The Most Credible Recent UFO Sightings

Are we being visited by aliens?

Since the beginning of time, it seems, people have been spotting unidentified objects flying through the sky. These days, it is easy to laugh off UFO sightings or explain them away as planes, drones, or even delusions. However, you may be surprised to discover that there have been numerous recent UFO sightings that many believe to be highly credible. Here are the stories of 10 recent UFO sightings that could be the real deal.

10. UFO Sightings – Breckenridge, Colorado: October 3, 2014

In October of 2014, many residents of Colorado reported spotting three glowing dots hovering in the afternoon sky. Witnesses stated that the objects were round and appeared to be glowing white or silver, likely because of the sun reflecting off of them. The objects didn’t move; instead, they maintained a triangular formation throughout the time they were visible in the sky. As suddenly as they appeared, they vanished from sight.

Strange object hovering in Breckenridge, Colorado, Oct 3, 2014 - Credible Recent UFO Sightings
UFO Sightings Daily

What makes this report one of the more credible recent UFO sightings is that two local authorities, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office and the Breckenridge Police Department, confirmed that their employees also spotted the flying objects. Although the offices didn’t claim the objects to be extraterrestrial in origin, they admitted that they were at a loss to explain what they actually were. According to locals who witnessed the event, many believe that aliens were the culprit.

9. Midrand, South Africa: May 21, 2011

Orange lights over Midrand, South Africa. May 21, 2011.

In May of 2011, numerous citizens of Midrand, South Africa began reporting seeing things in the sky. The reports were eerily similar, lending credence to this recent UFO sighting.

According to reports, witnesses claimed to have seen anywhere from one to seven orange lights floating high in the sky. The witnesses were alarmed by the lights and reported their sightings to authorities.

The official explanation for the lights was that the witnesses were actually spotting evidence of a small meteor shower. Officials claimed that with all of the end-of-days predictions that were circulating at the time, people were more likely to become aware of the residual light from meteors, though it is actually a fairly common occurrence.

Can these lights in South Africa be easily explained as meteors? The numerous people who saw them certainly don’t believe so.

8. Recent UFO Sightings – Houston, Texas: August 12, 2014

Circular UFO spotted over Houston, Texas. August 12, 2014.

The witnesses to this next recent UFO sighting have extra cause to be startled by what they saw; the place where the UFO appeared is exactly 666 miles away from Roswell, New Mexico, the sight of history’s most famous alien facility.

UFO Spotted over Houston, Texas. August 12, 2014

In August of 2014, people living near Houston, Texas were startled to see what appeared to be rings of light in the night sky. Several pictures of the mysterious lights made their way to social media, and other residents began confirming that they, too, saw the lights. The highly suspect distance from Roswell made the sighting credible to many, who believe that it could have been extraterrestrials in search of their lost brethren.

So far, there has been no official explanation for the unidentified objects that shocked Houston.

7. Alborz, Iran: November 11, 2014

Part of the credibility of many recent UFO sightings comes thanks to modern technology. Most people are carrying phones with cameras everywhere they go, allowing them to capture proof of their extraterrestrial experiences.

This is certainly the case in the 2014 sighting in the air above Iran. A passenger in a commercial airplane captured a 34-second video of a large, saucer-shaped object flying rapidly through the clouds just below the plane.

The official explanation is that the object was most likely a government drone. However, the video shows that the object quickly passes the airliner, suggesting that it was moving at a high speed that a drone is not likely to be capable of. In addition, drones do not typically fly at the same altitude as commercial aircraft, leading many to believe that it was, in fact, an alien craft that was captured in this fascinating video.

6. Recent UFO Sightings – Kensington, Canada: June 4, 2014

A man named John Sheppard also caught an impressive UFO video while camping in Canada in 2014. In the video, viewers can see a diamond-shaped light moving over the water of the lake where John had set up camp. Then a second light appears. The lights continue flying over the lake for around 8 minutes before disappearing.

