These Celebrities Claim They’ve Seen Aliens

Are these celebs telling the truth?

The following celebrities claim they’ve seen aliens. From famed director Guillermo del Toro claiming his UFO encounter was ‘cliched’ to John Lennon seeing aliens while standing naked on his penthouse balcony, these celebrities claim they’ve had encounters with extraterrestrials.

7. Guillermo del Toro Sees UFO

Guillermo del Toro.

What happens when a director critically acclaimed for his superior imagination comes face to face with a real-life UFO? He criticizes their lack of inventiveness.

At least, that’s the truth in the case of famed director Guillermo del Toro, known for featuring odd creatures and creations in films such as Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape of Water.

Highly imaginative though he is, Guillermo even goes on to clarify that he hadn’t ever wanted to see a UFO, claiming that the whole experience turned out to be disappointing for him.

The self-proclaimed “scariest moment of his life” occurred one night in Guadalajara. Having gone for a night drive with a friend to see the stars, del Toro swears up and down the two of them had yet to partake in the six-pack of beer they had purchased beforehand.

The two witnessed a flash of light that covered a large distance in less than a second. The two quickly fled, owning up to their fear of the flying spacecraft.

Of all the celebrities that claim they’ve seen aliens, del Toro has proven to be one of the toughest critics yet. Known for designing his own spacecraft in Pacific Rim, del Toro laments that his real-life experience with a UFO was “so crappy”, expressing his disappointment in the flying saucer’s cliched design.

6. Chris Colfer Meets Alien

Chris Colfer

Not all celebrities that claim they’ve seen aliens are as critical as del Toro. In fact, Glee star Chris Colfer is wholly open to the experience.

Claiming to have experienced an alien visit as a child, sick in bed and on excessive levels of cough medicine, Colfer does leave room for doubt and admits there is a possibility the alien visit was actually a medicine-induced hallucination.

However, Colfer wouldn’t become obsessed with aliens quite yet. Rather, Colfer did not find solace in the possibility of alien life until the period in his life after his mother’s unfortunate passing. During this time, Colfer found comfort in staying up at all hours of the night while binge-watching the popular TV show Ancient Aliens.

Converted into a lifelong fan and believer, Colfer would go so far as to plan a trip to extraterrestrial hotspot Peru in hopes of experiencing another alien encounter, without success.

5. Russell Crowe UFO Caught on Camera

While some celebrities that claim they’ve seen aliens seem to be genuine believers, or at the very lease healthfully skeptical, some seem to be in it solely for the promotion.

Actor Russell Crowe appears to have been in that last camp after lamenting the lack of promotion surrounding his film Broken City. On the tails of his complaint, Crowe reportedly tweeted a video capturing his own purported UFO sighting.

Slightly problematic, Crowe forgot to mention in his tweet that the footage was actually 4 years old, wording the tweet as though the sighting had just happened.

The video, posted by YouTube user ParallelUniverse1234, depicts a series of time-lapse photos displaying a mysterious light zipping over the Sydney botanic gardens.

When contacted about the video, Crowe’s agent maintained he had no idea why Crowe had chosen to release the video when he had but reminded journalists that Crowe’s movie was coming out soon.

Whether or not there is validity to the apparent UFO sighting seems to have been at least partially tarnished by the circumstances surrounding the release of the photos, but they are interesting nonetheless.

4. Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams, a celebrity who claims to have seen aliens.

Known for having a successful career as a solo artist far after his Take That days, singer Robbie Williams has long been known for his raunchy tales of partying and debauchery.

The well-beloved singer doesn’t shy away from his partying proclivities but wants everyone to know that he was totally sober when he claims to have come so close to a UFO that he could have, “hit it with a tennis ball.”

Claiming the UFO stopped right above his head, Williams does not back down from the assertion that he was truly visited by aliens. Williams goes on to say he has had many supernatural encounters over his lifetime, but the sheer proximity of the UFO during this visit truly left an impression on him, proudly adding himself to the list of celebrities that claim they’ve seen aliens.

3. Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco, a celebrity who claims to have seen aliens.

While some celebrities that claim they’ve seen aliens leave the impression they’ve had a very underwhelming experience, rapper Lupe Fiasco doesn’t shy away from his traumatic alien experience.

