a recording from a 2016 hunt. We hear the ghost hunter state that the candles in the room have gone out. This event seems to suggest the presence of an entity, so the hunter begins asking questions of their visitor. When he asks, “Are you the devil?” we hear a voice respond. The voice is gravelly and difficult to make out, but it could be saying, “I am.”

What makes this recording particularly chilling is the reaction of the hunter’s dog, who is in the room as he plays the recording. Whenever the demonic voice is played, the dog instantly becomes agitated. Perhaps this pooch is indicating that the source of this mysterious voice is not something his human should fool around with.

5. Audio Recordings of Demons – The Keeper

Audio recordings of demons are often terrifying. In this recording, a demon possessing the body of a woman is particularly frightening as it talks of its plans to destroy the girl it is holding in its grip.

The recording is of a woman named Rebecca who called into a Christian radio show to ask for help. She claimed that she was possessed by a demon calling himself “The Keeper,” and that her mother was planning to sacrifice her to Satan on Halloween. When the radio show host begins to pray for her, they are suddenly interrupted by a raspy voice.

The Keeper speaks to the host, saying that Rebecca belongs to him and that he would not give her up. He says that she will be destroyed on Halloween and belong to his master permanently. The host fights with the demon and prays for her, which appears to hurt the demon slightly. The host continues fighting through the end of the show in an attempt to save Rebecca’s soul as Rebecca cries and begs to be saved.

The following day, the fight continues. Eventually, Rebecca’s mother comes on the line and insists that her daughter will be given to the demon as its chosen one. She hangs up. No one knows what happened to Rebecca.

4. A Priest and a Wizard

In this recording, an amateur demon hunter known as Mortis the Wizard gives viewers a peek into his first attempt to come into contact with a real demon. He accompanied a priest who was attempting to bring the demon out of the darkness of hell and return it to the light.

The priest first calls out to the demon, inviting it to come into the room where they are to communicate. According to Mortis the Wizard, there was no one in the room other than the priest and himself. The other voice heard on the recording is the disembodied voice of a demon.

As the priest attempts to convince the demon that it would be better for it to return to the side of goodness and light, we hear the demon groaning over the priest. At one point, it hurls insults at the priest, dismissing his pleas. The rasping voice of this demon is truly disturbing to listen to. At one point it even belches in the priests face.

What do you make of this curious piece of audio? Love to hear your opinions in the comments section below.

3. Audio Recordings of Demons – The Enfield Haunting

From 1977 until 1979, a family of five in Enfield, England was terrorized by an apparent haunting in their home. They regularly experienced poltergeist activity: objects in the home moved without explanation and the children of the family were often lifted from the ground and levitated in the air.

The entire family was horrified by these happenings. However, the family’s two young daughters, aged 11 and 13, were the most frequent victims of the entity’s abuse. It is believed that the two children were regularly possessed by whatever spirit or devil was terrorizing the family. Many people disbelieved the family’s claims, so they made what seem to be audio recordings of demons speaking through the girls.

In this particular recording, we hear one of the girls speaking in a deep, gravelly voice that seems to echo from some otherworldly source. It speaks with a distinct Cockney accent and an intensity that is hard to attribute to a young girl. It is difficult to make out the actual words that the demon is speaking, but the tone of the voice itself might make you grateful that you can’t quite understand the venomous words pouring from the unfortunate girl’s lips.

2. After an Exorcism

This unsettling piece of audio was uploaded to the Youtube channel Ghost Shots in 2016

Where does a demon go after it has been exorcised from the body of a host? According to the woman who made this recording, the demon that was the target of an exorcism in her home remained in the room after being expelled. The recording she made of the demon’s voice likely made her wish that the entity had returned to hell.

When the woman enters the room after the exorcism, we hear her attempt to communicate with the demon, asking it what it wants and why it is there. At first, the entity doesn’t respond. However, after several seconds, the angry voice of the hellish fiend fills the room.

Most of the recording is simply filled with the raspy screams of the demon. It growls and yells, perhaps in an attempt to frighten the woman away. At some points, it sounds as if it is attempting to form words, but it is difficult to make them out. The woman who made the recording believes that it is saying, “go away, burn, I am here.” Considering the terrifying nature of the demon’s cries, perhaps the woman should heed its advice and get far away from the haunted room that the demon has claimed as its own.

1. A Basement Demon

A Youtube channel called Don Garvey posted this intense audio recording way back in 2007.

Two homeowners in Philadelphia made these terrifying audio recordings of demons in 2007 after they began hearing strange and terrifying sounds coming from their basement. They had no idea what could be making the sounds, so they decided to place several tape recorders around the basement in hopes of getting a clearer picture of what they were dealing with.

They placed the tape recorders and waited. Every morning, they checked the recordings, hoping to finally solve the mystery of what was haunting the lowest level of their home. For three days, the recorders failed to capture any sounds. That all changed on the fourth night.

The sounds began at 3:12 am. The homeowners listened in horror to the spine-chilling noises that the recorder had picked up. For several seconds, they heard the anguished wails of something not quite human. It is hard to say whether the entity that made these horrifying sounds was angry or in pain; however, investigating the basement further to determine the cause was out of the question for the homeowners.

They attempted to get more information from the terrifying recording by amplifying the sound to 20 times its original volume. They hoped that they would hear other sounds that would give them clues about the source of the cries. Unfortunately, no other sounds were picked up by the recorders, so the wretched cries remain a mystery.