What makes this one of the more credible recent UFO sightings? After capturing the video, John sent it along to the Mutual UFO Network of Canada. Experts there took the video very seriously and made every effort to determine what could have caused the lights in the video. They considered stars, satellites, and drones, but quickly ruled out all of these explanations. The group eventually stated that it believes this to be one of the few confirmed UFO sightings that it has encountered.

5. Ireland: November 9, 2018

In November of 2018, several pilots flying over Ireland called air traffic control to report crafts flying at high speeds near their planes. One pilot claimed that the craft he saw appeared to be moving at Mach 2, or twice the speed of sound. Another believed that he was witnessing some sort of military exercise due to the high speed and tight formations of the crafts that he saw. Other pilots didn’t actually see aircraft, but reported strange lights in the clouds around them, inquiring if they could possibly be seeing meteors entering the earth’s atmosphere. Air traffic control could find no record or indication of either military exercises or meteors.

Because of the number of reports from pilots, the sightings were taken seriously. The Irish Aviation Authority believed the pilots were likely seeing dust or debris entering the atmosphere but stated that they would look into the sightings. There has been no official ruling, but many have a hard time believing that the objects the pilots described could have been mere debris.

4. Kanpur, India: June 28, 2015

UFO Spotted flying over Kanpur, India. June 28, 2015
IB Times

A fifth-grade student in Kanpur, India made headlines in 2015 when he captured a surprisingly clear photo of what appeared to be a flying saucer. He was out taking photos of the clouds, and when he zoomed in on one of his photos, he was shocked to see the saucer flying in the sky.

The photo is so clear, and clearly does not depict a cloud, that many have begun to doubt its authenticity. They believe that the photo was in some way doctored to make it look like there was a UFO in the sky. However, the boy and his family are adamant that the photo is real. They have stated that they will willingly subject the photo to testing, but so far, no tests of authenticity have been forthcoming.

3. Arizona, United States: January 13, 2018

Here is another case of professional pilots giving credibility to one of the most interesting recent UFO sightings. These sightings took place in the sky above Arizona. A pilot contacted air traffic control to ask if any other crafts were flying above them. They reported seeing reflective objects above their planes, which were flying at around 37,000 feet. This means that the objects they saw were flying at around 40,000 feet. Another pilot flying nearby shortly saw the same thing.

The Federal Aviation Administration initially believed that they were seeing balloons launched by Google, weather balloons, or military craft. However, they were unable to find indications that any such crafts would be in the area at that time. The FAA admits that they are stumped, but alien enthusiasts believe the answer is clear.

2. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming: October 23, 2010

Most recent UFO sightings are relatively harmless, but in this case, there were serious consequences. In October of 2010, the Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming experienced a massive power failure. The base houses 50 nuclear missiles, so those weapons were completely offline for almost an hour. The air force claimed that hardware failures were to blame, but others working at the base have another theory.

Several anonymous witnesses claim to have seen a cigar-shaped object in the sky above the base before the power outage. They also claim that the power outage was much longer than the official reports say: around 26 hours. The witnesses state that the object in the sky was unlike anything they have ever seen.

Was a UFO to blame for a major issue with United States missiles? If so, was this an intentional sabotage by alien visitors? The implications of this sighting are indeed disturbing.

1. Hangzhou, China: July 7, 2010

On July 7, 2010, China experienced another of the recent UFO sightings that had real fallout. A plane preparing to land at the Xiaoshan Airport reported an unusual object in the sky near the airport. Within minutes, air traffic controllers had grounded all outgoing flights and diverted incoming flights to other airports. Photos of the object that virtually shut down the airport show it reflecting a golden light and being followed by a comet-like tail.

Others near the airport later reported that they, too, saw a bright object streak across the sky. There were many theories about the object, including hidden US bombers and Russian satellites. The Beijing UFO Research Society and the Shanghai UFO Investigative Research Center have agreed to look into the incident. However, no one has been able to confirm what the object was that sent the entire airport into a panic.