Chilling Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera

Paranormal Activity? Time To Move House!

From a family haunted by paranormal activity to a ghost filmed trapped in a factory door, we look at chilling paranormal activity caught on camera.

8. Family Films Paranormal Activity


This chilling footage was captured by a family who were experiencing paranormal activity in their home. As the father begins filming the lounge room and kitchen a cabinet door suddenly swing open.

Then, a short time later the daughter is filming herself singing in her bedroom and manages to capture something truly terrifying.

As her head moves to the side, you can see what appears to be a tall, sinister figure standing in the corner of her room. It looks as though it is wearing a dark robe and has long, black hair.

The girl doesn’t seem to be aware of the eerie presence as she continues to sing for the camera.

What do you think is standing behind her? Could it actually be the poltergeist responsible for the paranormal activity that the family has been experiencing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

7. Paranormal Activity Caught on Security Camera


This spooky video was uploaded to Dj ASHBA‘s YouTube channel in August, 2015. He claims that he came home to find one of his courtyard doors wide open despite locking it before he left. Naturally, he decided to check the security cameras to see what had happened.

As you can see, the door appears to open all by itself.

While it’s possible that the footage might have been faked, Dj ASHBA later commented on the video saying that there was no one in the house at the time of the incident. The fact too, that there is a strange flash of light seconds before the door swings open has lead many to suggest that the clip might actually be genuine evidence of a resident poltergeist.

Sadly, without further information it’s difficult to know whether or not this clip really does show paranormal activity. However, one thing is for certain. This YouTuber will never leave his house again without double checking that all the doors really are locked.

6. Girls Discover Poltergeist in Closet


This clip, from shows two young girls exploring a creepy old house. As they enter one of the rooms, both girls can be heard remarking how cold it feels inside.

With only their flashlights to guide them, they begin to look around. As they search through the clutter, they discover what appears to be an old closet. One of the girls dares the other to open the door and take a look inside.

Hesitantly, she decides to take a peek.

There is a sudden flash of light and the two girls run screaming from the room. Shortly after, the video abruptly ends.

If you slow the footage down just as she opens the door, you can actually see what scares them – a ghostly face with dark, sunken eyes that almost looks as though it is shouting at the girls to leave.

As little is known about this video, it’s hard to know for sure what the girls actually saw. Could it have been the spirit of a former resident? Or was it something else entirely? Whatever it was, it certainly did not look friendly.

5. Ghost Leaps Into Well


This creepy clip was uploaded to GhostWorldTV – Ghost & Paranormal Videos’ YouTube channel in March, 2014. However, the date on the video suggests that it was actually filmed on the 25/6/2005.

It shows a well alongside a stone wall and at first doesn’t seem to contain anything out of the ordinary. However, if you take a closer look you can actually see a dark, shadow-like figure that appears to leap into the well.

While some viewers jokingly suggested that it could be the ghost of popular video game characters Mario or his brother Luigi, others thought that the figure might have been the ghost of someone who had died by falling into the well.

However, several skeptics noted that it seemed too coincidental that the camera was filming the area at that exact time the figure was spotted, suggesting that the video was likely staged.

What do you think? Could this video actually show the ghost of someone that met their doom at the bottom of this well? Or is it simply the result of a clever video edit? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Poltergeist Lifts Pot in Kitchen


This chilling footage was uploaded to vonkoestler‘s YouTube channel in January, 2012.

According to the videos description, Marry and Philip Shapiro managed to catch these events on camera after they were instructed by Parapsychologist, Dr. Edler Von Koestler to document any paranormal activity that they experienced in their home.

The clip, which was filmed in the Shapiro’s kitchen shows a large saucepan suddenly lift out of the sink. It hovers in place for a second before suddenly dropping out of the air.

Many of the viewers have suggested the footage could be genuine as there doesn’t appear to be any strings or wires lifting the pot.

While many believe that the video does show paranormal activity some have pointed out that there is very little information available on Dr. Edler Von Koestler himself. The YouTube channel also contains a link to a supernatural video series on Amazon named ‘The Poltergeist Diaries.’

This poses the important question. Who is the mysterious Dr Von Koestler? Is he really a parapsychologist tasked with documenting genuine poltergeist activity? Or was the channel simply created as a marketing opportunity to promote the series?

Unfortunately, until more information becomes available this chilling footage will remain a mystery.

3. Ghost Caught in Factory Door


There is very little information available on this video. However, it appears that is could have been taken from a warehouse security camera.

The clip begins as a man is seen carrying a ladder past the camera. He returns a short time later with a trolley and opens the sliding doors to the warehouse. He enters and soon emerges with something on top of the trolley. The man then attempts to close the warehouse doors. However, he is unable to shut them completely.

After several more unsuccessful attempts, the man decides to leave the doors ajar and pulls his trolley away.

Suddenly, a passing car’s headlights shine across the warehouse doors revealing for a split second that there is actually something stuck between them.

At first it appears to be a lifeless human. Stooped over and wedged in place. However, if you slow the footage down you can see that the figure is actually transparent and is only visible in the car’s headlights.

What do you think the mysterious figure could be? Is it the ghost of someone who was crushed between the heavy warehouse doors? Or is there another explanation for this creepy video? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

2. Strange White Figures Caught on Security Camera


This bizarre video was uploaded to S.Kos‘ YouTube channel in December, 2014. It appears to be an excerpt taken from a security camera captured in an unknown location.

At first, several orb-like objects go speeding by the camera and while these could be easily dismissed as insects, it’s what the camera captures next that is truly strange.

Several, white figures begin running along the outside of the fence then suddenly, a few of the figures leap over the fence and land motionless on the ground.

Some viewers have suggested that the strange shapes are actually deer. However, the way they land after jumping the fence seems to rule this theory out. They appear still and lifeless, almost as if they have deflated.

Just when you think that the video could not get any weirder, a long trail of light appears at the top of the screen.

This is truly one of the more bizarre videos I have ever seen. Could it be possible that the mysterious white figures are ghosts or some other type of supernatural entities? If anyone can shed any light on this video, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

1. Restaurant Poltergeist Runs Amok


In October, 2013, this video was uploaded to Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar‘s YouTube channel.

When a customer in their Luton restaurant told management that they saw another patron’s plate fly off the table, they decided to check their CCTV footage to see what had happened.

Surely enough, the footage does indeed appear to show paranormal activity. Soon after the customer sitting in the center bottom of the screen leaves her table, several strange events begin to occur.

Firstly, the chair and menu on the table start to move. Then, suddenly a napkin flies off the table. Shortly followed by a plate.

Many believe this footage is authentic, noting that their doesn’t seem to be any visible wires or strings attached to the items that moved. That, coupled with the fact that a customer is seen leaving the table just prior to the events tends to indicate that it could indeed be the actions of a real poltergeist.

However, some viewers have suggested that the whole event could have been staged as part of a publicity stunt designed to lure more customers into this supposedly haunted bar.

Sadly, without further evidence, we’ll just have to leave this one up to you to decide.