12 Shadow People Caught on Camera

These shadow people will give you chills!

6. Shadow Smoke

Shadow people sighted in room.

There’s not a lot of solid information about these two photos. They often appear in ghost investigation forums but no one seems to know their origins.

The two photos, presumably taken one after the other, show a smokey, black entity hovering in the middle of the room. The first photo looks like it has thin, outstretched arms as though it’s about to grab at someone. Plumes of a strange, translucent aura seem to waft up towards the roof.

The second image looks as though it’s caught the moment the shadow is disappearing, almost as though it’s been blown by the wind and is vapourising into nothing.

Could these photos be some kind of glitch? Or have they captured something far more sinister?

5. Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium has seen many shadow people over the years.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky is one of the most notorious asylums in America.

Built in 1910, the hospital was used to house patients suffering from tuberculosis, during what was considered an outbreak of the ‘white plague’.

At the time there was no known cure for the disease which was mostly treated with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. However, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was also tasked with finding more effective measures to fight the infectious disease. Controversial methods were tested with some patients having their ribs removed and their lungs inflated with makeshift balloons.

It’s thought that many thousands of patients died at the sanatorium. The death toll grew so high that the facility was forced to build an underground tunnel, affectionately known as the ‘death shoot’, that would be used to ferry hundreds of diseased corpses to a nearby railway station. Some estimate that as many as 64,000 patients died at Waverly Hills over the years.

Visitors today often report the echoed calls of children singing down the long abandoned hallways. Cold spots are often experienced and an ominous feeling of being watched is ever present.

This photo was taken by an intrepid explorer who decided to visit the hospital alone. He said that nothing particularly unusual took place while he walked around the facility. However, when he reviewed his photos later that night he noticed something very strange. In one image, a black entity can be seen obscuring the lens of the camera. It lacks definition and is devoid of any light whatsoever. It looks like it has a head and body and is perhaps moving away from the camera.

The man is certain that no one else was around as he was exploring the old hospital alone.

4. The Shadow Man

Look at this shadow person, caught on camera.
The Real Evidence of the Paranormal

The owner of this home kept telling her kids that she was seeing a strange shadow person out the corner of her eyes. She said she always felt uncomfortable in certain rooms and thought she was being watched by some unseen force. Her kids would often laugh it off, telling her that she’s going mad. That was until this creepy photo was taken on Thanksgiving day some years ago.

Prior to lunch being served, the daughter was taking photos of her boyfriend sitting at the table.

This is what she captured. It shows a very tall, dark entity dominating the doorway. The edges of the figure look smokey and translucent while the centre appears to be devoid of all light.

When the mother saw the photograph she almost cried. She said that that’s the exact spirit she keeps seeing out the corner of her eye.

What do you think that is? Is this house haunted by some unknown force or shadow spirit that’s making itself known to this poor family?

3. The Hat Man

The Hat Man is a type of shadow person that often appears to people all around the world.

The Hat Man is one of the most creepy and pernicious sightings of the shadow people. A tall, slender male presence is often reported by people all around the world. They say a shadowy figure watches them sleep, and it always has a wide-brimmed hat on. Thousands of individual sightings have been described by people from all walks of life, yet somehow they all characterise the same figure.

This photo was captured by a woman who was dozing in her bed in 2017. She was listening to a podcast and felt herself drifting off to sleep. Suddenly she felt a dark, ominous presence in the room and glanced over to the window. She claims that a tall figure with a hat was standing by her bed, watching intently. She grabbed her phone and took a quick photo but realised there was no one in the room. When she looked at the photo, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Indeed there was a solid black entity standing in the room wearing what looked like a top hat.

There are several scientific explanations for shadow people sightings. People who suffer from sleep paralysis often report being watched by shadow beings. They say dark entities enter their room and watch them sleep. Some neuroscientists suggest that these conditions cause the sufferer to wake in a heightened emotional state which can cause a mild hallucination – in this case moving shadows.

The most striking aspect about this phenomenon is that the reports are all so congruent, they all describe almost the exact same thing – a dark, ominous figure that likes to watch people sleep. The Hat Man is the most troubling of all because it’s such an oddly specific sighting. How is it that thousands of people around the world all characterise the Hat Man exactly the same?

2. Former Queen Mary Patron?

Shadow people are often seen on board the Queen Mary ship.

The Queen Mary is reported to be one of the most haunted ships in America.

Guests and tourists often claim they see and hear things that they can’t quite explain. The ship even runs its own ghost tours on board, showing paranormal enthusiasts parts of the vessel that are normally off limits to regular visitors.

Legends say one of the staterooms of the ship are haunted by a man who was allegedly murdered there. While staff and crew have given first-person accounts of a little girl who stalks the long hallways of the ship. They say the girl tragically drowned in the A-class passenger swimming pool back when the ship served as a luxury liner.

This photo was taken on board the Queen Mary sometime in 2008. It shows a robust, shadowy figure that resembles the infamous Hat Man that we just talked about. Again the centre of the entity is devoid of light and the edges are like vapour.

Many consider this photo one of the best pieces of evidence that the Queen Mary is indeed haunted.

1. Ghost of Ex-Husband

Shadow people spotted in creepy places.

This photo was posted to a ghost investigation forum with a chilling story attached.

Late one night, Michelle was up cleaning her fish tank when she noticed someone standing in the other room. At first she thought it was her husband and simply dismissed it saying ‘What’s the matter dear? Can’t sleep?’

When she turned and looked at the person standing in the next room she went completely cold and nearly fainted. Standing in the room was the clear outline of her ex-husband who had died of cancer several years earlier. Michelle panicked and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, the spirit had gone.

In a fit of panic, she ran up stairs and told her husband what had happened but he assured her that it was nothing to worry about.

Several weeks later, Michelle’s in-laws were visiting so she decided to take some photos. When she reviewed the photos later that night, she went numb at what she saw.

In the photo, behind her mother-in-law, was a shadowy figure lurking in the corner of the room. It was exactly like the figure she saw just weeks earlier.

Did Michelle capture the shadow form of her ex-husband? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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