Strange and Scary Things Caught on Camera

These clips are chilling!

Here’s a chilling collection of scary things caught on camera. From an alleged poltergeist haunting a supermarket in Australia, to dolls and statues moving on their own, today we’re taking a look at some scary things caught on camera that experts are struggling to explain.

Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost

This video was shot in 2008 in one of the US’s most notoriously haunted graveyards – Colonial Park Cemetery, Savannah Georgia.

Jesse Greyhouse, who took the footage, believes he’s caught a ghost on camera.

In the clip you can see a small, wispy boy running in the distance. Greyhouse said he thought the child was running after a shadowy woman. The strange figure runs behind several gravestones then jumps up a tall tree. Moments later, it drops and vanishes from sight. While there were several other people walking around the cemetery at the time the video was taken, the figure in question seems to glide along unnaturally.

Built in 1750, the Colonial Park Cemetery is one of the oldest in Georgia. It contains many of its early settlers as well as a mass grave filled with more than 700 people who died of yellow fever. It’s this tragic past that spurs many of the rumours that this graveyard is filled with spirits of the dead. Hundreds of reports of strange activity in the cemetery have been filed, everything from strange lights hovering among tombstones at night, to chilling, disembodied screams and even full bodied apparitions.

A production company that specialises in special effects analysed the footage and concluded that the entity hadn’t been added in but were hesitant to call it a ghost. They believe the footage is just too far away to make any judgments. They did comment on the unsettling nature of the footage and left it open to the individual viewer to make their own mind up.

IGA Poltergeist Caught on Camera

On the Internet we often see a lot of scary things caught on camera, however, it’s not that often we see a fruit snack fly 6 metres across an empty and locked supermarket, after hours. The incident has sparked debate whether this IGA in Brompton, South Australia, is haunted by a poltergeist.

The CCTV security cameras, which are motion activated, caught a series of mysterious events. In the footage you can see a packet of fruit snacks inexplicably fly down an aisle. The packet doesn’t just fall off the shelf, it actually moves with significant force.

The owner, Norm Hurst, said he was told by the previous owner that the premises was haunted and said he’d experienced all kinds of strange events.

When Mr Hurst opened up in the morning he found the packet of fruit snacks on the ground, 6 metres from where they’re normally kept. His first assumption was perhaps someone had broken in, but there was no evidence of a forced entry and the alarms weren’t triggered.

One possible explanation goes back to a shooting that took place in 1998 in front of this supermarket. Thirty-year-old professional boxer and underworld figure, Bora Altintas, was gunned down metres from the entrance to the store. One of the bullet holes can still be seen in a nearby public phone. Paranormal experts have suggested his spirit is the one haunting the supermarket.

What do you think could have launched the fruit snacks so far down the aisle in the middle of the night? Is the supermarket haunted? Or is there a simpler explanation?

Shadow Entity Caught on Camera

This short little clip purports to show a shadow entity of some kind haunting an attic.

The video was uploaded to Youtube channel Kyle Humburg in 2012. The description claims that a paranormal investigation team was sent to a 120 year old building in an unknown part of the US, to take a look at some strange activity.

An infrared camera was set up to film around the clock. It would appear some kind of shape or figure has been caught moving in front of the camera. On the left hand side of the screen a shadow moves in and out of shot. According to the timestamp, this occurred at 15:19 pm. Unfortunately the clip is short and it’s difficult to see if anything could be causing the shadow.

The uploader claims that the video has been analysed by paranormal experts such as Bill Murphy from Fact or Fake, and the founders of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). It’s unclear as to their stance on the video, as the uploader never posted their opinions.

The general consensus is that it’s an interesting video that does show something strange but it’s just too brief and unclear to make any definitive judgment.

Bizarre Creature Behind Radiator

This video is a real slow burn but the terrifying encounter is well worth the wait.

The video, titled ‘Unknown Creature Living Behind Radiator’, shows someone investigating strange noises coming from behind their radiator. For several minutes, they struggle to get the camera to focus down the individual parts of the heater. As the person holding the camera becomes more and more determined to capture something on camera the strange nature of the video peaks.

What is hiding behind there?

Eventually the camera is rested on the right side of the radiator which allows the lense to focus down one of the dark gaps. What it captures is truly chilling. At the bottom of the radiator you can see a sinister eye staring back at the camera.

