These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained

Can You Explain These Creepy Photos?

From the creepy photo of a monk seen near an Irish lighthouse to a chilling face photographed in the mirror, we take a look at these creepy photos that cannot be explained.

9. Mysterious Monk Appears in Photo

Creepy monk appears in photo taken at the Blackhead Lighthouse in County Antrim, Northern Ireland - These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained

This photo is said to have been taken in 2008, outside a cottage at the Blackhead Lighthouse in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The lady seen on the right wearing the white top was one of five people staying at the cottage along with the person who took this photo.

Creepy monk seen in photo taken at the Blackhead Lighthouse in County Antrim, Northern Ireland - These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained

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At the time the photo was taken, neither person noticed the shadowy, monk-like figure standing there. The lady in the photo even claimed that when she went back into the cottage, everyone except herself and the photographer were still inside. Whoever the mysterious figure was, it was not one of them.

The photo was taken after 11 pm so it was unlikely to be a walker and even if it was, they would probably have been carrying a torch.

The Blackhead Lighthouse was first lit in 1902 and marks the very northern end of Belfast Lough where it opens into the North Channel that separates Northern Ireland and Scotland. At one time, the lighthouse even shone its beam over the Titanic as it left the shipyard in Belfast.

Several people have suggested that the dark figure may not be a monk at all but rather the ghost of a former lighthouse attendant dressed in a long Winter coat.

Whoever the figure is, it sure makes for a very creepy photo. An eerie brush with the supernatural that this woman won’t soon forget.

8. Girl’s Night Out

Floating head appears above girls - These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained


This chilling photo was taken during a girl’s night out at an unknown bar.

Above the woman on the right, there appears to be a disembodied head floating in mid air. If you look closely you can see that the head doesn’t appear to be attached to a neck at all and there is no shoulder or arm either. The head has sinister, glowing yellow eyes and there also appears to be a white, hazy mist swirling around it.

If this is a true photo of a ghost, it would have to one of the clearest ever captured.

While it’s possible that the head simply belongs to a man who turned just as the photo was taken, the girl’s claim that no one else was there at the time.

What makes the whole story even creepier is that a very similar photo was captured by a another group of girls who were out on the town in a completely different location.

Creepy man photobombing three women - These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained


Just by the girl on the left, an eerily similar head can be seen. Once again, it appears to be floating and it even has the same glowing yellow eyes.

What do you think? Is it really the disembodied head of a ghost? Or could it even a creepy stalker who enjoys photo-bombing women? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

7. Unknown Guest Appears in Group Photo

Unknown guest appears in group photo - These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained

At first, this photo seems to have captured little more than a happy gathering of friends. However, when it was posted to Facebook they began to notice something rather unsettling.

In the far right of the picture, there was a person peeping through the doorway that nobody recognized. Every one at the party were friends and they all knew each other’s full names.

None of them recalled seeing the mysterious person during the night.

Some have speculated that the reason no one remembers seeing the person is that it may have actually been a ghost. The pale figure appears to have glowing, beady eyes and he certainly doesn’t look the same as everyone else in the photo.

If the party goers story is true, then it’s unlikely that the figure was a photobombing prankster as someone would have surely noticed him during the night.

What do you think? Is it actually a ghost or is there another more simple explanation?

6. Creepy Face Appears in Mirror

Creepy face photographed in mirror - These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained

This creepy photo was sent to us by a Facebook user from Connecticut. She claims that she took the picture in July, 2017, just before leaving to attend a wedding. She was wearing her mother’s dress and wanted to send her a photo to show her how it fit.

After the wedding, she planned to meet a friend at a fast food restaurant and while she was waiting, decided to flip through the photos that she had taken earlier that day. That’s when she noticed what appears to be some sort of ghoulish face in the mirror behind her. It shocked her so much, she started to cry and even found it difficult to speak.

She was so spooked by the image, that she didn’t want to go home. Eventually, she plucked up the courage and decided to return home and try to recreate the image. Still dressed in her wedding attire, she posed for several more photos in the exact same place as she had taken the first one. Each time, it was obvious that the mirror behind her was just showing her hair.

The poster said that she has lived with her son in the same condo for three years. The week before they moved in, the man next door was found dead and his body was not discovered for a week.

Ever since, the two of them have noticed some very strange things happening on the upstairs floor of their condo. The bathroom water mysteriously turned on by itself. The shower curtain was continually found open after they were both certain it was closed and they began to feel an eerie presence in the bathroom while they were showering.

Is it possible that this Facebook user has actually captured the ghostly face of her former next door neighbor? If so, could it also be him that is responsible for the strange occurrences on the upstairs floor? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

5. Ghostly Figure Caught on Camera

Ghost girl photographed climbing on rocks - These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained


There is almost no information available about this photo online. While it’s possible that it’s just a prank, there are a few things that tend to suggest otherwise.

Firstly, the eerie figure dressed in white appears to have no face. It’s white robes too, seem rather unusual. They’re wispy and ghost-like and even seem to be flowing between the rocks and are almost touching the water.

If it was just a prank, would anyone really go to the trouble of wearing such a long robe? Surely it would be far too dangerous to be perched out on on those rocks.

With little information to go by, it’s difficult to comment further. However, one thing is for certain. Real or fake, this is a very creepy photo!


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