Paranormal Webcams Let You See Ghosts Live on Stream

Try your luck at spotting a ghost!

Have you ever thought about going ghost hunting, but realized that all of the best haunted spots are too far away? With today’s modern technology, you can hunt for spirits from the comfort of your own home by viewing ghosts live on stream using paranormal webcams.

Below, read about 10 of the internet’s most fascinating paranormal webcams.

10. Furman Theater Paranormal Webcam

A paranormal webcam at the Furman Theatre purports to show ghosts

Theaters are a common space for hauntings. The dramas and tragedies that are acted out on the stage create the perfect atmosphere for ghosts to stay rooted in the realm of the living. Using the live video of the Furman Theater, you can see theater students attending classes, performances, or even ghosts live on stream.

According to the theater department at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, this particular stage is haunted by numerous ghosts. No one knows exactly who the ghosts are, but they believe they are most likely former students who couldn’t bring themselves to leave the stage, even after death.

Most of the encounters people have had with the ghosts of this theater occur during live performances. Theatergoers will be sitting in the dark, and suddenly hear a mysterious voice whispering in their ear. They are hoping that those watching the cam will report their sightings so they can gain solid proof of their paranormal residents.

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9. Willard Library Paranormal Webcams

The Willard Library paranormal webcams claim to show ghosts live on stream

According to those who have worked at or visited the Willard Library, there is definitely a supernatural entity or two walking the halls of the building. To prove it, they have set up paranormal webcams so that ghost hunters around the world can keep a close eye out and send in screenshots when they spot something ghostly.

There are a few types of ghosts that have been spotted by viewers and patrons of the library. The most common entity to make an appearance on film is different colored orbs hovering in various places, usually the stairwell. However, employees of the library have reported spotting a Grey Lady and a young boy haunting this stairwell. They believe that the orbs are merely how the ghosts manifest on camera.

Willard Library’s webcams are on round-the-clock, so you can pop by any time to try your hand at spotting one of their resident spirits.

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8. Hell’s Kitchen Paranormal Webcams

A live stream from a haunted house in Hell's Kitchen, New York.

With a name like Hell’s Kitchen, it isn’t surprising that this New York neighborhood would be home to numerous ghosts. One run-down residence in Hell’s Kitchen even gives amateur ghost hunters a chance to catch its ghosts live on stream.

According to many people who frequently view paranormal webcams, the Hell’s Kitchen Haunted Hallway is a sure thing. If you watch the feed for long enough, they say that you’re guaranteed to spot something not of this world.

The feed uses a single camera and focuses on a dark stairway in an old-looking building. No one knows exactly where the building is, but it is said to be an old apartment building. Watchers believe that the entities they have caught on camera are most likely the ghosts of former residents who died in the building.

Is this live stream really a sure thing? The only way to know is to try your luck by watching.

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7. Lincolnshire Radion Buildings Paranormal Webcams

Live feed from the Lincolnshire Radion building

Most paranormal webcams are set up by business-owners attempting to catch resident ghosts live on stream, most likely in an attempt to scare up business. However, the Lincolnshire cam in the old Radion Buildings is unique in that it is managed by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Having the stamp of approval from such a well-established organization certainly gives this stream some extra legitimacy.

The old Radion Buildings where the webcam is set up are no longer in use. However, the buildings used to contain a popular cinema. Right now, all that you can see on the cam is what appears to be an old storage area. However, one of the building’s most popular ghosts is said to have been an employee of the cinema.

In its heyday, the cinema served ice cream as a treat for theatergoers. According to the the BBC, the woman who was in charge of serving the ice cream now haunts the abandoned cinema. Viewers of the stream regularly tune in hoping to catch the Ice-Cream Lady as she goes about her hauntings.

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6. Ireland’s Eye Paranormal Webcams

Irelands Eye live stream claims to show ghosts on camera

In 1912, a young woman named Helena Blunden was hard at work in a linen factory in Belfast Ireland when she tragically fell to her death. The mill building was eventually taken over by a printing company. Employees of the company began to hear strange footsteps as they went about their days. Some even reported spotting the apparition of a young woman in old-fashioned clothing. They believe that it is the ghost of Helena Blunden.

The printing company eventually contacted paranormal researchers who set up a webcam in the old mill. They encouraged viewers to watch closely and report any unusual sightings. In their investigation of the building, the researchers were also able to locate a recording of Helena singing, which viewers can listen to on the same website as the cam.

According to the statistics compiled by the researchers, it is most common to spot the ghost early in the morning (local time). Is this young woman still haunting the mill that took her life? Watch the steam and find out for yourself.

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5. Gettysburg Battlefield

A live feed from the gettysburg battlecam

Battlefields are a common place to spot ghosts. Thanks to a stream known as BattleCam, you may be able to see the Gettysburg ghosts live on stream.

