Real Ghosts Caught on Camera

Some Of The Most Convincing Ghost Footage Ever Captured

From the ghost of a woman caught on camera at a funeral to footage of a ghost seen on a school field trip, we look at real ghosts caught on camera.

8. Ghost of Woman Seen at Funeral

This short, yet chilling clip sent to us on Facebook by Carlyle supposedly shows a ghost caught on camera. It was filmed in 2008 at a funeral service for a prostitute held in the town of Santa Cruz, Jamaica.

Despite being homeless, the woman was well loved by everyone in the town and was known for her happy and jovial personality. It was said that the woman would often run in front of people to make them laugh – just like the ghostly figure seen in this video!

If you slow the video down, you can see that the figure looks dark and shadow-like. It has long arms and thin, wispy fingers. Its face seems to have no discernible features.

Could the figure actually be the ghost of the homeless woman caught on camera at her own funeral? If so, was this her way of letting people know that she was still around?

Whatever the case maybe, it is certainly a very creepy video but does it really show proof of the afterlife? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

7. Mourner Captures Ghost on Camera

Ghost photographed at the funeral for Jasmina Dominic in Croatia - Real Ghosts Caught on Camera

This photos was sent to us by Kris Vranovic on Facebook. It was taken at the funeral for a woman named Jasmina Dominic from Croatia who had been missing for more than 18 years.

If you take a look at the top right corner of the image, you can see what appears to be the ghostly outline of a person standing behind the mourners.

Close up of the ghost seen at the funeral of Jasmina Dominic in Croatia - Real Ghosts Caught on Camera

The figure looks transparent, almost as if it is made out of some type of mist or vapor.

Jasmina Dominic was just 23 years old when she disappeared in 2000. However, she was not reported missing by her family until 2005. Her father, who passed away several years ago said that Dominic had told him in 2000 that she was going to work on a cruise ship and then live in Paris.

In February, 2019, the case took a macabre turn when police officers discovered the remains of the missing woman inside a freezer in the hallway of her sister’s home where she lived with her husband and three children.

A police official said that the family had hoodwinked detectives investigating the disappearance more than a decade earlier. ‘We checked the house [at the time] … but didn’t have information anything could have happened at home.’

Soon after the gruesome discovery was made, Dominic’s sister was taken into police custody on suspicion of murder.

Could it be possible then, that the ghost of Jasmina Dominic was actually photographed at her own funeral? Glad to be finally laid to rest after so many years of uncertainty?

6. Ghost Caught on Police Surveillance Camera


This footage, uploaded to The Hidden Underbelly 2.0‘s YouTube channel in May, 2018, supposedly shows a ghost that was seen inside a police station in Trstenik, Serbia.

According to the story, a woman entered the police station claiming that she was being followed by what she thought was a ghost. She said that the mysterious figure had followed her to the town fair and that it seemed to have been somehow jumping from street light to street light.

Shortly after the woman reported the bizarre incident to police, their internal surveillance cameras captured this creepy footage.

After the video surfaced on the internet, many viewers felt that the figure had to be a ghost. A sentiment that is hard to deny, especially considering the woman’s story.

What do you think? Does this surveillance footage actually show proof of the paranormal? Unfortunately, without further evidence we may never know for sure.

5. Mysterious Force Lifts Broom in Police Station

It seems that police stations are often a popular location for paranormal events as this unsettling video also shows. Posted to the New South Wales, Australia, Police Force’s Facebook page in April, 2018, this video appears to have captured a broom being handled by an invisible entity.

After discovering that a garage door at the station had been mysteriously opened, police decided to review the CCTV footage to see if they could spot anything unusual.

To their surprise, the video revealed that the garage door had opened all by itself. As the door rises, you can see a boom being pushed out. It stays upright, leaning against the wall for a few seconds before falling to the ground.

If you watch the clip in slow motion, you’ll notice that the broom is not being held by anyone as it comes out. It actually appears to hover above the ground for a second before coming to rest against the wall!

As this footage was taken directly from the CCTV of a police station, many consider it to be genuine evidence of the supernatural.

What do you think? Could this really be the work of a ghost? Or is there another explanation for the broom’s bizarre movement?

4. Ghost Photographed in War Museum

Ghost caught on camera at a war museum in England - Real Ghosts Caught on Camera

This photo, sent to us by Andrew on Facebook appears to show a ghostly figure with a gaunt, skeletal face photobombing a group of children.

Present in the photo is Andrew’s partner, David who, after suffering an illness, became quite nostalgic and began looking through old photos from his childhood. It was taken on a school trip in the early ’90’s outside an air raid shelter at a popular war museum in Northern England.

The eerie figure in the photo went undetected for years until Andrew used an app to enhance the light. David insists that he was standing at the very back of the group and that there was no other member unaccounted for.

To this day, the photo freaks David out so much that he won’t even look at it.

Could it be possible that this photo actually shows the ghost of someone who died in this very air raid shelter? Let us know who or what you think the mysterious figure might be in the comments section below.

3. Camera Captures Ghost Haunting High School


This video, uploaded in 2016 to Phillip Potgieter’s YouTube channel will surely give you chills! The footage was captured on a security camera at the Helpmekaar Kollege, a private high school in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Filmed late on a Friday evening, the video shows a dark hallway lined with lockers. There seems to be some sort of mist emanating from the far end of the corridor. Suddenly, a child-like figure materializes.

The figure looks pale and appears to be wearing a long white dress. She walks towards the camera and then disappears through a doorway on the right side of the hall.

The video itself is certainly compelling but does it really show evidence of a ghost? As is often the case with videos like this, it’s difficult to know for sure without further information.

Perhaps its the spirit of a young girl who passed away on campus, forced to eternally wander the halls of this haunted school?

2. TV Host Spooked by Ghost in Cemetery


This creepy clip was supposedly taken from an unknown Mexican TV reality show.

Uploaded to Youtube more than 10 years ago, the video shows a man exploring a cemetery somewhere in Mexico. Through the darkness he suddenly hears what sounds like a young girl crying.

He searches in the darkness, desperate to find the disembodied voice.

Finally he spots a creepy figure sitting by a grave. It looks like a young girl with long black hair, wearing a white dress. She can be heard moaning as she turns towards the camera revealing glowing eyes.

Scared, the man runs into the dark of the night.

Unfortunately, there is little information available about this video. Supposedly, the producers of the show heard stories from locals that mysterious crying could be heard in the cemetery at night.

The host was said to be so traumatized by the experience that he had to get therapy.

1. Ghost Caught on Camera Scratches Baby


In March, 2019, this video surfaced which many believe to be some of the most compelling evidence yet of a ghost caught on camera.

Heather Brough and Joshua Higgins of Highland, Michigan captured footage on their nanny cam of an eerie figure walking past their 15 month old daughter, Lilly’s crib. As the ghostly figure passes, the little girl can be seen popping up from her crib, as if she too can see something moving in the room.

Brough believes that she has been attacked by whatever is in the house and that it has also scratched their little girl.

After hearing that the original owner of the house committed suicide, the family now believe that it might be their ghost that is haunting the property.

While the footage captured on this nanny cam is certainly chilling does it really prove the existence of ghosts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.