7 Real Bigfoot Sightings That Will Make You a Believer!

Crazy Sasquatch Sightings!

Real Bigfoot sightings. From a Bigfoot family filmed in the Blue Mountains of Washington to possible Skunk Ape sightings, join us as we take a look at 7 real Bigfoot sightings that will make you a believer!

7. Paul Freeman Footage

This is some striking footage captured by cryptozoologist Paul Freeman in 1994.

While walking in the Blue Mountains of Washington, Freeman discovered some unusual animal tracks. He noticed they were heading in two directions, trailing up and down a particularly glade on the mountain. This is what he captured on camera.

In the footage you can see a bipedal ape-like creature walking through the woods. It’s covered in black fur and moves with a lumbering gait. The creature looks strong with big arms and a wide back. Freeman pants heavily as he tries to track the animal. At one point it looks as though he’s stumbled upon a family of Sasquatches, as there is multiple tracks heading in all directions.

Over the years Freeman claimed he encountered Bigfoot several times while walking through dense woodland in Washington. He even made a plaster cast of footprints he found that contained dermal ridges. The casts were so convincing that some anthropologists considered them as evidence to support the existence of Bigfoot.

The 1994 footage is considered by many to be genuine and one of the most compelling pieces of evidence ever recorded. Others however, think Freeman was nothing but a hoaxer looking for fame and fortune.

6. Pennsylvania White Bigfoot

In Carbondale, Pennsylvania, locals have reported sightings of a strange creature lurking in the woods. They say it’s a white Bigfoot, 6 to 7 feet tall, with shaggy fur covering its entire body. Residents often hear strange noises too – low groans and rustling in trees.

In 2008, this video surfaced and quickly went viral. It was filmed by a man who heard noises coming from his yard that backs onto woodland.

In the clip, you can see a very strange looking creature. It pauses for a split second then darts off into the darkness. It has deep black eyes, a long cone shaped head and is covered in white fur.

Analysts have noted that this would be difficult to fake. The figure is unusually tall and has gigantic proportions. It moves quickly despite its large frame. The face contorts and reacts which wouldn’t happen if it were simply a mask.

It’s worth noting that Carbondale is the site for the first underground mine in the US. It’s a vast network of deep, dark tunnels. Many believe that it’s possible this creature lives deep in the mines and only surfaces to go hunting.

5. Independence Day Bigfoot Footage

This footage was captured on Independence Day 2010 in an unknown location.

In the clip you can see a Sasquatch-like creature walking through the woods. It has the proportions of a gorilla but walks freely on two feet. It’s clearly startled by the cameraman as it runs behind a rock. Suddenly it reappears holding its young in its arms. The creature keeps a close eye on the intruding cameraman as it scrambles to protect its baby.

Viewers have noted the strange proportions and unusual movement of its legs which would make it difficult to hoax. Unlike other Bigfoot sightings, the footage is very clear too.

Unfortunately the cameraman has never come forward nor has the location ever been revealed which makes it difficult to make further comment on the authenticity of the video.

4. Spartansburg, Pennsylvania Bigfoot Sighting

In 2014, a couple in Spartansburg, Pennsylvania claim they encountered Bigfoot while walking through the forest. Donald Slovey and Amanda Jamar say they heard strange noises like rustling and branches snapping in the distance. Allegedly they spotted a tall, bipedal creature pacing back and forth among the trees. Jamar took out her phone and began filming.

In the footage we can see a tall, brown animal walking upright through the woods. It paces back and forth, alerted to the presence of the couple.

Sadly the camera is just too far away from the creature to make any definitive comment. It’s quite possible that this could just be a person wearing an ape suit. The footage is very grainy and distant.

Analysts have noted that while the couple say they were together while filming, you don’t ever hear or see Slovey at all. You can hear Jamar whispering and asking questions but Slovey never responds, which makes some people think that it’s Slovey in the distance walking around in a homemade Sasquatch suit.

Others have defended the footage saying that the creature’s movements are very animal like. The pacing back and forth and assessment of danger are all very similar to a gorilla’s behaviour.

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