These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained

Can You Explain These Creepy Photos?

4. Stalker in the Woods

Stalker photographed in the woods - These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained


The Reddit user who posted this photo online claims that this picture was taken while he was was out walking through the woods with his friends in Croatia. The area was unusually misty and they decided to stop and pose for some photos to post on social media. It wasn’t until the group had returned home and uploaded the images that someone pointed out that there was a mysterious, dark figure standing in the background.

The Reddit user claims that the mysterious figure did not appear in any of the other photos they took that day and no one could remember seeing anyone else in the woods.

While it could have easily been hoaxed, it’s still a very creepy photo. Friends out walking in the misty woods, stalked by a mysterious figure – it’s the stuff slasher films are made of!

3. The Gathering

Priests and Bishops with glowing eyes - These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained


One of the creepiest things about this photo is that there is very little information available about it. No one seems to know were it was taken or who the people posing actually are.

It appears to show a large group of priests and bishops, however the bizarre way their eyes are glowing could suggest otherwise.

If you look at the figure in the second row, four from the right, he looks as though he is wearing some sort of bizarre helmet. It’s completely covering his face, similar to that of a knight, with just enough space for his glowing eyes to shine through. His helmet also looks as though it has a large cross on the top. However, it is possible that the person behind him is holding a long staff.

Without further information, it’s difficult to comment further of this photo. Who are these men and what exactly are they doing? Whatever the answer is, one thing is for certain. It really does evoke feelings of uneasiness that are only exacerbated by its mystery.

2. A Ghostly Visitor

Ghost appears in family photo - These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained

This creepy photo was sent to us by Madeline via Facebook. She is the one seen in the middle alongside her mother and brother. In 2011, they were on holiday in Egypt and decided to get a picture to remember the occasion.

After the photo was taken they went to dinner and it wasn’t until sometime later that they realized the camera had actually captured something rather strange.

As you can see, Madeline has her right hand above her brother’s head giving him the ‘bunny ears’ yet there is another mysterious hand around his shoulder. It can’t be his mother’s hand either as her arm would have to be far too long.

Madeline claims that the ghostly face seen alongside her brother’s head looks very similar to her stepfather who passed away in 2008. According to her, her brother and stepfather ‘were best friends’ and she says that ‘it really looks like my stepdad is giving my bro a hug.’

What do you think? Could the mysterious figure seen in this photo really be Madeline’s stepfather? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. The Ghost at the Wedding

Misty ghost photographed at a wedding - These Creepy Photos Cannot be Explained

Angels & Ghosts

This creepy photo was posted online by a man who claims it was taken at his daughter’s wedding reception at a hotel in Espanola, New Mexico, on 15th July, 2006.

The photo has captured a strange, swirling mist that appears to be forming the shape of a human. It even looks as though it is reaching for something on the table, possibly one of the bottles.

Some think that it is little more than cigarette or cigar smoke swirling through the air. While others have suggested that it might actually be the ghost of someone who knew the bride and groom? One who simply could not resist partaking in the festivities of this momentous occasion?