10 Strangest Things Ever Seen in The Sky

The Most Mysterious Things Ever Spotted in The Sky

5. Angel Seen After Pope Elected

In 2013, this photo of what looks remarkably like and angel, was captured over the skies of Miami, Florida. It quickly went viral when it was posted to the website of a local news channel.

The image, taken just days after Pope Francis was elected, was seen by many as a sign from God heralding the arrival of the new Pope. Others thought it was nothing more than a hoax, manipulated by a clever Photoshop artist. However, the believers were quick to point out that the mysterious figure was actually seen and photographed by several witnesses, making it unlikely that the photos were altered.

What could the figure have been? Was it just a cloud that resembled and angel rising up from the Earth? Was the image manipulated in some way or could it have actually been a sign from God? Let us know what you think the mysterious figure was in the comments section below.

4. Mysterious Dragon Over England

There is very little information available on this video other than it was filmed somewhere in England. It shows some sort of very large, winged creature flying through the sky. When this video first surfaced many people were quick to claim that the mysterious beast had to be a dragon.

Watching this video it is easy to see why many think it could be a dragon but what do you think? Could this be actual footage of a real dragon flying across the skies of England?

3. Cthulhu is Coming

Cthulhu seen in the sky - 10 Strangest Things Ever Seen in The Sky


This image was first posted to Reddit in 2015. It immediately gained attention with many theories as to what it actually was. Some thought it could have been some sort of bizarre weather event while others believed that it was actually a sign from Heaven. Several Redditors were quick to point out that the image bore a remarkable resemblance to Cthulhu, a character created by writer H. P. Lovecraft. In his short story The Call of Cthulhu, Lovecraft describes the cosmic entity as being hundreds of meters tall with a head that resembles an octopus. It has human looking legs that are webbed and a large pair of wings upon its back.

It is also said that simply looking at Cthulhu can drive the viewer insane.

While the mystery of this strange photograph has never been solved, it has left many viewers wondering what this ominous figure could actually be. What has the photographer captured in this picture?

2. Mothman – Profit of Doom

Mothman on Silver Bridge, West Virginia - 10 Strangest Things Ever Seen in The Sky

Mystic Sciences

Sightings of a mysterious winged beast directly preceding great disasters have been reported as far back as the 1920’s. In 1926, witnesses claimed to have seen a dark, winged human-like creature flying above the Xiaon Te Dam in the south eastern foothills of China. Shortly after the sighting, the dam burst, flooding the nearby villages, killing 15,000 people.

More recently, the creature has come to be known as ‘mothman’ and can be seen here in what is perhaps the most famous photo of the mysterious cryptid. Reportedly photographed here, perched atop the Silver Bridge in West Virginia, mothman was again seen shortly before disaster struck. On the 15th December, 1967, the bridge collapsed, tossing vehicles into the river and killing 46 people.

In March, 2011, a man by the name of Marcus Pules claimed to have seen a dark, human-like creature with wings circling the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant just days before it was destroyed by an earthquake.

Shortly after returning to the US, Pules learnt that the region had been hit by a devastating earthquake and that there was a dangerous radiation leak coming from the nuclear plant.

With so many sightings of the mysterious mothman, its difficult to dismiss the stories as fabricated. Could mothman be some sort of mystical creature with the power to foretell disaster? Or could the beast actually be causing these catastrophes?

1. Floating Creature Over Zambia

Floating creature seen above a mall in Kitwe, Zambia - 10 Strangest Things Ever Seen in The Sky


In 2017, this bizarre figure was photographed floating above a mall in Kitwe, Zambia. The mysterious humanoid, which appears to be made of some sort of solid material, was estimated to be more than 100 metres (328 feet) in length.

Local news outlets reported that the figure, which appeared to be wearing long, flowing robes, was seen in the sky for around half an hour before mysteriously disappearing. It was also reported that many witnesses believed it was a sign from God and began worshiping the creature on their knees while others panicked and ran for their lives.

Mysterious creature in the sky seen in Zambia - 10 Strangest Things Ever Seen in The Sky


Several of the witnesses managed to photograph the figure, making it difficult for critics to doubt the authenticity of the sighting. Here is another photo taken some distance from the shopping mall where the creature was first seen. It also clearly shows the same figure.

Could it be some sort of bizarre cloud formation? Or did the onlookers actually witness some sort of strange creature, floating silently across the African sky?