Scary Footage No One Can Explain

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Here’s some scary footage no one can explain. From a strange elf-like creature caught on security camera to a possible poltergeist in an Ohio daycare centre, we take a look at some scary footage that has left experts and skeptics stumped.

5. Scary Footage – Strange Creature Caught on CCTV

This strange piece of footage has spread around social media like wildfire, leaving viewers wondering what they’ve actually just seen.

On the 7th of June 2019, Vivian Gomez uploaded this strange clip to Facebook. She said she woke up early in the morning and noticed a shadow at her front door. She then looked at her security camera and saw a humanoid figure walking strangely down her driveway.

It looks to be a thin creature of some kind with big floppy ears. It has a lean frame with skinny arms and legs.

The Internet collectively dubbed the figure ‘Dobby’ after the popular house-elf that features in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Within a week the mysterious video totalled more than 12 million views. Thousands of comments speculated what the creature might actually be. Some thought it could be an alien caught on camera. Others suggested it was nothing more than a very thin child acting up for the camera. One popular theory that sprang up on Twitter suggested that the creature was a puppet of some kind, noting what appears to be a second shadow extending from the elf-like beast.

I’ll throw this one out to you. What do you think the creature could be? Elf, puppet or prankster? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

4. Poltergeist in Ohio Daycare


Ronald M. sent us this unsettling clip that may show proof of a poltergeist haunting.

On Sunday 12th of May 2019, Ronald, who is an IT manager for a daycare facility in Ohio, began receiving alerts that there was movement inside the daycare centre. Being a Sunday he thought it strange and decided to check the feed remotely.

At first he noticed something fly in front of the camera lens and dismissed it as a bug. But just as he was about to log out of the system, he noticed something terrifying.

In the footage you can see the hallway of the daycare centre. The lights are off and the night vision is activated. Just seconds after the bug flies in front of the camera, the stroller at the bottom of shot appears to move all on its own. It jerks to the left. Holds for a moment then jerks back to the right.

What could have caused this movement?

Ronald has confirmed that no one was in the daycare centre at the time of the event. The parking lot was empty, no other sensors had been tripped and there was no sign of forced entry.

Could this be evidence of a poltergeist haunting this daycare centre in Ohio?

Ronald is keeping an eye on this mystery and will let us know if anything else develops

3. Scary Footage – Ghost Caught on CCTV

Unfortunately, there’s very little information available about this clip. It’s hard to pinpoint its origin, but what it shows is chilling.

This CCTV security camera appears to capture something unusual on this suburban street. A few seconds into the clip, something strange appears to manifest out of the brick wall. It looks to be a figure wearing a long robe or white dress. It glides along unnaturally and seems to shimmer in and out of shot as it walks across the path.

This clip has mystified the internet for years, with no one really able to give a complete explanation.

Rumour has it that a young girl was killed in a car accident just metres from where this footage was taken. However, skeptics have noted that because it’s hard to track the origin of the clip it would be near impossible to know that a young girl died near the site of the footage. No references, names or addresses are ever given in this urban legend, so it makes it hard to make further comment on this clip. Some stories even say that the footage is taken on the grounds of an old church, and the figure seen in the clip is the infamous white lady, a common trope used in ghost stories time and time again.

What do you think? Has this clip just merged with various urban legends over the years in an effort to make it creepier? Perhaps it’s a sort of Internet campfire story that gets passed around, molded and changed every time to scare the audience.

2. Cursed Japanese Ghost Video

This old Japanese documentary is notoriously unexplained. The opening warning of the video sets a terrifying tone. It says that the images contained within have reportedly sent people insane.

The clip begins with a Japanese reporter out the front of an old, abandoned hospital. She says it’s a popular haunt for teenagers hoping to take photos of spirits of the undead.

The reporter interviews a man who claims to have taken photos of spirits in the abandoned hospital. He shows photo of a friend. Next to her a strange smokey entity can be seen hovering above her left shoulder. He claims that everyone that was in the hospital that day began to feel sick. The girl seen in the photo has since disappeared without a trace.

Later, the reporter interviews another man who mysteriously fell down a flight of stairs while exploring the abandoned building. The injured man says that he went to the hospital with some friends to test their courage. He claims that once inside he got separated and everything became dark. For some inexplicable reason he has little to no memory of the accident. He remembers something red and that he dropped his camera during the fall.

Finally the reporter enters the building herself. The film crew move cautiously through the dimly lit corridors. The reporter begins to take photos to see if she too can capture something supernatural on film. The crew eventually discover what appears to be the camera of the injured man they had interviewed. The reporter flicks through the photos, it’s hard to tell what she sees as she begins to scream madly into the darkness – the footage cuts out.

Upon reviewing the footage the film crew discovered something truly chilling. In the mirror a ghostly figure dressed in medical scrubs can be seen lurking in the shadows.

The bizarre footage continues. The film crew attempt to calm the hysterical reporter as she screams that someone was there in the darkness.

The film crew frantically search the nearby rooms to see if anyone is there.

One of the camera men runs down a dark corridor. He notices something strange in a mirror. It looks to be a group of doctors in an operating room. But when he looks to the room there’s no one there. Finally he looks once more at the mirror and sees the same scene of doctors. Suddenly, a baby can be heard. The camera pans quickly revealing a doctor holding something fleshy and red. A scream echoes then the footage cuts to black.

No one knows the true origin of this chilling piece of footage. Is it simply a segment from an obscure Japanese horror movie or is it genuine footage taken inside an abandoned hospital?

Sadly without further information we may never know the truth about this mysterious video.

1. Scary Footage – Woman Disappears from Graveyard

This scary footage was posted to LiveLeak in May, 2019. It seems to show the moment a woman vanishes from a cemetery.

In the clip, you can see a woman dressed in a long white gown shuffling slowly across the lawn of this old graveyard. She pivots back and forth slowly, her hair draped over her face. She looks oddly hunched over and almost looks as though she’s looking for something.

Bizarrely, moments later, she vanishes from sight.

Locals from the area La Esmeralda in eastern Columbia, claim that the ghostly woman in white seen in this video is a child killer. They say it’s the spirit of a mother who murdered her children in a fit of rage. Legend states that her spirit must eternally wander near the graves of her children.

This story features many similarities and tropes from the Mexican folk tale of ‘La Llorona‘ or ‘the weeping woman’.

The story is often told throughout Mexico and other regions of central and South America to scare children and keep them from wandering around at night.

The story states that La Llorona was abandoned by her husband and forced to look after her two young sons. In a fit of anger, she threw her two boys into the river.

It’s said that from that moment on, the ghostly woman in white was condemned to search for her children forever.

Legend states that if a weary traveller gets in the way of La Llorona and her search for her murdered children, terrible things will happen. Locals believe that if you hear her wails or spot her walking by the river then you have been marked for death.

Of course, most people take the story with a grain of salt and say it’s nothing more than a mythological tale.

However, over the years, there have been numerous sightings of a woman in white haunting rivers and graveyards throughout Mexico and South America.

Could this video be proof of the infamous La Llorona? Could the eerie folktale be real after all? Let us know what you think in the comments below.