12 Shadow People Caught on Camera

These shadow people will give you chills!

Here are 12 shadow people caught on camera. From shadow people warning of tragic future events to a ghostly figure caught on camera on an X-Box Kinect, join us as we take a look at 12 mysterious shadow people that can’t be explained.

12. A Deathly Foreshadowing

Checkout these shadow people caught on camera.

When these three women had their photo taken out the front of their home they couldn’t have known the chilling image that would develop.

Behind the three ladies you can see what looks like the shadow of a man wearing a hat. If you look closely you can see that the shadow figure has placed a hand on the shoulder of the woman on the left.

It is said that three days after this photo was taken the woman died in a horrible car accident.

The photographer claims that there was certainly no hatted man standing behind the women when the photograph was taken and is simply baffled by the image.

Perhaps this strange shadow appeared as a sort of omen, foreshadowing the tragic events that would unfold just three days later.

11. The Grey Man

Shadow people caught on camera

This is allegedly a photo of a shadow figure that haunts the shores of Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

For decades residents have reported sightings of a strange shadowy man that appears on the beach right before severe storms and natural disasters. They say he comes as a premonition for the local people, warning them of impending danger.

Legends say that the Grey Man is the ghost of a young traveler who tragically died many years ago. They say he was on his way to see his fiance when he got caught in quicksand in the marshland that once surrounded Pawleys Island. Now his shadow is left behind, forced to eternally wander in search of his lost love.

Couple Jim and Clara Moore claim they saw the Grey Man on the beach the day before Hurricane Hugo battered the region in 1989. They said they saw a strange legless man down on the beach. When they called out to him the figure vanished from sight.

The following day, the category 5 storm hit shore causing more than US $7 billion worth of damage. When the Moore’s were allowed to return home they found their house completely intact. However, the neighbours on all sides had their homes obliterated by the raging storm.

The Moore’s swear that the Grey Man appeared as an omen, warning them of the catastrophe that would take place. They feel they were blessed by the spirit who spared them from the storm.

10. What Else Does Kinect See?

This is some very creepy footage uploaded to a channel on Youtube called FacelessKnights.

In it we see a gamer setting up his X-Box Kinect while testing a live stream. He browses a few options, changes a few vision modes but when he changes to night vision mode he captures something truly terrifying. On the right of screen, you can clearly see a shadow person lurking in the rear of the room. The figure almost looks like it’s wearing a black robe. It has long slender fingers and a strange floating quality to it. The entity darts off screen as soon as it notices it’s visible on camera.

The guy filming looks very startled as he double checks the room for anything resembling the strange black spectre.

When the video went live, it quickly got spread around social media wracking up nearly 2 million views.

Skeptics thought that there were jump cuts edited into the clip but as FacelessKnights explains in another video, the Kinect changes aspect ratio every time a new vision mode is used, so it looks at though things move on the desk or the person changes position.

FacelessKnights doesn’t have an explanation for what he captured but he fervently denies that he tampered with the footage in any way.

With this encounter in mind, how creepy is the tag line: ‘What else does Kinect see?’.

9. Alcatraz Shadow People

Shadow people appearing at Alcatraz

This photo was taken in Alcatraz, a former prison complex often cited to be one of the most haunted locations in the US.

Visitors to Alcatraz often report strange phenomena while touring the site. They feel cold spots, hear whispers in empty rooms and often experience inexplicable feelings of despair or rage. People claim to see shadows moving and cell doors opening on their own.

When photographer Glenn Shelton took this strange photo, he believed it to be definitive proof that the prison complex is haunted by other worldly beings.

While the photo doesn’t depict a shadow person as such, it has captured a long black shroud of some kind. It has many of the properties that witnesses report when seeing shadow people. If you look, the object doesn’t seem to react to lighting in the same way the other parts of the build do and it has a sort of misty or smokey quality to it.

Could this be the spirit of a former inmate who is now forced to eternally linger in limbo among the dark halls of Alcatraz?

8. Attic Ghost

This is a photo that proves that shadow people live among us

This photo was taken in the attic of an unknown restaurant in the US.

For over a decade, employees reported strange sightings in the roof of the restaurant. They say they’ve seen shadows lurking, felt nauseous for no apparent reason as well as had feelings of dread wash over them.

Finally, one employee took a photo when they felt they were being watched. Later that night, when reviewing the photos, they spotted this ominous shadow figure. It has the clear outline of a head and shoulders but its lower body looks almost like vapour and lacks any real definition.

When co-workers saw the image they all agreed that this is the shadow entity that they had all seen over the years.

7. Ghost of Michael Jackson?

This is some strange footage that was captured live on the Larry King show.

Live on air, CNN is doing a tour of Michael Jackson’s home in Neverland shortly after he passed away. As the camera crew walk around the house, a shadow figure can be seen passing quickly down the end of the hallway. It looks to be a lurching, transparent presence, as though it’s the shadow of someone walking by.

This footage has been seen by millions of people and some say it’s the ghost of Michael himself.

Skeptics claim it’s nothing more than a shadow of one of the film crew or staff that can’t be seen on that angle. Others say that it’s impossible for a person to cast that quick moving shadow without being seen.

Whatever the case may be, it makes for some very compelling footage, one that has captured the attention of millions of people.


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