Most Insane Conspiracy Theories You’ll Ever Hear

The mind boggles

These are the most insane conspiracy theories out there. We’ve all heard some of the more common conspiracy theories: the moon landing was faked, the earth is flat, 9/11 was an inside job. However, some conspiracy theories are truly next-level. Below, read about 10 of the wildest conspiracy theories that the internet has to offer!

10. Katy Perry Is Really Jonbenét Ramsey

These are the most Insane Conspiracy Theories
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Everyone knows the story of JonBenét Ramsey, along with some of the insane conspiracy theories that circulated after her death. But did you know that some people claim pop singer Katy Perry is actually the murdered pageant queen?

In 1996, Ramsey was murdered in her family home. However, according to some, the murder was actually staged by her parents to cover up her kidnapping (perhaps by the Illuminati).

Proponents of this theory point to the resemblance between the pop singer and photos of the late child beauty queen. Perry also makes a reference to the Ramsey case in her memoir when discussing her childhood songwriting.

There is no real explanation for why this conspiracy played out. Some point to the mysterious workings of the Illuminati, others to her parents’ quest for fame. The motivation behind this theory is as much a mystery as the Ramsey case itself!

9. Saved by the Bell Was a Front for the Illuminati

These are the most Insane Conspiracy Theories

The Illuminati has a place in many of the world’s most insane conspiracy theories, but who would’ve thought they would worm their way into a popular 90s sitcom?

According to the claims, the stars of Saved By the Bell were actually being brainwashed, and possibly drugged, by the Illuminati. Proponents cite lots of evidence, such as secret Illuminati symbols and hand gestures that can be seen in episodes of the show.

This particular hand gesture is supposedly the “666” hand signal often used by members of the Illuminati to signal its ties to Satanism.

According to this theory, the mind control techniques used on the young stars led to disastrous consequences. For example, Dustin Diamond apparently engaged in hypersexual activity later in life and even stabbed someone because of how the mind control deteriorated his psyche.

What was the reason for this mind-controlling experiment? Proponents of this theory suggest that the subtle signals and signs placed into the show were intended to begin brainwashing of young viewers to corrupt them to Satan’s influence.

8. Animals Are Used as International Spies

These are the most Insane Conspiracy Theories

Every country has wild animals that are so commonplace that we simply ignore their presence in our lives. But what if someone took advantage of that complacency by using those very animals to spy on us?

That is the central claim behind this shocking conspiracy theory. This story centers on Iran. According to believers, the countries enemies have been using animals to gain intelligence on top-secret maneuverings within the country. The most popular theory is that environmentalists use lizards to find out where the country mines uranium.

However, lizards aren’t the only animals implicated by proponents of this theory. According to believers, vultures, squirrels, and dolphins can also be used as spies.

Vultures stand accused of helping to repopulate raptors in the Middle East, and squirrels have been detained for wearing recording devices. Dolphins are by far the most dangerous, however. They not only carry spying equipment such as cameras; they can also be trained in combat to target underwater mines.

7. Siri Can Predict the Apocalypse

These are the most Insane Conspiracy Theories
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We rely on our phones for a lot of things, but is it possible that digital assistants can predict the end of the world? According to one of the internet’s more insane conspiracy theories, they can.

The digital assistant known as Siri has a lot of cute and funny quirks that users have discovered over the years. However, one eccentricity, in particular, has fueled this theory. Have you ever tried asking Siri what day July 27, 2014, is? You might be surprised to hear her answer “It’s Sunday, 27 July 2014 (Opening Gates Of Hades).”

There are many theories about how this quirk in Siri’s personality came about, ranging from glitches in the program to a joke by the developers. But some believe that Siri may be privy to information the rest of us lack.

You might be thinking: that date has come and gone, and nothing has happened, right? Some proponents will argue that the gates of hell did indeed open on that date, and point to subsequent tragedies as evidence that we are living post-apocalypse.

6. Barack Obama Could Control the Weather

These are the most Insane Conspiracy Theories

If you’ve ever walked out your door and cursed the weather, you may have more than a cold front to blame. According to some, former president Barack Obama had powers that allowed him to control the weather.

Most of the theorists who ascribe to this belief accuse Obama of using his powers to manufacture extreme weather, such as tornadoes.

Why would the president do such a thing? To distract from scandals plaguing his administration, of course. For example, in May of 2013, Oklahoma was shaken by a large tornado in which one person was killed. According to proponents of this theory, Obama created the disaster to distract the nation from the Benghazi investigation. And this was just one example of Obama’s terrifying power.


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