10 Strangest Things Ever Seen in The Sky

The Most Mysterious Things Ever Spotted in The Sky

From a mysterious floating creature seen in the skies over Zambia to footage of flying dragons and angels among the clouds, we count 10 strangest things ever seen in the sky.

10. Swirling Light Above Canada

Swirling light seen over Western Canada - 10 Strangest Things Ever Seen in The Sky

On the 22nd May, 2010, photographer Sean McCormick captured this image of a strange, swirling light above Western Canada. Several other photographers also witnessed the unusual occurrence and sent their images into a popular weather website where they quickly went viral.

The strange swirling light pattern seen in this image was similar to one seen over Norway that was said to have been caused by a Russian missile launch. However given the proximity, if this strange glowing pattern was due to a missile launch, it could only have come from the nearby Vandenberg Airforce Base. The base was quick to deny that it was involved in any missile launch at the time, which ruled out the possibility.

Several of the witnesses also claimed to have heard a very loud bang shortly after the strange pattern appeared.

Was it all part of a top secret military experiment or could it be something else entirely? Let us know what you think this mysterious swirl of light was in the comments section below.

9. Heavenly Figures Over Switzerland

 Heavenly figures seen on Google Maps over Switzerland - 10 Strangest Things Ever Seen in The Sky


In 2012, this image was discovered on Google Maps over a lake in Switzerland. It appears to show two human-like figures standing on a cloud.

While many were quick to dismiss this picture as an error caused by the Google Map overlay technology, others pointed out that the figures were visible on many sequential images that included a significant stretch of the road.

Many viewers also pointed out the striking resemblance between the figures in the sky and the depiction of angels and other Christian deities. Like those seen in many famous Renaissance paintings.

Whatever you believe, there is no doubting that the mysterious figures seen here definitely do look like characters from a Christmas nativity scene.

8. Bizarre Object Above Italy

Strange dark shape seen over Italy - 10 Strangest Things Ever Seen in The Sky


This bizarre image was captured on Google Maps over a small town in Italy.

The object, which appears to be some sort of strange cloud formation, was unlikely caused by a camera error as it can be seen from multiple angles.

Many people have attempted to explain the object. Some have suggested that it could be the tail streak from a falling meteorite or secret missile launch, while others have even said that it could be the exhaust from some sort of unknown alien craft.

Either way, it definitely does not look like any cloud I have ever seen. What do you think it is that the Google Maps cameras captured in the skies over Italy?

7. It’s Raining Sharks

Shark falls from the sky at the San Juan Hills Golf Club - 10 Strangest Things Ever Seen in The Sky

The Telegraph

Throughout the centuries many people have claimed to have experienced a variety of strange objects falling from the sky. Everything from fish and frogs to money, blood and even a cow have been reported to rain down from above. But by far one of the weirdest things to fall was a live, three foot long leopard shark that landed on the 12th tee at the San Juan Hills Golf Club in California. It stunned onlooking golfers as it wriggled about, seemingly uninjured from its fall.

Amazingly. the course is located more than five miles away from the ocean, making the incident even more unbelievable than it already was.

A course marshal placed the shark in his golf buggy and sped it back to the clubhouse where it was placed in a tub of water. It had several puncture wounds on its body that were believed to have been caused by a bird that must have picked the shark out of the ocean and dropped it over the golf course.

An employee rushed the lucky shark back to the ocean where it was said to have swam away at top speed, back to the safety of the open waters.

6. Gooey Blobs Fall From Above

 Gooey blobs fall from the sky over Washington - 10 Strangest Things Ever Seen in The Sky

The Things

In 1994 mysterious, gooey blobs began raining down from the sky over Oakville, Washington. For more than three weeks the blobs continued to fall from the sky, making all who came into contact with them very sick. Samples were sent to a lab for testing and it was revealed that the gelatinous goo contained human white blood cells.

To this day no one has been able to determine what the mysterious blobs were or why they contained human DNA. Some thought that they could have been waste falling from planes while others believed it was part of some sort of top secret military experiment.

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