No one is really sure what the eye belongs to. Most viewers have noted the most obvious thing and that is how something that big could hide in such a small spot. Generally, people believe the video is just a short film designed to unsettle unwitting viewers. However, a notable amount of paranormal investigators believe the eye belongs to a spirit of some kind that has come to get in contact with the owner of the house.

So what do you think? Short film or haunted house? Love to get your opinion on this one in the comments section below.

Strange Creature Caught on Camera

A night of backalley drinking turns terrifying for this group of teens.

This clip was originally posted to Youtube channel VEVOParanormal in 2012. It shows a group of young men passing drinks back and forth in a dark alley. They begin to hear strange noises coming from the adjacent shadows. This goes on for about a minute, before they spot a strange humanoid creature. It looks to be around 3 feet tall and hops back and forth in a defensive sort of way.

The uploader dubbed the entity a ‘real elf’ but comments and opinions vary. Some think it’s a small alien or a cryptid creature of some kind. Other’s declared it a mythical leprechaun who is tentatively sussing the teens out.

Unfortunately, as with most of these ‘sighting videos’ the quality is ridiculously low making it very easy to cover up any telling details or create the figure in post production.

Creepy Doll Moves on Camera

There’s very little information about this creepy little video other than its title and description.

Posted to Youtube in 2015, the video claims to have captured a haunted doll moving on camera. The title and description say ‘Spooky ‘haunted puppet’ that ‘choked’ owner caught moving on camera in a sealed container’ but there’s no other information to verify the clip.

The night vision footage shows a cabinet with an alleged haunted doll in it. Throughout the clip, you can see something moving gradually to the right. Whether it’s an arm or leg of the doll, it’s too hard to tell. The object moves until it makes an audible thud sound on the side of the cabinet.

Who is the owner of the doll? Did it really choke them?

While it’s fascinating to see something moving on its own in the sealed cabinet, without further information the video remains a mystery.

Rotating Egyptian Statue

Sticking with the theme of inanimate objects moving on their own. This ancient egyptian statue has been caught on camera moving all on its own.

In 2013, staff at the Manchester Museum were baffled when they noticed a 10-inch tall statue of Neb-Sanu slowly rotating on its own throughout the day. The phenomenon was so puzzling that the museum set up a time-lapse camera to see what was going on.

Sure enough, in the footage, you can see the tiny idol moving on its own. As the day progresses, so too does the statue rotate further and further.

Egyptologist, Campbell Price, thought the moving statue may have been proof of an ancient curse. ‘I noticed one day that it had turned around. I thought it was strange because it is in a case and I am the only one who has a key,’ he said to the Manchester Evening News.

Price went on to say that in ancient Egypt is was a common belief that if a mummy was destroyed then a statuette, created in its likeness, could act as an alternate vessel for the spirit of the deceased.

Since the incident, several notable physicists, such as Professor Brian Cox, have said that they believe the phenomenon is caused by differential movement. When staff and tourists walk by, when busses pass on the street, it can cause subtle vibrations throughout the museum, which may then cause the statue to rotate.

While this is a plausible explanation, there are still a lot of people who believe this is genuine footage of a curse acting out its destiny. And that the movement is proof that a spirit of an ancient egyptian is binded to this idol.

Ghost Sits on Couch

This short clip seems to show the moment a ghost sits down on a couch.

The striking footage was captured by the McLennan County Paranormal Investigations group based in Central Texas, best known for their scary things caught on camera

In 2013, they investigated a client’s house who claimed that they saw an entity sitting on their couch one night. The investigation team set up a static camera facing the couch where the entity was last seen. At 22:56 a transparent entity was filmed walking in front of the camera. It seems to step, one foot after the other, right across the lounge room then pause and sit down.

Interestingly, right at the end of the clip, another strange shape can be seen entering the shot from the right. It appears then disappears quickly.

When the video was posted to Facebook, everyone was dumbfounded by the footage – heralding it as genuine evidence of ghosts.

What do you make of this compelling piece of paranormal footage?

Well there’s our look at some strange and scary things caught on camera. What do you think, are these scary things caught on camera real or fake? Let us know in the comments below or on any of our socials.