Real Ghost Footage You Have to See!

Here are 8 pieces of real ghost footage you have to see! From the haunted halls of a school in Ireland to the poltergeist activity in a Malaysian mosque, we take a look at these striking ghost videos that will give you chills.

8. Real Ghost Footage at Deerpark, CBS

At around 3:00 AM on October 1st, 2017 at the Deerpark CBS school in Ireland, a security camera captured some striking footage.

Down the long dark hallway a door abruptly opens then slams shut. Moments later a column of lockers starts inexplicably shaking. A single locker door flies open, emptying books and paper onto the ground. Then a ‘caution wet floor’ sign left out by a janitor flips violently onto the ground.

When asked about the alleged ghost footage, Deerpark’s principal Aaron Wolfe denies that it was a hoax, saying ‘If it’s a prank we don’t know how it was done. Motion sensors were set off at this time, that’s how it was caught’.

The school has a history of ghost sightings. One teacher claims they heard a trumpet being playing down a hallway while staying the night at the school. They said they couldn’t find the source of the music and left immediately. On another occasion a student said they heard crying coming from the bathroom but when they went in no one was there. Others have said they’ve seen lights flick on and off and cold spots have been reported in the very hallway this footage was taken.

7. Poltergeist Activity in Mosque

This video was recorded by a security camera at the Kampung Tedung mosque in Malaysia. At a little after 3:00 AM on the 28/5/2016, strange activity began happening at this local place of worship.

In the video we see two partitions begin to move on their own. They move about the floor, sliding back and forth. They move independently of each other and too erratically to be pulled by rope or wire.

According to the New Straight Times, a local newspaper in Malaysia, Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron called for an official investigation into the footage. He invited religious authorities and local scientists to review the security tapes. He also stated that he didn’t think the video was a hoax as the ‘The movement of the partitions appeared random’, he said.

When the footage was posted to Facebook it quickly went viral, dividing the community on plausible explanations. Some commentators noted that it could be wind, while others were quick to call it poltergeist activity. Whatever the case may be, it makes for some striking footage.

The outcome of the official investigation is not known.

6. Ghost in Malaysian Police Department

Staying in Malaysia, this time we take a look at some security footage in a police station. Filmed in mid-2017 at the Bandar Hilir police station in Malacca, a usual quiet evening was playing out when something truly bizarre happened.

In the footage we see several police officers working at the reception desk of the department. Suddenly, two glass doors fly open, one of them shattering on impact. The officers stand up, startled and confused as to what just happened. Shocked, they slowly begin to investigate the scene. They search outside, as more officers are drawn to the commotion.

It’s possible strong winds played a role in the incident, sweeping through one door creating enough force to push open the second door, shattering it against the wall. However, the first door opens inwards while the second door opens outward, which doesn’t suggest a current of wind could funnel through building like that. Plus, it looks like the first door may lead to an office or another indoor room which completely rules out the wind altogether.

What do you think happened in this Malaysian police station? Is it haunted or was it just wind? Let us know in the comments section below.

5. Poltergeist Caught on Tape

This footage was taken in late 2014 in a pharmacy in Egypt. At around 3:00 AM, strange things start to happen in the store. The TV’s start flickering and a chair begins to move on its own. It rises into the air then abruptly falls to the ground. Moments later, some kind of powder or liquid spatters onto the ground. We then see a different security camera show some more strange liquid forming on the cabinet of the store.

When this video was uploaded it spread quickly across social media, garnering thousands of views. Commentators have noted that it’s rare for security cameras to capture sound, something you see a lot of in hoax ghost footage. Other paranormal investigators believe the footage could be real, noting that it could be genuine evidence of poltergeist activity.


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