The webcam gives watchers a view of the large field that comprised the majority of the battlefield for the infamous three-day Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War. Over 7,000 people were killed during this epic bloodbath, and many believe that some of those soldiers stuck around long after the war ended.

The BattleCam is not meant to be a ghost hunting stream; its intention was merely to share a view of the iconic battlefield. However, the small town in Pennsylvania is known to be one of the most haunted places in America, so it isn’t surprising that many amateur ghost hunters have added it to the list of paranormal webcams.

Do ghosts walk the Gettysburg Battlefield amid the countless tourists that pass through every day? This live stream may hold the answer.

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4. Victorian House

One of many paranormal webcams in Dddavid's haunted house

Unlike many of the paranormal webcams on this list, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where this live stream takes place. They are known as “dddavid’s webcams,” and they evidently show the inside of an old Victorian house.

The stream features 4 different cameras in various parts of the house. Viewers can see two bedrooms (one that appears to be a child’s bedroom), a sitting room, and a living room. According to the person running the cams, he has recorded EVP in all of these rooms and has seen the shadows of ghosts as he moves through the house.

While we don’t know the history of this particular house, the reports of paranormal activity suggest that something dark once happened here. EVP recordings have picked up the sounds of children and babies crying and a woman’s voice yelling, “go!” The person who set up the cams also notes that the doors in the 4 rooms where he placed cameras have locks on both sides of the doors, which he believes is evidence of a sinister history.

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3. Paris Catacombs

An eerie live feed via paranormal webcam in the Paris Catacombs

The catacombs that lie beneath the streets of Paris are legendary to anyone with an interest in the macabre. In this necropolis, you can walk amongst the dead for miles. It isn’t surprising that there have been countless ghost sightings in the massive crypt over the years. However, what many tourists don’t know is that the catacombs actually have their very own webcam.

The webpage for the cam describes it as follows: “Vision of a gallery with infrared … It’s up to you … If you pass, do something weird, the world is watching you … Reload the page to have a new view …” This description suggests that the primary purpose of the cam is to watch tourists visiting the catacombs in the hope of catching them doing something strange in the dark. However, most people who regularly watch the catacomb cam do so for the ghosts.

It would be impossible to describe all of the creepy things that have happened in the Paris Catacombs over the years. If you aren’t able to travel to Paris to visit this eerie sight, this paranormal webcam is the next best thing.

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2. Craig Y Nos Castle

The infamous haunted staircase Craig Y Nos castle

Craig Y Nos Castle in Wales is rightly known as one of the most haunted castles in the world. Much to the delight of ghost hunters, the castle now features three paranormal webcams where they can try to spot ghosts live on stream.

One of the reasons that the Craig Y Nos Castle is known for its ghostly activity is that it used to serve as a sanatorium for those suffering from tuberculosis. TB was a deadly disease, and many people met their end in the sanatoriums meant to keep the disease from spreading. One of the webcams at Craig Y Nos Castle is positioned on the floor that used to be the children’s ward of the sanatorium. The castle’s staff regularly spot apparitions of children in this area, and ghost hunters watch the cam avidly hoping for a glimpse of the ghostly youths.

The castle is also the former home of 19th-century opera prima donna Adelina Patti and her husband, the tenor Ernesto Nicolini. The couple’s marriage was marred by a love triangle with composer Gioachino Rossini. It is said that all three still haunt the castle, forever living out their disastrous romance. Another of the castle’s cams shows a view of the dressing room where the diva prepared for performances: a common spot for spotting the phantom trio.

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1. The Haunted Dollhouse

Creepy dolls live on live stream in Haunted Dollhouse

Unlike the other paranormal webcams on this list, this final stream is focused on a much smaller venue: a dollhouse. According to the masterminds behind this stream, the porcelain toys that fill the dollhouse are haunted by various spirits. A team of ghost hunters regularly tracks down haunted dolls from all around the world to place in their dastardly toy house. Viewers can even “adopt” the haunted dolls if they dare.

Viewers of the cam regularly report seeing faces in the mirrors or a ghostly girl on the stairs of the dollhouse. Many ghost hunters find this to be one of the creepiest ghost cams on the internet. Dolls tend to have an eerie vibe, with their still, yet lifelike eyes, so setting up a webcam to watch the possessed toys is certainly a chilling idea.

Sadly as of now, the live stream seems to have been decommissioned. But here’s a chilling archived video posted to their facebook page:

On the morning of March 20th, 2009 the webcam that once watched the stairway caught something truly chilling. At 11:26 am an apparition can be seen manifesting at the bottom of the stairs. It’s a small child-like figure. You can clearly make out a head and body but it’s grey and translucent. The mysterious entity appeared live on stream for nearly two minutes before vanishing into thin air.

The owners of the dolls ran the footage through various light spectrums and in each enhancement you can clearly make out a body.

What do you think the figure is? Could it be the spirit of one of the possessed dolls? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s an archived version of their original website: