Real Life Witches Caught on Camera!

4. Girl Levitating in Russian Forest

When this footage was uploaded to Youtube back in 2009 it swept through social media and forums, begging the question is it real?

The video was recorded by a man in Russia walking his dog through the woods. Everything seems normal until the dog pauses for a moment as if something is wrong. It begins to bark and runs off down a trail. When the man catches up to his dog he sees something startling. There in the forest is a girl levitating in the air as a friend watches on. Once they realise they’ve been spotted the two girls run out of sight.

The short, unattributed clip lead many to speculate that the girls were practicing witchcraft deep in the woods. Others have simply labelled the video a hoax. Whatever the case may be it is still a remarkable piece of  footage that remains a mystery to this day.

3. La Tunda Witch Woman

In some areas of Columbia there are tales of a vampire witch woman that feeds on the blood of livestock and wild animals – this footage claims to be a glimpse of one such creature.

Taken sometime in early 2013, this footage was captured by a hunter out with his dogs. He claims he was searching a rural property for evidence of the strange blood sucking witch.

In the clip it’s obvious that the dogs pick up the scent of an animal as they begin barking wildly. They hone in on some dense shrubs where suddenly a strange looking creatures lunges out of the dark. The dogs snap and snarl. The hunter takes a shot and brings the beast down.

If you slow it down, it’s clear some kind of unidentified creature launches out of the darkness, hissing at the dogs.

Unfortunately, that’s where this footage ends and there is no further testimonial to verify what was lurking in the bushes.

Was this just a case of granular footage making it hard to see what happened or was this ‘la tunda’ the blood sucking witch from Colombian folklore?

2. Flaming Witch Caught on Camera

Filmed in Monterrey, Mexico this footage came to light in mid-2017. Initially it was shared to the Facebook page of a paranormal radio show that airs in the US and Mexico. It claims to be proof of a flying witch that manifests into a magical ball of fire.

The family claim they were spending a quiet evening at home when they heard strange noises. Upon investigating with their camera they captured this startling footage.

Social media was divided when the footage went viral. Some claim it’s proof of a coven of witches that have been reported to torment the area others say it’s merely a lantern that’s been set on fire, lifting it into the air.

1. Monterrey Witch

In the town of Monterrey in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, reports of ‘bruja’ or witches began surfacing around the city. Then in May 2006 this striking footage was released to the public. The local media ran with the story calling it a UFO, but in the acronym’s true sense, a literal unidentified flying object. Quickly it was dubbed the ‘witch of monterrey’, and the story spread like wildfire.

In the footage we clearly see a strange black, humanoid figure floating across the mountain range in a straight line.

Several days later, two police officers claim they were attacked by two hooded creatures in a nearby cemetery. One of the officers said they saw the mysterious beings flying in circles above the graveyard before being attacked. The cemetery is located right under the flight path of the figure seen in this video.

Many locals claim witches have haunted the area for centuries and with the two testimonies from police officers along with this footage one has to wonder what is going on in the city of Monterrey, Mexico.

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