7 Real Bigfoot Sightings That Will Make You a Believer!

Crazy Sasquatch Sightings!

3. Florida Skunk Ape

Released in January, 2015 this startling footage, shot in Lettuce Lake Park, Tampa, Florida, shows a bipedal ape-like creature walking through the swamp.

The man who captured the footage, known only at Matt M, was canoeing through the swamp when he noticed something strange. He initially thought he had spotted a bear and began filming. But when he later asked a park ranger about bears in the area they said that they tend to stay away from swampy areas.

If you take a closer look it appears to have much longer arms than a bear and walks comfortably on its hind legs.

Many say a hominid, cryptid creature known as a ‘skunk ape’ roams the Florida area. It gets its name from the foul smelling odour that it reportedly emanates. Numerous witnesses throughout Florida have reported seeing a big, hairy ape-like creature that runs on two legs. Could this be the skunk ape?

2. Provo Canyon, Utah Bigfoot Encounter

These two short clips were filmed in the Provo Canyon region in Utah.

The first clip is very brief but shows a very large, bipedal creature walking among the brush. The Bigfoot-like animal sits by a tree for a second then seems to pick up a rock and throw it through the air.

Sasquatch enthusiasts love this clip, as it’s the first time anyone has captured a creature like this throwing an object.

The second clip was filmed by BYU students who had been camping near Squaw Peak. One of the campers noticed a strange, black beast lurking on the ridge of the hill and started filming with their phone.

The footage is a little blurry and unstable but does capture something unusual. The strange creature is obscured by branches so it’s hard to get a good look. It’s possible that this could just be a bear encounter however at one point the animal does stand on its rear legs. It looks to have long arms that reach much lower than most animals.

Could this be the infamous Sasquatch that hunters have been looking for so many years?

1. Mississippi Skunk Ape Sighting

At about 6 pm on October 24, 2013, this hunter was out on his Mississippi property looking for wild boar when he spotted a mysterious creature in the distance.

The hunter began filming the beast on his iPhone, which he claims was about 50 metres away. He said the animal, which he thought might be a skunk ape, was leaning up against a cypress tree. The cryptid was allegedly stripping bark off logs with its strong hands.

In the footage, it is clear that some kind of large animal is sitting in the distance. It has a thick neck and shoulders with a very large, gorilla-like head. At one point you can hear the beast snap a thick branch with its brute strength – the crack echos through the swamp.

Legends tell of giant, ape-like animals that roam the swamps of Mississippi. Some call them skunk or stink apes, characterised by a foul odour that is said to accompany them. These creatures have been thought to roam the area for centuries, with thousands witnesses all reporting very similar sightings.

When the hunter was asked about his encounter, he said he was baffled. He claims he’s been hunting wild boar for years on this patch of land and has never seen anything like it.

Could this hunter have captured proof of the mythic skunk ape that has eluded scientists for so many years?

So there’s our list on 7 real Bigfoot sightings. I want to give a huge shout out to our friends over at Pennsylvania Sasquatch Research for helping us write this list. They’re an awesome Youtube channel that investigates Sasquatch sightings – I highly recommend!