10 Creepy Clown Sightings Caught on Video

These Are Some Seriously Scary Clowns!

With the re-make of Stephen King’s, It hitting cinemas it’s bound to spark another wave of scary clown sightings. As Pennywise terrifies a new generation of filmgoers, join us as we count 10 creepy clown sightings caught on video.

10. Jacksonville Clown Sightings

In 2014, a series of creepy clown sightings began happening across Jacksonville, Florida. These horrifying clowns were captured on CCTV systems that the residents had installed out the front of their houses. Seeing the footage would be enough to make you want to sell your home and get the hell out of there.

One of the first sightings of a clown dressed in red. He wanders up the path and stands there, just staring at the house.

Weeks later, another clown was filmed standing on the porch of a home, just staring at the camera. A frightened cat scampers to safety. Then suddenly, the clown begins to violently tear a pumpkin apart!

Then another was captured. Like the previous incidences, the clown stairs at the camera for a moment, before lighting his face with electronic lights. He waits for a moment before wandering back out onto the street.

What is going on in Jacksonville?!

9. Greenwood Cemetery Clown

This footage was taken by an unidentified person while visiting the Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. It shows a clown carrying a fistful of balloons, walking aimlessly amongst the graves. Despite several sighting of this scary clown security has never been able to catch him. It is as if he disappears without a trace!

8. East Texas Cemetery Clown

Three friends at a skate park in eastern Texas captured this unsettling footage while skateboarding in a local park. Suddenly one of them notices a strange figure in the cemetery on the other side of the road.

They soon realise that it’s a clown and move in for a closer look. The clown disappears into the darkness. After a few minutes of searching, the boys decide to head back to their car. Suddenly the creepy clown re-appears and begins chasing them through the cemetery!

Why they ever thought that it was a good idea to follow the clown into a cemetery at night time is beyond me.

7. Clown Hanging From a Bus

Two friends in Detroit, Michigan captured this unnerving video on their mobile phone whilst out driving. One of them notices that there is someone hanging onto the back of a bus that they are following. As they get closer, they realise that it is actually a clown!

The footage abruptly ends leaving the viewer wondering what on Earth was going on? Was the clown hitching a ride through town or were they following someone on the bus? Either way it’s just about as creepy as you can get! What do you think this sinister looking clown is up to?

6. Pokemon Go Clown

Scary clown filmed in a park in New Port Richey, Florida.

This scary video was captured by some children playing Pokemon Go at Simms Park in New Port Richey, Florida. They soon notice what appears to be someone lurking behind a tree.

As they move in for a closer look, a clown walks out from behind the tree. The boys continue to record as the creepy clown slowly walks towards them.

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