Fiasco’s experience occurred when he was just 11 years old. Fiasco remembers his encounter had happened in the early morning hours. Laying in bed, Fiasco recounts waking up suddenly, completely surrounded by what felt like pure electricity. Trying to wake up his cousin, move, or do anything, Fiasco found himself completely stationary.

Trapped and unable to move, Fiasco remembers looking out the window and coming face to face with a black disc. The UFO reportedly sat in front of his window for just a moment before flying away.

Like most who claim to have had an alien encounter, Fiasco has had to rely on people taking his word that the alien visit actually happened and wasn’t simply a waking nightmare.

Fiasco does have one piece of evidence going for him, however. Located just near the bottom of his ankle, Fiasco explains a scar of inexplicable origin is present. He explains he has no idea where it came from and confirms he had never had any ankle surgery. Fiasco’s theory: the scar is a byproduct of his alien experience.

Telling this story on the morning show Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106, a Los Angeles radio station, Fiasco was able to count on a supportive reaction. The show’s co-host Rikki Martinez would support Fiasco’s claim, corroborating it with a similar alien experience of his own.

2. Tom DeLonge

Tom Delonge, a celebrity who claims to have seen aliens.

While many know Tom DeLonge as the frontman of well-loved pop-punk band Blink-182, he has developed another reputation for himself over the years – that of an outspoken believer in UFOs and alien activity.

In fact, in late 2015, DeLonge became the founder and CEO of To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science, an organization that has recently gained a big name in support of its extraterrestrial research.

None other than Luis Elizondo, former head of the hidden UFO program run from the Pentagon, has recently joined DeLonge’s efforts to uncover the truth about extraterrestrial life.

For DeLonge, his search for alien life has been a decades-long occupation. In 1999, Blink-182 would release a song entitled “Aliens Exist”, featuring lyrics detailing DeLonge’s alien obsession. Candidly discussing UFO conspiracies in-depth for years, when DeLonge would go on to leave the band in 2015, media articles would quickly start the rumor that he left the band to focus solely on his search for the truth. (Rumors which DeLonge himself would quickly go on to deny.)

However, DeLonge would go on to form To the Stars Academy shortly after his departure, only adding fuel to the fire. Going on to be linked to the US government’s UFO research efforts, and even winning the honor of’s UFO Researcher of the Year Award, DeLonge would be well-known for his belief in aliens before releasing proof.

In 2017, To the Stars Academy would release videos from the U.S. Department of Defense displaying shocking UFO sightings caught on tape.

Of all the celebrities who have detailed their relationships with extraterrestrials, DeLonge is seemingly one of the most outspoken and research-oriented of them all, determined to give the world the evidence it needs once and for all.

1. John Lennon Saw a UFO

Black and White image of John Lennon

Thanks to social media, many contemporary celebrities can easily share their alien experiences with the world. Yet, John Lennon’s experience with a UFO remains one of the most interesting celebrity UFO encounter stories to this day.

Known for partaking in a few substances, hearing Lennon’s claims to have seen a UFO may cause many skeptics to be doubtful. Still, the story remains an interesting one. Claiming to have seen the UFO while standing naked on his balcony one night.

The Beatles legend claimed to have seen the craft flying right above him, only a few feet away from his head. He claims to have been laying in his bed just a few moments before when the urge to run over the window overtook him. Lennon would come face to face with a UFO hovering over the next building.

Lennon would claim the craft was equipped with flashing electric light bulbs lining the bottom of the craft, with one red light on top of the craft, unblinking. He would go on to explain that this was not just a trick of the light. The craft flew off, only to come back after Lennon and his lover May Pang had set up a telescope in order to observe the UFO more closely.

A sketch by John Lennon depicting his UFO sighting in New York.
Ghost Theory

Explaining the lights were brilliant, Lennon would lament the photos they had taken ended up being far too overexposed to display the craft. Lennon and Pang would call all over the city, going so far as to call the police, letting everyone know about the fantastic sight before them. The couple was stunned at the size of the UFO, apparently the size of a Lear jet. Even more amazing to the couple was the complete silence emitted by the impressive machine.

After witnessing the UFO, Lennon would immediately feel compelled to sketch his sight, immortalizing it for the years to come.