Unnatural Paranormal Encounters Caught on Camera

These Ghostly Encounters Will Surely Spook You!

From a paranormal encounter at a supposed crime scene to a ghost that seems able to pick locks, these are unnatural paranormal encounters caught on camera.

6. Poltergeist Spooks Investigators

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While the origins of poltergeist activity are up for debate, there does seem to be a common thread between many of these stories; tragedy mixed with unfinished business seems to keep spirits from being able to rest.

In this video uploaded to YouTube by user Exploration Unknown, these paranormal investigators make a point to visit a home within which a horrible tragedy has recently occurred. According to the video’s description, this was the site of a gruesome murder.

Using their equipment, they attempt to gauge any potential paranormal encounters they may experience on the premises. As the investigators tour the house, it quickly becomes evident that something sinister has taken place and that the home has been left almost exactly as it was. From the open Cheetos bag and TV dinner in the kitchen, it is clear the residents have not yet been able to return to their house.

Asking if there is anyone present in the room, one of the investigators cameras immediately shuts off and turns on again. Creaking sounds are heard around them, while the camera’s audio continues to spike even when no one is speaking. Their meters beep throughout the room, seemingly following the movement of some unknown presence.

They follow the direction of the beeping and suddenly, a stuffed bear falls off the sofa and the curtain behind begins to move. It is almost as though a spirit has passed right through them; right through to the direction of the deceased’s bedroom.

Inside his room, the meter beeps sporadically and the camera continues to turn on and off. Making their way back to the scene of the crime, the meter beeps frantically in one certain spot, seemingly reading residual energy left behind after the tragic events. Following the meter, the investigators are led to a crucifix hanging on the wall.

Believing that this could be a sign that the deceased’s spirit is resting in heaven, the group is finally able to piece together the sporadic activity picked up by their meter.

Before leaving, the crew asks the deceased if they have anything to say to their loved ones, to which a creepy creaking sound can be heard. One of the investigators then asks if the spirit can move the curtain one more time. A few seconds later, the entity seems to respond as the corner of the curtain brushes to one side.

Finally, they ask the presence to give them a sign if it wants them to leave and immediately, one of their cameras shuts off.

Not wanting to offend any further, the group decides to promptly wrap up their investigation.

What do you think? Has this group really managed to capture evidence of a haunting on camera? If so, was the entity attempting to communicate with the investigators or was it actually trying to get them to leave? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Supernatural Presence Caught on Camera

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While some paranormal encounters occur after significant events have taken place in a residence, they can also sometimes occur when and where you least expect them. This video uploaded to YouTube by user Facebooklotto demonstrates just that in a seemingly innocent home video.

A small girl is seen laughing, throwing a blanket in front of her so as to run away and complete her disappearing act. Everything goes according to plan, but when watching the video back, the family is greeted by a surprising sight – a mysterious orb is seen floating across the screen just after the young girl comes back into the room to collect her blanket.

While this may represent a ghost simply passing through, perhaps completely unrelated to the people in the video or the home in which it takes place, it is interesting to witness such possible paranormal encounters nonetheless.

4. Camera Catches Mysterious Reflection

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ednbT6QY4CU[/embedyt]

As previously mentioned, while not all paranormal encounters are sinister, they can still appear to be downright creepy. In this video uploaded to YouTube by user Danat Amanov, the layout of the room is clear.

There is a mirror on one side of the wall, with a lamp facing it on the opposite end of the room. In the mirror, the reflection of the lamp is seen with the light turned on. The only problem here is that when the camera back over to the lamp, multiple times, it is seen to be off.

Panning back to the mirror, it is clear that there is a light being emitted from the lamp’s reflection as though it is turned on. Panning between the lamp which has been obviously turned off and the mirror, it is clear that some mysterious forces are at work in the room, pointing to some seriously bone-chilling potential poltergeist activity.

3. Dog Spooked by Unseen Entity

Caught on our living room camera. Listen with sound to the whoosh before and she hits the bathroom door about 3 feet behind her. from r/Ghosts

This video, posted on Reddit by user juniorsis, is on the side of scarier paranormal encounters. Through a security camera set up seemingly to monitor the living room, a dog is seen standing in the bottom left corner. Partially obscured by a cabinet, the dog initially appears to be looking toward the right side of the screen.

As one of the Reddit commenters mentions, it is likely that if there were someone standing behind the dog, obscured by the cabinet, it is likely the dog would have been looking at that person most of the time rather than off into the distance.

Having established that there likely was not anyone else in the room is crucial to determining what could have happened next. In a matter of mere seconds, the dog turns its head sharply in the opposite direction. a mysteriously loud whooshing sound is heard, and the dog moves violently off-screen.

Giving context to the video, the uploader mentions that the dog next seemed to hit the bathroom door a whopping 3 feet behind her. When considering the violent and sudden movement of the dog, as well as the dog’s actions leading up to the mysterious event, the dog’s owner came to an unsettling conclusion; the dog seemed to have been dragged violently across the room into the bathroom door by some sort of unseen force.

Even more disturbing, the dog seems to have been scared by something horrific in the moments before it was jerked away yet emits no barks or yips. While it is unclear what sort of force was at work, it is clear that its intentions were certainly no good and that the owners would do well to keep their dog safe during the night.

2. Ghost Spotted in Russian Museum

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLntxTtrGv0[/embedyt]

This video, uploaded to YouTube in December, 2015, by SITI Fergus, seems to have captured something very unsettling in a Russian museum.

The clip appears to be someone’s own footage, possibly captured with a mobile phone of several security cameras located at various areas of the building. It begins with an overview of numerous screens before focusing in on one specifically. While the footage is dark and grainy, a highlighted figure can be seen moving behind an exhibit.

The video then cuts to footage from another camera. This one seems to have captured the same shadowy figure walking straight through a wall!

Focusing once again on an overview of several cameras at once, a large orb can be seen gliding through the air from one view to another. Orbs are often thought to be associated with the supernatural, however it’s rare that a camera actually catches both orbs and ghostly entities at the same time.

The video continues. On one screen, you can see people walking around the museum suggesting that this footage was captured during the day or at least while the museum was open to the public.

Finally, the video ends with a shot of a long hallway. A few seconds pass, then the same shadowy figure can be seen making its way from one side to the other. It appears to glide across the floor before disappearing out of site.

What do you think the shadowy figure could be? A Ghost or shadow person perhaps? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. CCTV Catches Mysterious Movement

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g1RO7LvFgA[/embedyt]

Usually, ghost videos tend to show the apparition floating through, on their way to another destination. However, the more unsettling clips often depict the entity manipulating its surroundings in some way. This video is an example of the latter.

Uploaded to YouTube by user MadMupp, the clip shows what appears to be a ghost easily breaking into a warehouse without impediment.

As explained by the uploader, this chilling video comes from a recording of security camera footage. Minutes before the paranormal activity begins, a man had supposedly attempted to enter the warehouse but noticed that the gate was firmly locked. He left to fetch a key, and then the strange activity started.

The video shows the gates are being kept forcefully closed by the attached padlock, with no one in sight. Suddenly, with one swift movement, the gate is swung open and the padlock detached, twisting off and falling to the floor all on its own. The doors continue to swing wide open, each extending as far as it possibly could on either side of the entrance.

While the lack of physical presence of anyone around is unsettling enough, the force that opens the gate seems to be extremely strong, having pushed the gates wide open with one powerful movement.

As with many paranormal encounters, the intentions of this potential poltergeist are unclear, but the idea of a ghost that can pick locks is certainly a chilling one.