The Scariest Stories from America’s Most Haunted Bars

Would you visit these haunted bars?

These are America’s most haunted bars. There are lots of creepy, haunted places in the world: cemeteries, hotels, and battlefields are common locations for ghost hunting. However, have you ever worried about running into a spirit in the same place where you drink spirits? Bars are actually a common haunt for restless souls. Below, read about 10 times local watering holes were plagued by paranormal activity.

10.Tiger’s Tap Room in Tucson, Arizona

These are America's most haunted bars
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You wouldn’t think that a polite ghost would be frightening, but according to patrons of one of America’s most haunted bars, Tiger’s Tap Room in Tuscon, the resident apparition’s courteous displays can be just as chilling as those of the more violent ghosts that other bars boast.

Many believe that the haunted history of Tiger’s Tap Room originated in room 242 of Hotel Congress, the hotel that the bar is attached to. A woman staying in this room tragically ended her life many years ago. In fact, you can still see the bullet hole in the wall of the room’s closet.

Despite the tragic way that her life ended, the woman’s ghost doesn’t seem angry when she visits Tiger’s Tap Room. In fact, the most common story patrons tell about her is that they will hear her disembodied voice saying “Bless you” when someone sneezes. Yet, a kindhearted gesture can still be frightening when coming from a ghost.

9. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop in New Orleans, Louisiana

These are America's most haunted bars
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For anyone familiar with the haunted history of the Big Easy, it comes as no surprise that one of America’s most haunted bars calls New Orleans home.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop gets its name from Jean Lafitte, a notorious smuggler and privateer who used the blacksmith shop that used to reside in this building as a front for his operations. According to the owners of the bar that took over the spot, Jean and his brother Pierre still haunt the place because of the fond memories they have of their lives there.

Patrons say that the bar’s fireplace is the hub for paranormal activity in the bar. This was where the brothers stored their personal supply of gold. Many staff members and visitors have reported seeing a pair of glowing red eyes in the shadows of the fireplace and being touched by an icy hand when they sit close to it. Perhaps these manifestations are a warning to keep your distance from the Lafitte gold.

8. White Eagle Pub and Hotel in Portland, Oregon

These are America's most haunted bars
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The White Eagle Pub started out as a typical saloon. The bar’s reputation gradually declined, and the seedy, criminal activities that eventually called this pub home are thought to be the cause of its current hauntings.

The White Eagle Pub is haunted by many ghosts, which is understandable given its history. As the area became industrialized, it began to be patronized by shady characters. The pub eventually began serving as a brothel, and it is said that many of the men who patronized the bar were kidnapped and forced to work on ships docked nearby.

There have been many strange things reported by patrons of the bar, such as coins falling from the ceiling (perhaps a nod to its history as a brothel). However, the most disturbing story is blamed on the ghost of the bar’s former bouncer. He was a nasty, rough man in life, and remains so in death. A waitress at the pub reported that the bouncer’s ghost pushed her down a flight of stairs, causing numerous minor injuries (and quite a scare, no doubt).

7.The Menger Hotel Bar in San Antonio, Texas

These are America's most haunted bars
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The Menger Hotel Bar is famous for being the place where Theodore Roosevelt recruited men to fight with him in the Spanish-American War. However, it is also one of America’s most haunted bars.

There are apparently a number of ghosts that have decided to stick around this storied bar. Some staff members claim that they have even seen the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt sitting at the bar watching them when they are cleaning up after closing time.

However, some of the less recognizable ghosts haunting the establishment give the staff and visitors more of a scare. Patrons report that they will sometimes reach for their glasses, only to find that they have inexplicably moved. Even more frightening are the accounts by staff members claiming that glasses have flown across the room at them and shattered against the wall.

6. Shaker’s Cigar Bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

These are America's most haunted bars
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You’ll likely find Shaker’s Cigar Bar on many lists of America’s most haunted bars, but for years, no one knew why the place seemed to be a seat of paranormal activity. In recent years, the owners of the bar have discovered that the place was built atop one of Wisconsin’s earliest cemeteries. This would certainly explain the bizarre occurrences that many patrons and visitors have reported.

Many of the stories about Shaker’s Cigar Bar are similar to other stories about haunted locales: door knobs turning and objects moving without explanation and pianos playing themselves. However, the most terrifying part of the bar’s haunted reputation centers around the bathroom. Many patrons have reported flicking on the bathroom light only to be faced with the ghost of a young girl who apparently resides there. She doesn’t seem to be angry or vengeful, but she certainly gives people a fright when she appears without warning.


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