Creepy Things Caught on Video

It's Difficult To Explain These Chilling Videos!

From a creepy creature seen climbing under a bridge to a cloud caught on camera falling from the sky, we look at creepy things caught on video.

6. Creature Climbing Bridge


In July, 2016, an unsettling clip was uploaded to LAST LEAF STUDIO‘s YouTube channel that shows one of the creepiest things ever caught on video. The footage, which was captured in Kyiv, Ukraine, appears to show some sort of creature hanging underneath a bridge.

As the beast makes its way towards a lighted area underneath the structure, its size and shape suddenly become apparent.

It appears to resemble some sort of humanoid or very large ape and moves in a similar fashion to a sloth only much faster. However, if you zoom in, you can see that it actually moves both of its rear legs at the same time as if it is pulling itself along the railing.

When the clip first surfaced many thought that the creature had to be some sort of ape that had escaped from a nearby zoo. However, several cryptid enthusiasts have since suggested that the beast appears to be far larger that any known animal.

What do you think this bizarre creature is? Could it be some sort of large animal, possibly even an escaped pet? Or is it something else entirely?

5. The Mysterious Walking Ladder


This footage, uploaded to Tony Dodd‘s YouTube channel in May, 2013, shows one of the strangest things ever caught on camera.

As two men are standing out the front of a house, their ladder starts to walk away all by itself! It almost appears to be alive as it makes its way down the driveway, one leg after the other.

The two men watch on in amazement as it continues its getaway for more than three minutes.

Since the video surfaced, many people have tried to offer an explanation as to what could make a ladder move like this. One thought was that the ladder’s movement could have been caused by some sort of subtle vibration in the ground. Others believed that it was the work of an unseen force like a ghost or poltergeist and some even suggested that the ladder itself might have been possessed or was under some sort of strange spell.

While it’s unclear what caused this ladder to suddenly start walking down the driveway, it certainly makes for a very perplexing video. A sight I’m sure that these two men will not soon forget.

4. Ghost Caught on Office Camera

This brief but chilling clip was taken from a CCTV camera inside an office building in an unknown location.

For several minutes, all seems normal in the video before a white, transparent figure can be seen walking down the street. You can clearly make out its legs as it passes the parked car and continues alongside the office window.

It certainly would have given anyone reviewing the footage the creeps and made for a very unusual story to tell their colleagues.

Many paranormal investigators believe this clip to be genuine and think that it offers some of the most convincing proof of the supernatural ever captured on film. However, others are not so sure.

What do you think? Has the CCTV in this office inadvertently captured a ghost walking down the street or could there simply be a glitch in the footage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Don’t Answer The Ringing Phone


This creepy footage was taken from a live stream that the YouTube channel, Explore With Us uploaded on 4th March, 2018.

The video begins late at night as a group of teens approach an abandoned post office located deep in the Mojave desert.

The camera holder walks around the side of the building and shines his flashlight into an empty room. Seeing little of interest, he makes his way over towards an old shed at the rear of the property. Most of the windows are boarded up, however the camera holder is able to take a peek inside through one that remains open.

Inside the floor is lined with trash. A pair of warn suitcases and even an old toilet can be seen as he shines his flashlight around the abandoned building.

The group continue their search of the property when the camera holder is suddenly distracted by a strange sound. He follows the noise which leads him away from the shed and into the darkness.

The sound becomes louder and louder, as he walks along a gravel path. Suddenly he stops. Realizing that it is actually coming from an old payphone.

The camera holder asks the viewers of the live stream what he should do. He cautiously answers the ringing phone, however there is no one on the other end.

He hangs up and starts to walk back towards the abandoned buildings. Then, the phone begins to ring once more.

This time, the camera holder seems hesitant to pick it up. He eventually does, but just as before, there is no one there.

Scared, the camera holder quickly heads back to the post office where he shines his light towards several more abandoned buildings on the other side of a wire fence.

Once again, he is distracted by the ringing phone. This time, he decides to ignore the sound and continues exploring the area.

It rings again.

Spurred on by the viewers, he reluctantly decides to return and attempt to answer it one last time. As the camera holder approaches the phone he sounds increasingly nervous as several cars are heard speeding along a nearby road.

He picks up the handset. This time you can hear a strange beeping noise, like the sound of a fax machine coming from the other end.

Scared, the group decides that it would be best to leave the area. As they do several more cars pass, each one adding to the tension.

During the stream, several viewers suggested that it might actually have been a drug dealer that was ringing the phone. Perhaps waiting for someone else who was supposed to answer it?

Could this be true? At one point in the stream the camera holder does mention that the area is notorious for illegal meth labs.

If this was indeed the case and the group had interrupted a drug deal then there might have been one or more people lurking nearby in the darkness.

Luckily, they all managed to make it out safely, however next time that might not be the case.

2. Cloud Falls From The Sky


This bizarre video, uploaded to Reset TV‘s YouTube channel in Aug, 2011, appears to show a cloud falling from the sky.

A group of stunned onlookers watch as the cloud rotates in the air while slowly falling to earth. It lands on the road, in front of a car before becoming entangled in a wire fence. As the wind blows, it causes smaller pieces to break away from the larger mass.

A curious onlooker approaches the fence and poses for the camera. He then, rolls up his sleeve and slowly pushes his arm right into the middle of the cloud!

The clip quickly racked up millions of views when it first appeared online. Leaving many viewers perplexed as to what it was that they had just witnessed.

Some suggested that the cloud could have been a huge piece of cotton. Others thought that it resembled industrial foam used to insulate process plants.

However, the most common theory was that the cloud was actually made of soap suds. Possibly formed by runoff from a nearby factory.

What do you think? Was the white, foamy mass really a cloud? Or was it more likely some sort of man made substance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Sewer Monster Caught on Video


No list of creepy things caught on video would be complete without this piece of chilling footage. Uploaded to Cringey Parkour‘s YouTube channel in May, 2017, the clip begins as the camera holder hears a scream coming from inside a sewer pipe and decides to check it out.

With only his camera light to guide him, he makes his way deeper and deeper into the darkness. Suddenly, he hears another noise that sounds like some sort of distressed or angry animal.

Cautiously, he calls out but gets no response. He decides to continue when out of the darkness, he is confronted by some sort of bizarre creature.

At first, the video doesn’t seem to have captured anything too scary as the creature only appears for a brief second. At this point, it would be easy to dismiss the footage as a hoax. However, if you slow the clip down and enhance the light, it becomes apparent that the boy might have actually came face to face with something truly chilling.

Monster caught on camera lurking in a sewer pipe - Creepy Things Caught on Video

The creature appears to have long, almost insect-like legs and a near featureless face except for its piercing white eyes.

The camera holder turns and runs towards the exit as the beast can be heard shrieking behind him.

Whatever this YouTuber has caught on camera certainly doesn’t look any known animal. Could it perhaps be some sort of cryptid? Without further information, we may never know what is truly lurking in the depths of this sewer drain.