6 Disturbing Youtube Channels We Dare You to Visit

Have you visited these channels?

3. Benjamin Bennett

This channel, which started in December 2013, regularly live streams but all it shows is a man creepily smiling at the camera. That’s right the star of the show, Benjamin Bennett, sits and stares at the camera for four hours at a time. He doesn’t move or say anything.

To date, he’s made 275 videos, all four hours long, just staring and smiling. He’s managed to rack up more than 130,000 curious subscribers.

Apart from the ominous smile, the creepiest thing to have happened on the channel occurred live on stream on November 24, 2014. While Bennett sits and stares, you can hear some strange noises coming from somewhere in the house. According to an interview with Vice, Bennett claims his housemate was out at work all day. Gradually you hear the noises get louder and louder, footsteps coming up the stairs. Then at the 2:36 mark someone opens the door and says ‘hello?’. Bizarrely, Bennett doesn’t react to the intruder, he just sits and stares most likely giving the uninvited guest more of a fright in return. Imagine breaking into a house and seeing a guy sitting and staring at a camera!

Bennett later reported that his front door had been kicked in and there was in fact a robber in the house at the time.

2. 2h32

Not a lot is known about this channel other than it’s been posting bizarre videos since 2016. They post consistently, one video per month with each video counting down to 2:32 AM. So far it’s unclear what the channel is about but the overall arc seems to follow the kidnapping and slow torture of an unknown person.

The distorted soundscape and striking visuals create an uneasy feeling. The content gets under your skin without relying heavily on gore or grotesque imagery but instead a slow burning fear of the unknown takes hold. The use of sound and great editing builds anxiety, leaving you fearful yet curious as to what it’s all about.

I recommend checking this horror channel out all alone in a dark room at exactly 2:32 AM.

1. Ben’s Play House

This one is off the charts creepy. The channel is called Ben’s Play House, it first began uploading videos in 2013. Many people have analysed this channel and have come up with various theories. Some think it’s an elaborate alternate reality game, filled with clues to find and rabbit holes to go down. Others have come to the conclusion that it’s the workings of a mentally deranged man that captures people for fun.

The first video uploaded to the channel is called ‘bathtub.mov’. It goes for just eight seconds and depicts someone underwater, struggling. The next two videos, ‘bestfriend’ and ‘happyclown.mov’ show distorted imagery with heavily edited sound. One shows someone lurching toward the camera, the other, a clown in a dark room.

Following these videos, a clip called ‘campfire.mov’ was uploaded on January 6th, 2013. It shows a lump of something burning in a fire with an ominous figure watching on in the background. The following day another clip was uploaded called ‘cowboy.mov’. This shows a dark room with someone wearing a cow mask on all fours, crawling around the room.

Following this, the channel went silent for two years – no uploads, nothing. Then on January 17, 2015 things got even more creepy. A video appeared titled ‘newfriend.mov’. It shows someone being filmed down a long hallway. It appears to be in an abandoned building. In the description of the video is a link to a Vine account. The account is run by someone called Collin Henson. The first few vines are arbitrary but soon the man named Colin begins talking about exploring an old mental asylum. Some clips later we see him walking down a long, abandoned hallway that looks eerily similar to the one seen on Ben’s Play House.

From there the two accounts intertwine with each other. It’s as though Ben has control over Collin’s account and begins posting videos. We see a clip of a passed out Collin getting pills poured into his mouth. Following this, the two accounts document a slip into madness. It’s as though Ben is tormenting Collin, forcing him to play strange hide and seek games.

Again the channel goes silent, this time it doesn’t post for nine months. Then in October 2015, a video titled ‘update.mov’ is uploaded. It’s an innocuous video showing someone on a plane. One Youtuber, by the name of ‘clockworkofmadness’ noted that the person on the plane is wearing the same clothes Collin was wearing in his initial vines.

The final two videos uploaded to Ben’s Play House are some of the most chilling. The clip called ‘ladyinred.mov’ shows someone walking around a supermarket filming. The person filming hones in on a lady wearing red and begins to follow her. The clip ends with the man jumping into the back of the car of the lady in red as she takes her shopping trolley back. He lies there, waiting, filming in the back of the car then the footage cuts to black.

The last video uploaded to the channel is called ‘sandman.mov’. It has a distorted version of ‘Mr Sandman’ playing in the background and shows a man walking through a house filming. Upstairs we see a young girl in the shower before the video ends. In the description of the video there is a phone number. I haven’t called it, but people in the comments section said it goes to Collin Henson’s message bank. Others have said if you text the number a reply says ‘I look forward to playing with you’.

So there’s our list of 6 disturbing Youtube channels. Did this listicle make you wanna explore these deranged channels? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.