Most Insane Conspiracy Theories You’ll Ever Hear

The mind boggles

5. Lizards Rule the Earth

These are the most Insane Conspiracy Theories
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Another of the most insane conspiracy theories that has been circulating the world revolves around lizards. In this case, however, lizards aren’t spying on us: they are ruling us.

According to surveys, approximately 4% of the United States population believes that the planet is controlled by a secret ruling class made up of alien lizards in human disguises. Even the Queen of England has been implicated in this scandal.

According to this theory, the alien lizards drink human blood for nourishment. They live among us and control major world governments and events, such as the Holocaust and the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. They control the world, waiting for the right moment to completely enslave the human race.

Proponents warn that although the creatures are often placed in leadership positions, anyone could be a secret alien lizard.

4. Chemicals Are Being Used to Turn People (And Frogs) Gay

These are the most Insane Conspiracy Theories

The next bizarre theory on our list can be traced back to a single individual: Alex Jones. Known for making outlandish statements, Jones has nevertheless managed to convince many people that he knows what he’s talking about.

Jones’s most outlandish theory once again puts creepy crawly creatures in the spotlight. This time, it’s frogs that are the focus. According to Jones and his believers, the US government has been putting chemicals in the water to turn people gay in an effort to decrease the population. His evidence? The nation’s frogs, that live primarily in the water, are now almost all homosexual.

These chemicals aren’t only in the nation’s water supply. According to Jones, the government has also developed perfumes and colognes that will alter a person’s sexual orientation.

3. The Denver Airport Is the Epicenter of All Things Evil

These are the most Insane Conspiracy Theories

When you think of evil places, you probably picture haunted cemeteries or decaying houses. Little did you know, the evilest place in the world is actually an airport.

According to some, the Denver airport is the center of all of the world’s evil. Proponents of this theory most frequently point to the disturbing art that adorns the airport, such as a statue of a horse with red eyes and hellish murals depicting death and despair.

There are other sinister stories about the Denver airport that serve as evidence of its evil. For example, many of the signs apparently lead patrons in circles, and some hallways seem to lead to nowhere. Some proponents of this theory even claim that security checkpoints will vanish before your eyes.

Believers claim that the dark decor of the airport was created to inspire visitors to worship the devil, ever increasing the evil atmosphere that surrounds this seemingly innocuous airport.

2. The Large Hadron Collider Will Summon an Egyptian God

These are the most Insane Conspiracy Theories
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Technology and religion don’t often mingle, but according to this next theory, one of the world’s greatest scientific achievements is actually a front for ancient religion.

According to this theory, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland isn’t there for particle physics; it was actually built to awaken Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of the dead.

Proponents of this theory have several pieces of evidence to support their claim. For example, there is apparently a massive wormhole connecting the location of the Hadron Collider to ancient Egypt. More damning evidence comes from the design of the Collider itself. Images of the Collider from a certain angle seem to resemble the Mayan calendar, serving as evidence that the Collider was built to bring about the end times by summoning the god of death.

1. Australia Doesn’t Exist

These are the most Insane Conspiracy Theories
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All of these conspiracy theories are wild, but our number one spot focuses on one of the earth’s wildest countries: Australia.

According to one of the most insane conspiracy theories the internet has cooked up, Australia doesn’t exist.

Proponents of this theory point to Australia’s extreme climate and bizarre animal life as proof that such a crazy country could not possibly be real.

But what about the people who travel there? Where are they actually going? According to the theory, planes are secretly rerouted to other countries or even artificial locations staged by the world’s leaders to trick travelers into believing they are in Australia.

Why would world leaders concoct an entire country? According to some, the answer lies with Australia’s colonial past. The country was originally used as a prison colony for some of England’s worst criminals. Theorists assert that the English government lied about sending prisoners to Australia to cover up the fact that they were secretly executing them.

Australia isn’t the only country that has been subject to conspiracy theories such as this. Although less popular, there are also theories that Finland doesn’t exist.

Well there’s our look at some of the most insane conspiracy theories out there. Do you subscribe to any of these theories? Let us know in the comments below or on any of our socials.