Scary Sounds That Can’t Be Explained

Where Are These Eerie Noises Coming From?

From scary sounds that have been heard in the sky all over the world to a creepy voice recorded on a baby monitor, we look at scary sounds that can’t be explained.

7. Scary Sounds Heard Across Ukraine


This scary sound was captured in Kyiv, Ukraine and uploaded to Кристина Русская‘s YouTube channel in August, 2011.

Lasting for more than 20 minutes, the sound was so loud that it could be heard up to 25 miles away. Several other people also recorded the noise which was described as sounding similar to a metallic grinding or heavy machinery.

Despite an extensive investigation scientists were left baffled, unable to explain the origins of the bizarre noise.

After the video was released, many viewers offered their own opinions on what they thought could have caused the sound. Some suggested machinery digging deep underground. Others thought it sounded more like a large aircraft in the sky.

Religious fanatics even claimed that it was a sign from God, signalling that the end of days were upon us.


A month later, this clip was uploaded to MrTwinTV‘s YouTube channel. It too, seems to have captured the same unsettling noise, this time heard in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

What do you think was causing these scary sounds that were heard right across Eastern Europe? Was it something man made or could it be possible that it was something else entirely?

6. The Mysterious Music Box


YouTuber, MrBiripi claims they’re able to hear scary sounds coming through their child’s baby monitor. In this video uploaded in December, 2015, a creepy music box can be heard playing through the device.

The uploader has removed all the batteries from the toys in their child’s room and even tried changing frequencies on the monitor. However the eerie tune still plays. They usually hear the song start, then just as it stops, their child wakes up.

Where do you think the creepy music is coming from? Could it be some sort of entity attempting to make contact with the sleeping child? Or is there a more logical explanation?

5. Monster in the Baby’s Room


This short but chilling video was uploaded to Brick Pickle‘s YouTube channel on 28th May, 2012. The uploader claims that it was sent to them by a colleague of their’s named Dr. Chester Harding.

The original recording was supposedly made by a woman who had been hearing creepy noises on her daughter’s baby monitor.

Listening to the clip, you can hear what sounds like a growling noise immediately followed by a crying child.

The video’s description suggests that the voice might belong to the Rake, a cryptid whose origins can be traced back to the popular website, creepypasta.

Some people however, believe that the story of the Rake is based on true accounts of a mysterious beast that were first described as far back as the 1600’s.

While it’s possible that the video is a hoax, just the thought of waking in the middle of the night to hear a creature growling over your child’s baby monitor is truly terrifying.

What would you do if you found yourself in this chilling situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Eerie Trumpets Heard in Sky


In 2012, several videos surfaced purporting to contain auditory warnings of an impending apocalypse. Sounds of deep groaning, horns and even trumpets that seemed to originate in the sky, were reported all across the planet.

This video, uploaded to TheGiftlaker‘s YouTube channel in January, 2012, captured the ominous sounds in the woods of Alberta, Canada.

The strange sounds were likely taken as a sign of impending doom due to the belief by many that the world was supposed to end on 21st December, 2012. A theory based on the fact that the ancient Mayan calendar ended on this day.


Since then, many similar and equally unsettling sounds have been recorded on video. This eerie noise was captured by Krupinski Youtube Music in August, 2018.

Filmed early one morning in Gothenburg, Sweden, again you can hear what sounds like a large trumpet echoing through the sky.

To this day, the scary sounds have baffled both military and scientific authorities alike with no one able to prove what is causing them.

Some scientists believe that the sounds might be caused by shifts in the Earth’s tectonic plates. Others have suggested that they could be produced by heavy construction activity or tunnel works deep underground.

Several conspiracy theorists believe that the sounds might be related of Project Blue Beam. A theory first put forward by journalist Serge Monast who suggested that NASA, in conjunction with the United Nations might have plans to technologically simulate the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Thus creating a New World Order.

Other theories that attempt to explain the strange sounds include alien spacecraft maneuvering in our atmosphere and that it could even be an acknowledgement from extraterrestrials in response to the Arecibo message that was sent into space in 1974.

3. Chilling Nursery Rhyme Gives Town Nightmares


In September, 2018, residents of the picturesque English town of Ipswich were horrified when a creepy rendition of the old children’s nursery rhyme, It’s Raining, It’s Pouring began to play right across town.

The song was so scary that one resident said ‘The first time I heard it, it was the most terrifying thing ever. I went cold and felt sick, and thought what on earth was that?’

This video, uploaded to Rob Beschizza‘s YouTube channel in September, 2018, shows just how loud the song actually was.

The unsettling tune played on and off for more than a year, leading several brave residents to eventually search out the source.

The nursery rhyme was eventually traced back to an old industrial estate, rigged to play over a loud speaker every time the motion sensor was tripped.

The owner of the building claimed that the system was originally set up to deter thieves from entering the property and after revealing that it was a spider that had been tripping the sensor, agreed to turn the volume of the speakers down.

Finally, the mystery of the chilling nursery rhyme was solved and the residents of this peaceful country town were allowed their first nightmare free sleep in over a year.

2. Unsettling Sounds Heard at Night


This video, uploaded to DILLON JAMES TV‘s YouTube Channel in February, 2017, has captured some very chilling sounds indeed. Recorded at night time, the clip contains a series of noises that almost sound like someone moaning or chanting in a very deep voice.

The uploader managed to record the eerie event for more than seven minutes, claiming that he actually couldn’t tell which direction the sounds were coming from.

Soon after the video was posted, many viewers noted that they too had heard similar noises from origins that were also very difficult to pin point.

As with the trumpet-like sounds that have been recorded all over the world, some viewers thought that these noises might have been a warning from God.

Others thought that they could have been produced by extraterrestrial spacecraft, noting the sound’s eerie similarity to the alien tripods from the 2005, science fiction thriller film, The War of the Worlds.

With so many people all over the world claiming to have heard these unsettling sounds, it’s difficult to dismiss this video as a simple hoax. But what could be responsible for creating such an ominous noise?

If anyone has heard these sounds before, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.

1. Creepy Sound Coming from the Ocean Floor


In 2016, a mysterious ‘pinging’ noise was heard by the hunters of a remote community living in the Canadian Arctic. A short time later, this video was uploaded to Paranormal World‘s YouTube channel that claimed to contain the unsettling sound.

Thought to have originated from the sea floor, it was believed to have scared off much of the wildlife in an area usually abundant with sea mammals.

So concerning was the noise that the Canadian military began an investigation. However, they were unable to determine what was causing it.

With the authorities stumped, citizens began to put forward several theories of their own. Some thought that the sounds were being produced by sonar surveys performed by local mining operations. However, it was later revealed that there was no equipment in the water at the time the pinging noises were heard.

Others thought that the strange sounds could have been created by Greenpeace, used to scare away animals from the local hunters.

Another theory put forward by UFO investigators suggested that the sounds might have been produced by something from another world. A signal or even a distress call that was being emitted from an alien spacecraft, deep beneath the icy waters.

What do you think was responsible for making the mysterious pinging noise that was heard in the Canadian Arctic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.