10 Real Alien Sightings Caught on Camera

Are these alien sightings caught on camera real or fake? From scientists conducting experiments on alien greys to a mysterious extraterrestrial spotted in Australian grasslands, join us as we take a look at 10 real alien sightings caught on camera.

10. Wikileaks Alien Footage

This is allegedly some footage released from Wikileaks. It claims to be an interview with a grey alien from the Roswell New Mexico crash in 1947. Shot inside Area 51, scientists are conducting a series of tests on the extraterrestrial being. They’re testing its reflexes, cognitive ability as well as viral susceptibility within our atmosphere.

Real or fake, it’s an amazing piece of footage that has sparked considerable discussion around the Internet.

9. Alien in the Window

After this husband and wife complained about a suspected peeping tom in their yard, it was suggested that they set up a camera by the window. Then one night after noticing two flashing lights, the husband glanced out the window. What he sees will give you chills.

If you look closely, you can see some kind of creature look through the window. It bobs up and down several times before giving this guy the fright of his life.

8. Area 51 Alien Interview

This now famous footage first appeared in 1997. A very secretive man known only as ‘Victor’, claims to have obtained this video from the US government. He says it was filmed in a section of area 51 known as S4. He claims that the alien is seated behind a glass wall in a decontaminated, temperature controlled room. Allegedly there is a telepath trying to communicate with the extraterrestrial being. However, the creature becomes distressed and medical staff are forced to intervene.

Many experts have tried to debunk this footage but often fall short of any definite conclusions. It is widely considered some of the most convincing evidence of the existence of alien life.

7. Alien Spotted in Cemetery

Shot in 2005, the owner of this video initially didn’t notice anything strange while filming in the cemetery. However, when they reviewed the footage nearly 6 years later, they noticed something chilling. As the camera pans around the gravestones, you can see some kind of humanoid creature hiding in the cemetery. The figure is grey and gaunt looking with an over-sized skull. It seems to cautiously observe the camera then disappear just seconds later.

6. Alien Grey Filmed at Secret Military Base

This piece of striking footage was allegedly filmed in 1987 in a secret military base. A Mexican officer claimed he obtained this footage from an undisclosed US military base. According to the informant, Mexico abides by what’s known as an ‘Information Exchange Protocol’, which means neighboring governments can exchange secret information regarding space travel, alien technologies and the existence of other worldly beings.

This footage purports to be a medical examination of an extraterrestrial creature. In a facility known only as ‘G13’ they test the alien’s reflexes, sensitivity to light, its cognitive and auditory capabilities.

Whether it’s a hoax or not, it’s still a remarkable piece of footage that continues to stir debate amongst the paranormal community.


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