Creepy Videos That Will Keep You up at Night

These Videos Are Sure To Give You The Chills!

From a creepy video of a face seen under a train to footage of the ghost of a girl seen in a churchyard, we look at creepy videos that will keep you up at night.

9. Scary Face Seen Under Train


This video, uploaded to QuyetDauTranhChoTUDO’s YouTube channel in September, 2010, Shows a group of Japanese tourists boarding a train in an unknown location.

Everything seems normal until you slow the footage down. There, underneath the train is a strange face peering up at the passengers as they board.

The face appears to have horns and dark eyes, it looks very similar to an old Japanese demon mask.

There is very little information available about this video so it is difficult to speculate further on what the mysterious face might actually be. Some have speculated that it might be the ghost of someone killed on the train tracks while other, more skeptical viewers have suggested that it could simply be a plastic bag blowing in the breeze.

What do you think? Have these Japanese tourists inadvertently captured a ghost or demon on camera? Or does the mysterious face have a simpler explanation?

8. Ghost Caught on Dash Camera


This mysterious clip, supposedly caught on a bus dash camera somewhere in Europe was uploaded to ToxicGhostVideos YouTube channel in April, 2015.

As the bus winds its way through a small town, the on-board camera captures something truly chilling. There, standing outside a shop is what appears to be the ghostly apparition of a young girl.

With her long, black hair and white dress her appearance is very similar to the ghosts and demons from Japanese folklore. She has an eerie glow about her as she stands motionless in the shadows.

Has this dash cam really captured the ghost of a young girl lurking outside the corner store or is there another explanation?

7. Creepy Face Appears in Window


This video was uploaded to Ghost and Demon’s YouTube channel in June, 2015. There is very little information available about the footage other than it was captured on a subway somewhere in Russia.

The video, which appears to have been taken from a security camera seems to show nothing unusual at first. Just a lone passenger riding the subway. If you take a look in the window to the left of the screen however, you can see what appears to be some sort of creepy face starring into the carriage. It looks pale and ghost-like and has dark, sunken features.

The fact that the passenger doesn’t seem to notice the face has lead some internet critics to suggest that it might have been added to the footage at a later time using special effects. However, others noted that the passenger simply may not have noticed it at the time or it might not have been visible to the naked eye.

Could it be possible that the security camera has actually captured a ghostly face peering into the train? Or is this clip little more than a well edited hoax? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

6. Ghostly Girl Filmed in Churchyard


This creepy video was uploaded to garments1’s YouTube channel way back in July, 2006.

The footage, which was supposedly captured in a churchyard in the village of Esholt, England shows the very pale face of a young girl peering around the wall of the church. However, as the camera holder turns the corner to investigate, the mysterious girl has completely vanished.

When this video first surfaced, it divided internet audiences. Some believed it to be genuine proof that there was indeed a ghost of a young girl haunting the churchyard. Others were more cautious however, noting that the poor video quality might be hiding a cut in the footage just before the camera holder turns the corner.

Whether the video is genuine or a well crafted hoax is still a topic of debate to this day. One thing is for certain, however. This video is sure to give you chills if you watch it all alone in the middle of the night!

5. CCTV Catches Apparition Entering Building


This footage, taken from a CCTV camera was uploaded to Jay breezy’s YouTube channel in 2018. It shows a security guard combing his hair whilst sitting at his desk when suddenly a mysterious apparition appears to walk in through the front door.

The guard immediately freezes. He has a stunned look on his face that suggests that he too witnessed the bizarre event.

The video was supposedly uploaded by a co-worker who had also experienced strange things while working in the building. When the guard was asked about his experience he said that the room got cold just before the apparition appeared.

Many viewers have hailed this clip as an authentic ghost sighting based on the genuine reaction of the security guard.

What do you think? Is it actually possible that the CCTV camera has captured a ghost? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Sinister Figure Seen on Baby Monitor


Youtuber, Deathgod2022 uploaded this video in May, 2018. He decided to film his baby monitor when he noticed what appeared to be a strange figure watching his two children as they played in their room.

He heads to investigate but is unable to find any evidence of anyone else there.

He returns to the baby monitor and takes another look. Sure enough, the mysterious figure has reappeared.

The uploader said that strange things often happen in the house. He claims that he is not a believer in the supernatural but that this really creeped him out.

Is there really a mysterious figure watching his children play or could our eyes just be playing tricks on us? If it is indeed something paranormal, could it be possible that it is the ghost of a child that once lived in the house? If that was the case it would certainly make this video one of the most terrifying things ever caught on a baby monitor.

3. Funeral Ghost Caught on Tape

This very unsettling video was sent to us on Facebook by Carlyle. It is footage captured at a funeral service that was held in Jamaica.

Shortly into the clip, a strange, white figure is seen running up the isle. It’s transparent and wispy and has a very eerie, ghost-like quality about it.

The funeral was being held for a Jamaican gang member who had recently died of AIDS. Carlyle claims that the person videotaping the event didn’t notice the mysterious figure until sometime later when he replayed the video.

While the video itself is a little blurry, the strange figure certainly appears different from everyone else in attendance.

Is it actually possible that the camera has captured the ghost of the deceased gang member? Or is it simply a glitch in the footage? We’d love to get your opinion in the comments section.

2. Creepy Ghost Caught on Camera

This creepy video was sent to us by Chermie from the Philippines.

The girl seen in the clip is a friend of hers who decided to make a video while she was alone and bored. Shortly after posing it to Facebook, they noticed that at the very end of the clip there is an eerie, white lady passing by her left shoulder.

The ghost of a former bride - Creepy Videos That Will Keep You up at Night

The figure has a pale, decrepit face with dark, sunken eyes and dark lips. It also looks as though she might be wearing an old wedding dress as you can see what appears to be a veil covering the back of her frizzy, unkempt hair.

The creepiest part about the clip is that Chermie claims her friend was all alone when she made the video. Who then, could the eerie figure be? The ghost of a former bride perhaps? Or some other type of supernatural entity? Or is it simply someone walking past that the video maker didn’t realize was there at the time?

Without further information, we may never know the answer to this spooky mystery.

1. Japanese Ghost Terrorizes Friends


This very unsettling video appears to be an excerpt taken from a Japanese TV show. It was uploaded to Khakain ThisSux’s Youtube channel in June, 2010.

The clip begins as someone is filming a group of friends eating and drinking at a restaurant. According to the video’s subtitles, the group noticed a foul odor but were unable to discover exactly were it was coming from. At one point, a woman gets up to make a phone call. As the camera pans around, one of the men notices a strange lady sitting at the back of the restaurant.

She has an extremely pale, white face and long, black hair. The group think that she appears to be suffering from food poisoning and suggest that the smell might be coming from her.

Finally, they decide that the awful smell is too much and begin leave the restaurant. As they stand up, the camera holder inadvertently captures the pale lady starring at them.

The footage then cuts as the camera holder is now filming the friends laughing and joking as they wait for the train.

Suddenly, they appear to notice the foul smell once again. As they do, they see that the ghostly lady has followed them to the train station and is now standing on the opposite platform. Her face in completely emotionless as she waves towards the group.

Then, without warning she steps off the platform and onto the tracks just as a train comes hurtling by!

The group watches on in disbelief.

If you watch the end of the video closely, you can see that the lady is actually still there, watching on from beneath the platform! Something that the friends supposedly didn’t notice until they viewed the tape sometime later.