The Strangest Webcams You Can Watch Live Right Now

Have you seen any of these weird webcams?

These are the strangest webcams from around the world. From a glorious bubble cam that shoots bubbles around a backyard to watching a 100 year old light bulb shine, we count 7 of the weirdest webcams you can watch live right now.

7. Drive Me Insane

This is a really strange webcam you watch live right now.
Drive Me Insane

Streaming since 1997, this bizarre webcam broadcast has one objective – drive the owner insane. Via a remote dashboard on the website, Drive Me Insane users can control various objects in the room. At the click of a button you can turn on lamps, fire up a laser light show on the disco ball or write a message on the marquee sign that will be read out in a voice synth.

At one point a remote control car and tank were fixed with webcams that could be driven around the house. Now, according to the site’s FAQ, occasionally a remote control robot known as the ‘critter’ is available for remote user control.

So one boring afternoon why try your darnedest to drive this home office owner insane!

6. Bubble Cam

This strange webcam is sure to bring a smile to your face
Bubble Cam

A couple in south Florida run a live streaming webcam on their back patio known as the ‘bubble cam‘. Users on the site can remotely activate a 30 second shower of tiny bubbles that will float about the backyard – bringing a moment of fleeting joy to both the user and anyone in the yard.

The peculiar webcam was initially set up to help friends and family keep in touch. However, after being featured on several websites, the project has grown significantly. With hundreds of visitors per day, the machine dispenses a near constant stream of bubbles, churning through up to half a gallon of bubble solution per day.

5. Real Life Cam

These are the strangest web cams you can watch right now
Real Life Cam

With Real Life Cam you can take the role of Big Brother and observe the inner workings other people’s lives. Watch them eating, sleeping, cleaning, going to work. Revel in the drudgery of every day life.

This website seems harmless enough until you realise users can pay a fee to get access to the more private areas of the houses, like the shower and bedroom. If the whole house had of been available to browse we wouldn’t have thought twice but when you see a paywall hiding the toilet things become a little suss.

If you’re a time traveler from the early 90’s and have never seen a webcam before, you might find this site interesting.

4. Centennial Bulb

This strange webcam broadcasts a light bulb
Centennial Bulb

In a fire station in Livermore California a webcam broadcasts a live stream of a light bulb. At first glance, this may be the most inane thing on the Internet but digging deeper there is a fascinating backstory surrounding this light bulb.

Known as the ‘Centennial Bulb’,  this beacon has been shining for over 116 years, that’s well over 1 million hours of light.

First installed in 1901, the bulb has seen several custodians but now resides in the Fire Station #6, 4550 East Ave. Livermore. According to the website, the light is designed differently to the usual Edison bulb. Invented by Adolfe A. Chaillet, it’s a hand blown bulb with a carbon filament. Initially designed to burn at 60 watts, this remarkable light bulb now shines at a humble four watts, holding vigil over the firemen below.

The firehouse intends to keep the light on as long as it’ll last. It’s not known what will happen when it blows.


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