Real Life Witches Caught on Camera!

Here are terrifying witches caught on camera. From multiple sightings of witches throughout mexico to the blood sucking ‘bruja’ of Colombian folklore, we take a look at 9 witches caught on camera.

9. Witch Spotted in Guanajuato, Mexico

This footage surfaced in 2011. Filmed in Guanajuato, Mexico, a town known for its silver mining heritage and colonial architecture, two men spot something terrifying. In an open field at the back of a farm a strange creature can be seen flying through the sky. The man filming yells ‘bruja’ which is the Spanish word for witch or sorceress. The unknown creature glides through the air effortlessly and at one point begins chasing one of the men through the field.

Practitioners of black magic and members of the occult have long been reported in rural areas of Mexico. Could this video be proof of witchcraft?

8. Mexican Witch Flying in Sky

This footage began circulating in mid-2017. Filmed in Mexico city, it shows a shadowy, humanoid figure flying through the sky. The footage was captured on a phone camera by school children during their soccer training. At first several of the kids laugh nervously as they don’t know how to identify the flying figure, then someone in the crowd screams.

There are as many as a dozen witnesses who dubbed the creature a witch, including a gobsmacked teacher who watches on with his students.

7. African Shaman Levitates

This footage was captured in the 1970’s by German journalist Ralf Ohlson who traveled to Africa. As he traveled through rural villages he got word of a powerful shaman that lived in the nearby hills. He visited the shaman’s campsite and captured this stunning footage.

First the shaman performs a sacred ritual, creating a ring of fire. His acolytes begin chanting as he slowly lifts off the ground, holds for a moment in mid air, then returns back down. He repeats this process a number of times.

When Ohlson returned from his trip with the footage he was ousted from the broadcasting community as a joke, his reputation left in tatters. Decades later he maintained that the footage was real and was it no way tampered with.

What do you think? Is this shaman really levitating or is the fire a ploy to keep people at a distance so it’s harder to see what’s going on? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

6. Indumil Witch, Columbia

There’s not a lot of solid information about this video clip. All that’s known is that the footage was captured by security cameras at Indumil, a military grade weapons manufacturer in Colombia. One evening the security team spotted a strange figure lurking around the government run facility.

The footage shows a hunched over figure limp into the compound. It looks like it’s wearing a black cape as it ducks in and out of the shadows.

The clip spread quickly around South American social media, many claiming it to be a witch-like creature from Colombian mythology, others simply dismissed it as a mangy dog looking for food.

5. Girl Levitates While Sleeping

While this isn’t footage of a witch many have speculated that this young girl was the target of black magic or witchcraft.

Several years ago the girl seen in this clip kept waking up with bruising over her body. She couldn’t explain what was happening so she decided to set up a camera to film her movements while she slept. What the camera captured is unsettling to say the least.

You can see clearly the girl rise out of her bed, float in the air for a moment then lower back down.


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