5 Creepiest Urban Legends Around the World

Have you heard any of these?

These are the creepiest urban legends from around the world. From the Denver Airport conspiracy to a ghostly call to a talk back radio show, we take a look at 5 creepy urban legends from around the world.

5. Masked Man, Circular Quay – Australia

This photo is related to the creepiest urban legends around the world.
Daily Telegraph

This photo is attached to one of Australia’s most pernicious urban legends.

On June 9, 1979, the Godson family were waiting at Circular Quay for the ferry to take them to Sydney’s famous amusement centre, Luna Park. While waiting, a mysterious person dressed in a white cowhide mask with long horns approached the family. The figure placed a hand on the shoulder of six-year-old Damien. The family assumed he was a busker so they took the above photo. The figure said nothing and walked off into the crowd.

Later that night, at exactly 10 pm, a terrible fire ripped through the ghost train ride at Luna Park. The entire Godson family were trapped and killed in the blaze.

When the photo was released to the public, no one could identify the busker nor was he ever seen again. Speculation ran rife as people suggested that the masked person was a ghostly omen foretelling the tragic 1979 Luna Park fire.

4. Ghostly Call to Radio Show – Malaysia

These are the creepiest urban legends from around the world.

It’s said that a famous radio show in Malaysia in the mid 90’s received a call that the producers and DJ will never forget.

At the time the radio station hosted a late night talk back segment that invited listeners to call in with their creepiest ghost stories.

One night, a caller regaled his creepiest story. He said that he had been driving along a dark highway late at night. His wife and baby were sound asleep in the car. He too felt drowsy as he drove along the black stretch of road.

In the distance. a single headlight could be seen approaching at speed. As it got closer and closer it looked like it was going to hit the car head on. He swerved, as an enormous truck flew past, the tail wind rocking the car.

Rattled, the man continued to drive down the road. Again, in the distance a single head light approached head on. The light flicked to highbeam, blinding the man as it sped past once more, narrowly missing the car.

Barely a minute had passed when the headlight appeared for a third time. Terrified, the man tried to pull over to safety but this time another single headlight flashed in his rear view mirror. He swerved, crashing through the cement barrier of road, smashing into a grassy gully below.

The caller ended his story. He paused for a moment, then said that he missed his wife and daughter but that it was for the best that they all died together. He then hung up the call.

The radio host laughed, assuming that he had been trolled, and continued the show.

The next morning while having breakfast, the radio host glanced at the newspaper and went numb at what he read. There on the front page was an article about a young family that had been run off the road by a truck, exactly like the story the night before. All three passengers had died.

Leaving everything behind, the radio host rushed to the studio to replay the previous night’s call. The entire interview was silent.

3. The Denver Airport Conspiracy – United States

This creepy urban legend will scary you stiff.
Atlas Obscura

Since its construction in the early 1980’s, the Denver International Airport has been surrounded by conspiracy theories and creepy urban legends. Many believe the airport is a ruse-like facade whose true purpose is only known by America’s aristocratic elite.

The rumours say that beneath the Denver International Airport is a gigantic doomsday bunker that is designed to keep only the purist of humanity safe from the apocalypse.

While it’s easy to dismiss these theories as utter nonsense, there is some alarming evidence that suggests the legends may hold some truth.

Firstly, if you look from above, the intersecting runways of the airport form a swastika pattern on the desert landscape.

Denver International Airport is the subject of a creepy urban legend
Me Time For The Mind

Then there’s the intense horse statue that some say represents the Fourth Horseman of the apocalypse – death.

The 32-foot-tall, 9000 pound Blue Mustang statue was created by artist Luis Jimenez. While in the studio, the head of the enormous statue fell on Jimenez, severing an artery in his leg killing him almost instantly. Following the accident, friends of Jimenez continued his work. They completed the statue which now stands starkly in the desert landscape, starring with its glowing red eyes.

The Blue Mustang at Denver International Airport is one of many creepy urban legends attached to the property.

Surrounding the Blue Mustang are strange man-made hills of dirt. These mountains are made from earth removed during construction of the airport. Many theorists have pointed out that the amount of soil is far larger than would normally be excavated during a construction of this type. They say the sheer volume of dirt suggests that a very deep hole was dug beneath the airport.

Inside the airport there is bizarre symbolism everywhere. From the Nazi inspired murals to the Free Mason plaque that refers to a New World Airport Commission that doesn’t even exist. On the plaque the date of dedication is March 19, 1994. If you add all those numbers up: 1+9+1+9+ 9 +4 you get 33. In Freemasonry, 33 represents perfection and is the highest level of achievement.

So do these urban legends hold some truth? Are the Freemasons planning a new world order from the depths of a secret bunker beneath the Denver International Airport? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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