Scariest Dash Cam Footage Ever Captured

Dash Cams Often Catch Some Creepy Things!

From dash cam footage of a shadow person by a highway to a ghost that appears in the middle of a road we look at the scariest dash cam footage ever captured.

7. Shadow Person Caught on Dash Cam


Uploaded to luis rebel‘s YouTube channel in January, 2016, this dash cam footage appears to have captured a strange figure lurking by the side of the road.

At first, the video seems to show nothing unusual as the car is seen driving along a Californian highway. However, if you slow the footage down, you can see the figure by the guardrail on the left hand side of the road. It’s dark and shadow-like, and even appears to be transparent as the car passes by.

After the footage was released, several viewers said that they too had seen something similar along the same stretch of highway. Some even noting the figure’s eerie similarity to that of a shadow person – a supernatural entity often reported as a dark, human shaped silhouette that can supposedly be seen for a split second at the edge of our peripheral vision.

What do you think? Has this dash cam actually captured proof of the existence of shadow people? Or could the figure simply have been a person dressed in dark clothing, walking somewhere that they shouldn’t have been?

6. Police Dash Cam Catches Bizarre Ritual


This creepy footage, uploaded to Scary Beats‘ YouTube channel in June, 2015, was purported to have been captured on a police dash cam.

The video begins as officer Mallic is seen driving down a dark and deserted road early in the morning. The officer then slows down and makes a left hand turn onto a narrow dirt track where they are suddenly confronted by a woman standing in the middle of the road. She has her arms folded and head bowed and as the police car slowly approaches it becomes apparent that the woman appears to be standing in the middle of a fire!

Then, the police car turns its headlights off and for a brief moment the fire eerily illuminates the woman’s legs in the middle of the pitch black road.

Suddenly, the car’s headlights turn on once again and as they do, the woman looks up and begins to open her arms, her eyes glowing as she stares ominously towards the officer. If you take a close look at the woman’s feet, she now appears to be levitating above the fire!

The video then ends abruptly with no information about what happened next.

When the footage first appeared online, viewers immediately began debating its authenticity. Some thought it had to have been a hoax while others felt that the officer might have actually stumbled upon a witch performing some sort of sinister ritual.

What do you think? Could it be possible that this officer really captured a levitating witch on their dash cam? Or is the video more likely to have been edited with special effects? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Ghost Car Disappears in Plain Sight


In January, 2016, YouTuber, SWINETOWN SWINE uploaded some truly bizarre footage that he captured while out riding his motorbike.

The clip begins as he is winding his way through the streets of an English town. After a short drive, he approaches a round-a-bout where he notices a red car moving very slowly. Wondering what the car is doing, he cautiously enters the intersection. However, as he does the car suddenly seems to have disappeared.

The rider, looks back to the right, but is unable to locate the vehicle. Later, he also checks the camera mounted on his dash to see it the car had gone completely around the round-a-bout but it’s still nowhere to be seen.

Viewers of the footage were immediately stumped, unable to provide a logical explanation for what they had just witnessed. Some suggested that the car might have accelerated very quickly once it was out of the camera’s sight. However, the intersection that the rider passes through only has four exits and when he turns his head to the right he can clearly see all of them. This makes it unlikely that the car was able to cover such a large distance in such a short period of time. The fact too, that the car doesn’t appear in the rear view camera also adds to the mystery.

Many viewers suspected the vehicle of being a ghost car with one even noting that the area in which the rider was filming was located right next to a hospital.

Could this fact have anything to do with the mysterious ghost car or was it just a creepy coincidence?

4. Ghost Seen on Dark Street


This video, uploaded to Dashcam On The Road‘s YouTube channel in October, 2015, shows what many believe to be a genuine encounter with a ghost.

The clip, which was captured a little after 4:30 in the morning begins as a trucker is seen driving along a dark stretch of road somewhere in Ukraine.

After some time, the truck’s headlights shine upon what appears to be a woman standing in the middle of the road. The truck quickly brakes, narrowly avoiding a collision with the ghostly figure who seems to make no attempt to get out of the way.

Suddenly, the dash cam footage begins to glitch and the woman disappears into the ground. The truck then quickly starts its engine and speeds off down the road.

When the footage was first released, many viewers were convinced that the woman that the trucker encountered along the dark road had to have been a ghost. However, others thought that the glitch seen in the clip was perhaps a little too convenient and could possibly hide an edit in the footage.

While it’s certainly a scary video, without further information we may never learn the truth about this mysterious encounter in Ukraine.

3. Plague of Locusts Caught on Dash Cam


This dash cam footage, captured by a truck driver in Russia’s Republic of Dagestan, shows an eerie scene that looks like something from another world.

In the video you can see a truck driving down a desolate country road. In the distance, there is a strange brown cloud. It gets darker and darker as the truck approaches and when a handful of insects pass by, it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary cloud. Then suddenly, hundreds and thousands of airborne locusts fill the sky as the day immediately turns to darkness.

The swarm is so large that the truck is forced to stop as the driver can do little more than watch the insects engulf the vehicle.

After a few minutes, the plague passes by. The truck starts its engine and slowly begins to heads off down the road once more.

While locusts themselves are not deadly to humans, they can cause great devastation to crops in large numbers. In this case, the driver was lucky that he had time to pull over and wait for them to pass as the sudden reduction in visibility could have been enough to send the truck careening into the paddocks.

2. Ghostly Figure Appears on Truck

This brief clip, captured on a dash cam in an unknown location appears to show a ghostly figure materialize out of thin air.

As the car approaches the truck in front, a figure seems to suddenly appear on the back . It’s visible for a few seconds then once again vanishes as the truck drives away.

While several analysts of the clip have suggested that the appearance and disappearance of the figure might simply be an illusion caused by a combination of shadows and poor camera quality, many viewers still insist that this dash cam footage does indeed show a ghost.

What do you think? Does the mysterious figure suddenly appear on the back of the truck or is there another explanation for this bizarre video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Ghost Materializes on Thai Highway


In May, 2018, footage of a ghostly figure appearing in the middle of a highway was widely shared on social media.

The clip, which was captured on a dash cam in the middle of the night, was recorded along a stretch of highway in Thailand’s Surat Thani Province.

As the car is seen driving along, a man seems to suddenly appear out of thin air. Unable to stop in time, the car continues and some viewers have even suggested that it looks as though it drives right through the man.

The clip, which doesn’t appear to have been edited in any way, had many paranormal researchers excited and it’s easy to see why as the video really does seem to show a figure materializing out of nowhere. However, several skeptics noted that the image of the man could have simply been a reflection in the car’s windshield.

Other proponents of the supernatural suggested that the man might have even been a time traveler who had appeared in the middle of the road after miscalculating his coordinates.

While the footage certainly does seem to be genuine, could the man really have been a ghost? Or is there a more logical explanation for his sudden appearance?