Is This Proof of the Afterlife Caught on Camera?

These Creepy Photos Will Leave You Wondering!

From a ghost photographed deep in the forests of Northern Ireland to footage of a soul leaving one body and entering another, is this proof of the afterlife caught on camera?

7. CCTV Captures Ghost in Kitchen

Woman's CCTV camera captures image of her deceased son - Is This Proof of the Afterlife Caught on Camera?

Daily Mail

Belief in an after life dates back thousands of years. In Mesopotamian religions, ghosts were thought to be formed when a person died, taking on the personality and memory of the deceased.

Today, many religions believe that the soul or spirit of a person lives on after they die. While the notion is difficult to prove, the belief in ghosts and spirits is culturally universal.

The existence of the human soul has long been a topic of hot debate. Many believe that ghosts and spirits of the deceased do exist here on Earth and are often attached to a location or people that they were familiar with in life.

In January, 2019, Jennifer Hodge’s CCTV camera captured what she believes is the ghost of her deceased son.

Hodge was in bed watching TV with her daughter when she received a phone notification that there was someone in the kitchen. She opened the message and was stunned to see a male figure that looked just like her son, Robbie.

The pair quickly ran into the kitchen but there was no one there, nor were they able to find any evidence of a break in.

The photo, which appears to show a figure dressed in white standing in the middle of the kitchen has caused quite a stir online. When asked about the image Hodge said ‘Now, I feel like he was letting me know he is happy in heaven. That brings me some comfort, but I still just think it’s weird.’

Could it be possible that Hodge’s CCTV camera has actually captured the spirit of her deceased son, Robbie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

6. Headless Figure Appears on Camera

Headless ghost photographed in South Africa - Is This Proof of the Afterlife Caught on Camera?

This photo, sent to us on Facebook appears to have captured a headless man walking down the street!

Kagiso Tladi took the picture the night before a wedding in Rustenburg, South Africa and was sure that there was no one in front of him at the time.

Apart from the missing head, the figure appears to be quite normal. Its upper body and legs are clearly visible and you can even make out the clothes that it’s wearing.

It is a widely held belief in many cultures that the soul is an exact reproduction of the body as it was in life. Could it be possible then, that this is the ghost of someone who had been decapitated?

5. The Oil Rig Phantom

North shore oil worker photographs ghost on oil rig - Is This Proof of the Afterlife Caught on Camera?

This chilling ghost photo was sent to us on Facebook by a north sea oil worker. They claim that it was taken from a rescue boat that was patrolling the perimeter of an oil rig, moored off the Cromarty Firth in Scotland.

The sender said that no one ventures onto the pontoons at night as they are dimly lit and usually underwater. However, there appears to be a figure holding onto the side.

The sender also mentioned that all the crew had been accounted for, eliminating the possibility that it was a worker checking or repairing the rig. The pontoon was also moored out at sea making it unlikely to be anybody else.

If the strange figure was not a member of the crew then who could it have been?

Close up of a ghost seen on an oil rig - Is This Proof of the Afterlife Caught on Camera?

If you zoom in on the photo, the figure certainly has the shape of a human, however it appears to be glowing. It is grey or white in color and has a wispy, smoke-like quality about it. Despite this, you can clearly make out the figure’s head, body, legs and arms – one of which appears to be holding onto the side of the pontoon.

What do you think? Does this photograph actually show a ghost hanging from the side of this oil rig? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Strange Apparition Appears in the Woods

Ghost photographed in Ballyboley Forest in Northern Ireland - Is This Proof of the Afterlife Caught on Camera?

This creepy photo, taken in the Ballyboley Forest in Northern Ireland was sent to our Facebook page by Jamie.

After failing to see anything unusual on her first trip to the forest, Jamie and her boyfriend decided to return once more. This time with a camera.

She snapped some photos of the area but it wasn’t until they returned home that the couple noticed something very unsettling in one of the images.

