Scary Videos You Shouldn’t Watch in the Dark

Turn The Light On While Watching These Scary Videos!

From a creepy creature seen stalking campers to a haunted statue caught on camera, these are scary videos you shouldn’t watch in the dark.

6. Creepy Figure in Abandoned Building


First up on our list of scary videos you shouldn’t watch in the dark is this clip posted to YouTube by user Hasan Bar Bar.

While searching through an abandoned building, Hasan stumbles upon a number of disturbing sites. From the beginning, it is obvious that the building is completely empty. Ominous clues as to the structure’s dark history line the corridors as Hasan comes across what looks to be a strange, red liquid smeared on one of the walls.

He continues to make his way cautiously through the abandoned lot, carefully investigating one area at a time. He is sure to check all directions regularly and remains on high alert after hearing several scary sounds.

Towards the end of the video, Hasan discovers an eerie diagram inside one of the rooms. However, before he has a chance to investigate further, something appears to grab his attention. He shines his flashlight down the hallway where a face can be seen watching him from the darkness.

The creepy, hunched figure then begins to move.

Eager to discover its identity, Hasan gives chase, only to find that it has disappeared into thin air. He continues his search for the mysterious figure. However, after several minutes he wisely decides to leave the building.

What do you think this urban explorer has managed to capture on camera? Could it have been the ghost of a former resident? Or was it more likely to have been a homeless person that had simply taken up residence in the building? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Haunted Giraffe Statue


This next scary video you shouldn’t watch in the dark was uploaded to YouTube by Chris Honkoski and was even featured on the television program, My Ghost Story.

Captured by the uploader and his brother, this potentially paranormal footage was taken in their father’s house. It appears to show a heavy giraffe statue slowly peeking out from behind a cupboard. In the video’s comments the uploader mentions that the statue was originally from Africa and that it had been given to his father as a present.

If you watch closely, you can see that the mysterious giraffe statue does indeed appear to move. It is very subtle and could easily be overlooked at a brief glance. However, if you pay careful attention, you can see that its head protrudes out further and further from behind the cupboard. Almost as if it is looking for something.

The uploader claims that the house in which this video what shot has a long history with the paranormal, mentioning that his dad has even seen the apparition of a woman walk into his room.

Given the mysterious circumstances surrounding the giraffe, one wonders if it might actually be cursed? Was it just a simple coincidence that it found its way into their home?

Whatever the case, the uploader and his brother now believe that they have solid proof that the house is indeed haunted.

4. Poltergeist Activity in Historic House


YouTube user David Oman has uploaded more than his fair share of scary videos you shouldn’t watch in the dark. He resides in a house on the site where the Sharon Tate murders took place and has captured some very creepy things on video over the years.

In 1969, the actress, along with several others was murdered by followers of Charles Manson. However, the house that film director, Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate shared was eventually demolished in 1994, with a new home built on the site.

These chilling clips uploaded by Oman seem to prove that despite the demolition, several spirits might still linger in the area.

The first clip appears to show a ghostly entity making its way down the hall in the middle of the night. If you slow the footage down, you can clearly see that it is transparent.

Later in the same clip there is a still shot of a staircase. In it, you can see an eerie face, peering down from the top. The face is pale with small, dark eyes and appears to be that of a woman.


In the second clip we see a man entering one of the rooms. A few seconds pass when suddenly, the CCTV captures a teddy bear falling off a table. The startled man, calls out to the home owner and another guest who soon enter the room.

This potentially paranormal encounter was also captured from a different angle. The alternate viewpoint shows the bear falling, almost as if it was pushed by some sort of unseen force.


The next clip focuses on several figurines perched on a shelf. During the course of the video, two different figurines mysteriously fall over.

While such an incident could usually be reasoned away by a sudden gust of wind or subtle movement of the house itself, in this case, there could certainly be a more supernatural explanation.

Ghosts that possess the ability to move objects are often referred to as poltergeists. They are thought to manipulate objects around them in an attempt to get the attention of the living. Could this be the work of a resident poltergeist? Given the house’s dark history it certainly seems possible.

3. Spooky Encounter on Deserted Road


Posted by YouTube user Rodrigo Sena, this clip is truly chilling to watch. The footage appears to have been captured by a vehicle’s dashcam as it was driving down a seemingly empty road in the middle of the night.

As the vehicle continues down the road, the occupants notice a strange figure standing ahead in the darkness.

They shine the car’s headlights directly on the figure, but it still does not move.

Eventually, two men get out of the vehicle and make their way down the road in order to get a closer look. Soon, another man joins them as they can be seen waiving their hands at the figure, motioning it to get out of the way.

A fourth man joins the effort. However, they still seem unable to get the figure’s attention. The friends decide to return to the car and cautiously begin to drive forwards.

As they get closer to the mysterious figure, you can see that is appears to be a person dressed in a sheet. The driver honks the horn but they still do not move.

Carefully, the men drive past the person and then stop the car. Seemingly unable to contain their curiosity, they exit the vehicle for one more look.

Soon their voices can no longer heard. Nearly a minute passes. However, no one returns to the car as the dashcam is left recording the dark road ahead.

What makes this video so chilling is that the fate of the men is unknown. Did they make it back to the car safely? Or was the mysterious figure just waiting for the perfect opportunity to do something terrible? Without further information we may never know what really happened to those men that night.

2. The Dancing Ghost


Posted to the YouTube channel WeldonParanormal, this scary video is certainly unusual.

The footage was captured during a paranormal investigation of a supposedly haunted antique store in Rocklin, California. Utilizing a Kinect camera, the motion-sensing camera for the Xbox, the team set out to find any trace of ghostly activity in the store.

After a period of time where nothing unusual happens, the team decides to begin playing some music on an old record player. Suddenly, the clear outline of a figure can be seen standing near the couch, dancing to the music.

Then, as the music is turned off the figure appears to sit down on the couch, leaning back with its arm hanging over the side as if taking a break from its vigorous movements.

One of the investigators approaches the figure and holds out their hand. Immediately, it appears to pull away, as if scared by the gesture. However, after a few seconds the figure reaches its hand forwards.

The investigator then sits alongside the figure and motions for a hug. Amazingly, the supposed spirit seems to oblige.

Unsurprisingly, this footage has its skeptics but what to you think? Is it really possible to sense ghostly figures using the Kinect’s motion capture capabilities? Let me know in the comments section below.

1. Monster Seen by Camp Sight


Rounding out this list of scary videos you shouldn’t watch in the dark is this clip uploaded to the YouTube channel NBGfilms. Captured by a group of campers in the woods, there appears to be a creepy creature lurking in the darkness.

The campers don’t seem to notice the beast’s presence. However, at one point in the video one of them asks the others if they can ‘hear something?’

At first glance, the creature is difficult to see. However, once the lighting is enhanced its ghoulish appearance becomes more apparent. The figure looks thin and emaciated and appears to be about the size of an average human adult. When coupled with its odd posture and crawling movements, it’s easy to draw comparisons between this creature and The Rake – the chilling cryptid from creepypasta folklore.

While it would seem that the campers experienced no harm at the hands of this terrifying beast, just the idea that it was watching them from the darkness is surely enough to give anyone nightmares.