10 Real Alien Sightings Caught on Camera

5. Security Camera Catches Alien

The owner of this house kept noticing his security light coming on sporadically during the night. He installed a camera on his back porch to find out what was tripping the sensor. What the camera spotted is chilling. You can see a humanoid figure peering out alongside the fence. It has eerie black eyes with a striking facial structure.

What do you think this security camera has captured?

4. Alien Seen at Gas Station in Peru

This footage was captured sometime in 2016 by a gas station security camera in Peru. At the rear of the pumps we can see a figure stalking in the bushes. It looks small and silver and almost robotic in the way it moves. Initially it could be anything, a curious animal, a piece of rubbish drifting in the wind. But things get interesting when a customer notices the object in the distance. He becomes more and more interested in whatever it is and starts to move towards it. The object or creature seems to react to the man’s presence, pauses for a moment, then drifts eerily through the air. Before long, several more curious onlookers chase the creature into the bush.

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3. Alien Spotted in Australian Grassland

This footage was captured in an unknown part of Australia.

While sitting at the dinner table, this young boy notices something moving in the grasslands behind his house. He quickly grabs a camera and begins filming. What he spots lurking in the tall grass is unsettling to say the least. Inside the thick brush there appears to be an alien-like animal staring back at the camera. It has big, glossy eyes and a dome shaped head.

Unfortunately, the creature vanishes into the dark of the night before being identified.

2 Alien Seen on Roof in Mexico

This video was taken in July 2015 in Nuevo Laredo in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

After hearing some strange noises on his roof, this man grabbed his camera to investigate. At first he is confused and looks towards the bushes at the rear of his property then he hears something crawling across his tin roof. In plain sight is a slender creature with long arms and legs, an elongated neck and small head. It pauses for a second then leaps over the roof.

Is this an extraterrestrial being or is it just Slender Man, naked and afraid?

1. Alien Creature Captured in Brazil

This alarming footage claims to show an extraterrestrial being held captive by the Brazilian government. In the video several soldiers berate the creature asking it to speak. It murmurs a number of times and appears to be chained to the seat.

Allegedly after the footage was leaked, the alien vanished from custody. Some say the US government intervened and seized all evidence.

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