6 Disturbing Youtube Channels We Dare You to Visit

Have you visited these channels?

The most disturbing Youtube channels. From a guy who sits and stares at a camera for four hours at a time to a grotesque, shock artist from Japan, join us as we take a look at 6 disturbing Youtube channels we dare you to visit.

6. Onkelsaft

This Youtube channel, known as Onkelsaft, created only six videos in 2012. The clips are based in Norway and all follow the same format. Each one begins with an innocuous panning shot of a monument or road then out of nowhere naked men appear, thrusting and grinding to hard industrial beats.

Little is known about this channel, other than an anonymous interview with the creator featured in the Norwegian news outlet Dagbladet. They reported that the amorous, naked men loved the city of Trondheim so much they wanted to show their affection publicly.

5. Nana825763

Nana825763 is a very unsettling Youtube channel from Japan. Created by a person only known as PiroPito, they’ve been posting videos for over a decade, almost since Youtube first began. There is very little information available on Piropito. No one seems to know who they are and they’ve never shown their face on camera. There is however, a fairly active Twitter account associated with the channel.

The videos mainly consist of collages of stop-motion photography and other digital elements. Tense music and disturbing imagery is flashed on screen to an unnerving affect. The channel also sporadically posts videos about an ant colony which only deepens the creep factor.

Their most popular video, posted nine years ago, is called ‘username: 666’. It shows a screen capture of someone using Youtube. After refreshing a channel called ‘666’ weird things start to happen. Before long, it appears that the computer becomes infected with a demonic virus. The visuals gradually get more intense as graphic imagery flashes up. Eventually it looks as though a hand reaches out of the screen before it cuts to an out of service test pattern. To date, this video has had over 10 million views.

4. Takata Fuyuhiko

This channel is run by Japanese artist Fuyhiko Takata. His work is designed to unsettle the viewer relying on bizarre and shocking imagery to evoke a response. The often vulgar pieces explore themes of narcissism and humanity’s voyeuristic tendencies.

Several of the videos are age restricted and depict the eccentric, inner workings of the artist’s mind. One such video shows Takata with a Japan-shaped, strap-on, paper mache phallus that he uses to knock objects over in a room. Another, titled ‘Love exercise (trailer)’, shows a nude model covered in tiny plastic faces. A voyeuristic man stands over the model instructing her to make the faces kiss. The above video depicts a mermaid sawing her tail-fin in half, hoping to become human.

If you have an open mind and a spare minute, it’s worth checking out Takata’s work.


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