There, right in the middle of the trees, appears to be the apparition of a young girl in a white dress.

Ballyboley Forest has long been associated with the paranormal and is often listed as one of the most haunted forests in the world. Originally thought to be an ancient Druid site, the forest is now open to the public. However, many locals tend to avoid the area.

Said by some to contain a gateway to another world, the forest was the site of many mysterious disappearances during the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. Some even believe that these disappearances may help to explain the strange occurrences of more recent times.

In 1994, a couple claimed to have heard disembodied screams emanating from the forest after witnessing a mysterious, black smoke cloud.

Some years later, two men claimed that they heard strange moaning sounds coming from within the forest. When they went to investigate, they came across several trees that were smeared in blood.

As the men fled in terror, one looked back and saw four figures dressed in brown rags. The figures didn’t chase them however. They just stood and stared at the men as the escaped.

Could it be possible that the disembodied screams heard from within the forest are actually cries for help from the souls of those that disappeared long ago? If so, does Jamie’s picture prove that these spirits are perhaps destined to spend an eternity wandering the eerie wooded hillside of the Ballyboley Forest?

3. Soul Switches Bodies

This security camera footage is believed by many to show a soul exchange or soul transference – the supposed event that occurs when a soul leaves one body and enters another.

Just as the two men approach each other, a hazy, transparent shape leaves the body of the man on the left and enters the man on the right.

Both men appear to react to the strange event. The man on the left stops briefly and turns towards the other man. Almost as though he is pulled by the energy. Then, just the strange shape enters the man on the right, he too jolts to the side.

The man on the left then appears to raise his hand and clasp his head as he continues walking past.

While there is very little information available on where the video actually came from, some believe it to be a fake, claiming that it could quite easily be produced with special effects.

While this might be the case, the reaction of the two men seems to be quite genuine. What do you think? Does this video prove that soul exchange might actually be possible or is the video just an elaborate fake?

2. The Ghosts of The Stanley Hotel

Ghost photographed in the Stanley Hotel, Colorado - Is This Proof of the Afterlife Caught on Camera?

This photo was sent to us on Facebook by Melody Reh. She claims it was taken at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado by her cousin’s daughter in 2017.

If you look at the doorway on the right side of the photo, there appears to be a transparent figure draped in a long, hooded robe.

What makes this photo extra creepy is that the Stanley Hotel actually served as the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s The Shining and was the filming location for the 1997, TV miniseries.

The hotel has long thought to be home to the supernatural. Guests have reported their suitcases being unpacked, items moving about on their own and childish laughter coming from the fourth floor. The Stanley’s themselves are also thought to remain at the hotel, with Mr. Stanley watching over employees at the front desk while Mrs. Stanley plays the piano in the music room.

The spirits don’t seem to be camera shy either. A ghostly woman wearing an evening dress has been photographed at the top of the staircase while a mysterious bellhop has been snapped roaming the lobby.

Could it be possible that this photograph has also captured one of the Stanley Hotel ghosts on film or is it someone or something else entirely?

1. The Unexplained Visitor

Strange figure captured in selfie - Is This Proof of the Afterlife Caught on Camera?

This creepy photo was sent to us by ‎Sierra Warren‎ who claims that she took it while she was home alone at her grandmother’s house in Ohio. However, in the top right corner, there is another figure peering through the doorway.

If you take a closer look, you can see that it appears to be a young male with an eerily distorted face.

Warren said that the figure looks nothing like either her grandmother or her father and that she didn’t notice it until she uploaded the photo some time later.

Some speculate that a photograph may have the ability to capture a fleeting image or energy that might otherwise go unnoticed. Things that simply aren’t observable to the naked human eye. If this is the case, who could the mysterious visitor be? A spirit or ghost that is somehow connected to the house?

What do you think? Has Warren’s camera really captured someone’s spirit entering our reality for just a brief moment in time or is there another more simple explanation for the visitor?