Ghost Videos That Will Keep You Awake at Night

These Ghost Videos Are Truly Scary!

From a ghost caught on camera in a Californian college to a truly scary ghost video filmed in Japan, we look at ghost videos that will keep you up at night.

5. Security Guard Catches Ghost on Camera


This truly scary ghost video was uploaded to Abott Ung’s YouTube channel in 2016. It was reportedly captured by a security guard while patrolling the halls of a San Francisco college.

In the footage, the guard is seen investigating something when he suddenly hears a loud noise. He turns just in time to see a dark, shadowy figure disappear around the corner.

He quickly runs to see what it was but when he turns the corner there is no one there! He scans up and down the stairs but is unable to find any trace of the figure.

Over the years, the college has become well known for several paranormal events. It was rumored that a past student had hung herself and that her ghost can often be seen around the campus.

Could it be possible that is was the spirit of this young girl that the security guard captured on camera?

While the video certainly does appear to be genuine, several skeptics have noted that it would be unlikely for a security guard film a routine check of the premises unless he was expecting to something strange to happen.

What do you think? Has this security guard really captured evidence of a ghost haunting the halls of this Californian College? Or could there be another explanation for the figure’s sudden disappearance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Ghost Jumps From Cliff


This creepy clip was uploaded to damieninjpn‘s YouTube channel way back in March, 2007.

Supposedly, the footage was captured by a boy who traveled with a friend to Okinawa. The high cliffs seen in the video are apparently a very famous sightseeing location and unfortunately also a common place for suicide.

The clip begins as the boy is filming the ocean below. He pans the camera briefly to the left before turning to the right, focusing on another cliff that has several people standing on top.

He then turns the camera back to the left once more where he zooms in on a group of tourists sitting on the ground. However, if you slow the footage down you can see something very chilling.

There is a figure leaping from the cliff! The strange figure does not appear to be human either. It has an eerie, translucent quality to it.

When the clip first surfaced, several viewers were also quick to note that if it was a human, the group of people sitting close by would have surely reacted to them jumping.

That, coupled with the fact that there was no one standing on top of the cliff just a second earlier, has lead many to believe that the mysterious jumper must have indeed been a ghost.

If this really is the case, could it be possible that it was actually the ghost of someone who had once leaped from the cliffs into the icy water below?

Unfortunately, without further information we may never learn the truth behind this mysterious video.

3. Security Cameras Catch Ghost Disappearing


This now famous ghost video was captured in mid-2013, in Bogota, Colombia.

What makes the footage so compelling is that the eerie woman seen in the clip was actually filmed by several separate CCTV security cameras.

The video begins as the woman, who appears to be dressed in an old maids outfit is seen walking along a path in a very unusual way. She takes a few steps, pauses, then takes a few more steps, and then pauses again.

While the footage, up until this point is certainly strange, it’s what happens next that will truly give you chills. Two of the three security cameras that managed to capture the woman walking down the street suddenly show her vanishing into thin air.

A local news station in Bogota investigated the area where the footage was taken and even invited a priest to comment on the incident. They found no plausible reason for the disappearance of the woman.

When the video was first released it caused quite a stir online. Many viewers could find no other way of explaining what they had just witnessed other than that the woman had to have been a ghost. Some even noted that the clothes she was wearing appeared to be from a completely different time period altogether.

The fact that two of the three security cameras that were filming the woman managed to catch her disappear is certainly remarkable, leaving little doubt that the footage is indeed genuine.

But what could have caused the woman to suddenly vanish? Could she really be a ghost or is there another explanation for this bizarre occurrence?

2. Ghost Follows Man Into Taxi


This short but chilling clip, taken from a security camera somewhere in Japan first surfaced sometime around mid-2016.

It shows a man briefly waiting by the side of the road before a taxi arrives to pick him up. However, as he steps onto the road some kind of dark figure can suddenly be seen following him towards the vehicle. The figure appears to be wearing a dress and has long black hair and a hunched posture, similar to many ghosts of Japanese folklore. It eerily shadows the man as he enters the taxi. However, rather than also getting into the car, it appears to float right through the side.

While there is very little information available about this video, it’s difficult to know for sure exactly what the security camera has captured. That, and the fact that the footage quality is very low, has lead several skeptics to believe that the appearance of the ghost might be little more than a very clever editing job.

Unfortunately, without further information we may never learn the truth behind this truly eerie ghost video.

1. The Infamous Barton Mansion Haunting


No list of creepy ghost videos would be complete without this brief clip, uploaded to Faeden‘s YouTube channel way back in 2006.

Despite the length of the video, it has racked up an astounding amount of views. This is probably due in part to the nature of the footage but also the fact that it has been on the site for so long.

The clip supposedly comes from a video shot during a paranormal investigation that was conducted sometime in 2001 of the Barton Mansion in Redlands, California.

As the story goes, a group of teenagers decided to explore the mansion in an effort to uncover evidence of a haunting. While searching the basement, they were said to have discovered a piece of raw meat that had been placed inside a circle of stone.

Scared, the group decided to leave the house, however two of the boys returned the following night. This clip was supposedly filmed as the boys explored an upstairs area of the mansion.

It begins as the camera holder is seen shining his flashlight around a dark hallway. As the investigators make their way into a small room one can be heard saying ‘Cover my back, alright?’

The room appears to be empty except for a window at one end and another door leading off to the right.

As the camera holder shines his light around the room he becomes distracted by something strange on the floor. Just as he is heard saying ‘What the hell is that?’ He is spooked by a noise and quickly turns to see what it was.

There, standing in the doorway is a figure who appears to be dressed in a long robe, staring back at the investigators.

While the quality of the video makes it difficult to see the figure with any great clarity, if you pause the clip, you can clearly see that there is indeed something or someone there.

The camera holder then lets out a loud cry as he quickly runs from the room and down a rickety flight of stairs. The footage then abruptly cuts leaving little information about what actually happened to the two boys.

The authenticity of this video has long been debated. Originally, linked with a now expired website, the clip was supposedly a snippet taken from a DVD of the incident that visitors could purchase from the site.

Some skeptics have also noted that the camera holder’s light appears to reflect off of something, possibly a torch that is held in the strange figure’s hand. If this is the case, then the figure is almost certainly a human and probably just one of the other explorers intent on hoaxing the viewers. Despite this, many people still believe that this video shows genuine evidence of a supernatural haunting.

What do you think? Does the video prove that there really is a ghost haunting the Barton Mansion in Redlands, California or was it simply created as part of an elaborate hoax? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.