5 Mysterious Events People Struggle to Comprehend

These stories are bizarre!

Here are five mysterious events that people are struggling to comprehend. From the arrival of a ghost ship to twins that seem to remember their past lives, join us we take a look at some perplexing events in history that don’t seem to have a plausible explanation.

5. Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestone are one of many mysterious events that people struggle to comprehend

Often referred to as the “American Stonehenge”, the Georgia Guidestones have left conspiracy theorists as well as the just plain curious intrigued as to their true meaning as well as why there has been so much secrecy in the creation of the stones.

The massive granite Guidestones were built in Elbert County, Georgia in 1979. There are five standing stones, one in the center with four additional stones arranged around the central one and a capstone on top. Each granite slab weighs approximately 237,746 pounds, with the monument standing 19 feet 3 inches tall. There is an additional stone positioned a short distance away that gives a bit of information about the history and purpose of the monument. The message of the Guidestones includes Earth awareness, internationalism, population control, temperance, and social duties. The messages are inscribed in several languages including Hindi, Arabic, English, Swahili, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, and Chinese. The stones also act as an astronomical calendar. Daily at noon the sun shines through a hole in the stone onto the day’s date on an engraving.

The real mystery behind the Georgia Guidestones beyond the messages engraved on them is the question of who actually commissioned the monument in the first place. In June 1979, the Elberton Granite Finishing Company was approached by a man who identified himself as Robert C. Christian. Christian claimed that he represented a small group of individuals who had spent 20 years designing the Guidestones and wished to remain anonymous in their commission. Elberton Granite accepted the job and work on the monument was soon underway. There are a lot of conspiracy theories about the true identity of Robert Christian and the group that he represented. Some believe that the monument was commissioned to mark the beginning of a new world order, while others think that they are satanic in nature. Another theory names the Rosicrucians as the group behind the stones. Most researchers believe that the message of the Georgia Guidestones actually represents the foundations for rebuilding a civilization that has suffered some type of catastrophic destruction.

4. SS Ourang Medan

The SS Ourang Medan is one of many mysterious events that people struggle to comprehend
Leif J Erickson Writing

In June 1947, American Vessels City of Baltimore and Silver Star responded to a distress call from a Dutch merchant ship called Ourang Medan. The message was in Morse code and stated that the captain of the Ourang Medan and all of her officers were dead on the bridge and in the chartroom. The final message received was simply “I die.” When the crew from the Silver Star boarded the Ourang Medan, they were met with a horrific sight. There was no one alive on the ship. Dead bodies were scattered around the ship with no signs of injury, but with ghastly expressions on their faces as if they had died of fright or possibly in agony. Even the ship’s dog was dead, having died while snarling at whatever had killed the entire crew. It was decided that the two American ships would tow the Ourang Medan inland, but soon after tethering the derelict ship, smoke was seen billowing from below deck. The captains of the Silver Star and the City of Baltimore ordered the ropes to be cut just before the Ourang Medan erupted in flames, eventually sinking.

So what happened to the crew of the Ourang Medan? There are numerous theories about what happened, ranging from improperly or illegally contained chemicals on board to sea monster or alien attacks. Regardless of what actually killed the crew, the circumstances surrounding their deaths and discovery were certainly strange. The local temperature on the day the ship was found was around 100°F but the rescue team felt a distinct chill in the air while on the Ourang Medan. Even stranger was the condition of the dead crew members. There were no physical signs of illness or injury to any of the bodies, yet they all displayed signs that they had suffered terribly before dying. It was also noted that all of the bodies seemed to be decomposing at an accelerated rate. There was no damage to the ship until it inexplicably caught on fire and exploded. Over the years there have been quite a few theories put forth as to what actually happened to the crew, but the Ourang Medan took the truth with her when she sank.

3. The Pollock Twins

The Pollock Twins are one of many mysterious events that people struggle to comprehend
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On May 7th, 1957 a terrible tragedy struck Northumberland, England couple John and Florence Pollock when they lost their daughters Joanna, age 11 and Jacqueline, age 6 in a tragic car accident. The girls were on their way to church with a family friend when the car they were riding in was struck by a vehicle driven by a woman who had overdosed on Phenobarbital. The children died instantly, and the parents were left grief stricken by the loss for their precious daughters. Florence sunk into a fit of deep depression, but John Pollock stated that he believed that their daughters would return to them and would be reborn as twins. John was a deeply religious man, and had never expressed any belief in reincarnation, but he felt strongly about the vision that he had about the rebirth of his girls.

Amazingly, on October 4th, 1958, Florence Pollock gave birth to healthy twin girls, shocking their family and friends, who recalled John’s premonition. They named the girls Gillian and Jennifer. Almost immediately, strange coincidences began to occur. Jennifer was born with an unusual birthmark that closely resembled a scar that her dead sister Jacqueline had in the same spot. Jennifer also bore another birthmark that matched a birthmark that Jacqueline had, this one located on both girls’ waists. The family moved to Whitley Bay a few months after the twins were born, and it was here that the twins really began to display an uncanny link to their deceased sisters. When the twins were older and began to speak, they started asking about specific toys that had belonged to their sisters. The toys were stored away, without the twins having ever seen them, nor did the twins have any knowledge of their sisters Jacqueline and Joanna. The twins also displayed mannerisms that were unique to their deceased sisters, and even liked the same foods. When the girls visited locations that they hadn’t been to but Jacqueline and Joanna had, they recognized landmarks, street names, and town names that they had no way of knowing about.

Eventually, the story of the twins reached psychologist Dr. Ian Stevenson. Dr. Stevenson had a keen interest in cases of reincarnation involving children, and soon he was regularly visiting the Pollocks to further his research. He noted that while the twins could have been influenced by their parents, the fact that they so exactly matched the behaviors and characteristics of their dead sisters made that highly unlikely at such a young age. The twin’s memories of their apparent past lives eventually began to fade, and by the time they were six years old they no longer exhibited the traits and memories of their sisters.


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