Extreme Poltergeist Activity Caught on Camera

These clips will give you the creeps!

Is this real poltergeist activity caught on camera? From an enraged entity that tears apart a kitchen, to two girls that get petrified at seemingly nothing, we take a look at some extreme poltergeist activity that is sure to give you chills.

11. Poltergeist in Kitchen

Youtuber Mellowb1rd has been documenting poltergeist activity in his house for years. He believes a destructive spirit resides within his home. Around eight years ago he began uploading eerie videos that seem to show an entity throwing objects around the house.

Here you can see a static camera that’s been left to film the kitchen. Random objects begin to fly around the room. A grill on the stove top lifts up, some cans and bottles flip over and the cupboard doors inexplicably open and close. The camera flickers as a strange blue bar appears on screen. For 1:25 objects get violently thrown around the room. One of the more startling objects to move is a basket of cutlery – knives and forks fly every which way.

The interesting thing about this clip is that it would be incredibly hard to stage. A lot of skeptics always claim wire is used with these sort of videos. However with this one, objects go flying on all different angles, doors flap open and closed. Multiple items fling across the room at the same time. It would take a lot of work and timing to pull it all off without looking suspicious.

There a loads of fascinating ghost videos on Mellowb1rds channel. If you want to check them out, here’s a link to his Youtube channel.

10. Girl Speaks to Ghost

This video was posted to Youtube in 2013 by a channel called bscotty321

The iPhone footage shows a little girl having her dinner. After her dad leaves the room, she appears to communicate with someone or something. At first it seems possible she’s just playing and talking to an imaginary friend, however when a napkin moves all by itself, the little girls says ‘That’s Billy’s dinner’.

The owner of the channel posted the video saying that they had no idea who the girl was talking to or how the napkin moved. They were hoping someone could offer a logical explanation but it would appear no one can fully explain this footage.

Could this little girl’s imaginary friend be a poltergeist that she regularly communicates with? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

9. Poltergeist Stacks Chairs

Here’s another Youtube channel that’s been documenting a poltergeist haunting in their house.

In 2011 a man by the name of Philip Shapiro heard some strange noises coming from his basement. The occurrences had been happening for a while so he decided to start filming them.

In the clip, Shapiro walks into his basement to investigate a strange tapping sound. As he gets to the bottom of the stairs a commotion can be heard behind him in the kitchen. He turns and runs to see what it was. Right where he had been standing just seconds earlier, is a tower of chairs stacked strangely on top of one another. The ceiling light swings eerily in the background.

When it was first uploaded to Youtube, experts were stunned at the footage. How is it that chairs could be stacked like that so fast with so little sound?

The wider community was also shocked, with the video wracking up nearly one million views and over 1200 comments all speculating on the footage.

8. Ghost Dislikes Singing

This clip first appeared on Live Leak several years ago.

Two girls are singing for the camera when something strange starts happening. First, the door slowly swings open. Then a bottle of water gets swiped off the desk before the door violently slams shut. They both scream for their dad and run out of the room.

A lot of commentators have noted that this clip bares a striking resemblance to a clip shared a few years prior where two Australian girls are also singing for the camera when their door swings open. Their bottle of water also flies across the room and the door slams shut.

Could this clip just be a copycat or are there poltergeist entities that react to certain pitches of singing?

7. Poltergeist on CCTV

This is some CCTV footage taken in an office in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta.

It shows a man going about his work day when suddenly strange things start to happen around the room. First, a strange black shadow appears above the man. Then a chair begins to move on its own. A bottle of water gets thrown off the desk. Finally another chair begins to move, this time falling over. The employee is so frightened that he runs out of the room.

What do you think is going on in this Indonesian office? Is it an elaborate hoax or is something more sinister at play here?

6. Little Girl Sees Ghosts

This is some strange footage that aired on an unknown Japanese talk show.

A little girl tells her mother that she can see the ghost of her grandpa standing behind her. She points and says he’s there. The woman holding the camera turns to take a look but there’s nothing to be seen.

Once again, the little girl says that there’s something standing behind the camera. This time the footage zooms in on a mirror in the background. In the reflection you can see a shadowy entity standing at the rear of the room. Then when the camera turns a full apparition of a man standing in front of the camera can be seen.


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