These Time Travelers Claim They’ve Visited Parallel Universes

Are these time travel stories plausible?

Here are 10 time travelers who have claimed they’ve visited parallel universes. Is it possible to slip in and out of dimensions? Is the veil between our world and alternate realities so thin that taking a wrong turn or walking through the wrong door can transport us to new dimensions we were never meant to see? There are some people who claim that they’ve entered worlds outside our own and seen what waits on the other side.

10. Miriam Golding

These Time Travelers Claim They Visited Parallel Universes
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A woman named Miriam Golding claims that an ordinary elevator ride in 1934 took her into another dimension.

Golding was riding with her fiancé in an elevator inside a Chicago mall when she claims that she got off on the wrong floor and stumbled into a mysterious train station. People at the train station seemed to not be able to see or hear Miriam. What’s more, the season had shifted from fall to summer in an instant. The only person who could see Miriam was a young boy who told her that he had also suddenly found himself inside this mysterious train station after entering a locker room at his school in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Miriam finally returned back to her life as she knew it after a period of feeling as though she was hovering in darkness. Her fiancé was relieved when she returned home hours later. He had been searching for her after becoming separated at the mall.

Oddly, several people around town had spotted Miriam walking through town in the company of a young boy during the hours that she was missing.

9. Carol Chase McElheney

These Time Travelers Claim They Visited Parallel Universes
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Could there be a darker version of your hometown out there in another dimension?

Carol Chase McElheney claims that she slipped through dimensions during an ordinary drive in California and discovered an alternative version of the town she knew so well.

McElheney happened to be driving from Perris to San Bernardino in 2006 when she decided to make a stop in her hometown of Riverside. However, all was not right as she made her way down what she thought was a familiar route. McElheney was unable to locate the childhood home that she knew so well. What’s more, her family members were nowhere to be found. The homes on the street where she lived were different. Even the town’s cemetery was nothing more than a plot full of weeds. However, some landmarks throughout the town were just as she remembered them.

McElheney couldn’t help but to sense a dark, eerie vibe as she drove around and encountered the residents of this alternative version of Riverside. She decided to leave. Happily, Riverside had returned back to its normal state by the time she visited again years later. Carol Chase McElheney believes that she somehow entered an alternate dimension.

8. Andrew Basiago

These Time Travelers Claim They Visited Parallel Universes
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A man named Andrew Basiago came forward in 2014 and claimed that he was transported through dimensions as part of a secret project of the United States government called Project Pegasus.

Basiago claims that he worked on a teleportation and time travel project from the age of seven until the age of 12. He claims that children were chosen for the project because of their adaptability. He also claims that he traveled through time on eight separate occasions as part of the project.

Among the places Basiago claims to have traveled to is Ford’s Theatre on the night of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. He claims to have witnessed the assassination in person multiple times. He even bumped into himself during two of the visits.

The above photo is alleged evidence that Basiago travelled back in time to 1863 to see the Gettysburg address. He said he witnessed Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech first hand.

In 2016, Basiago ran for US presidency as an independent. He cited his time travel experience as one of his strongest qualifications, noting he had a key insight into the future of the country. However, strangely, he couldn’t say whether he’d win or not.

Andrew Basiago revealed that technology that was developed by Nikola Tesla served as the blueprint for the time-travel technology used by the United States government. He said that each visit was like being sent to a slightly different alternative reality that exists on an adjacent timeline.

7. Dr. Eben Alexander

These Time Travelers Claim They Visited Parallel Universes
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Did a highly regarded neurosurgeon enter an alternate version of reality while in a coma? Dr. Eben Alexander has chatted with Oprah and published a best-selling book about the near-death experience he had as a result of bacterial meningoencephalitis in 2008. He claims that he was able to enter an alternate space where he was comforted by celestial beings during his time of being unconscious.

Alexander claims that consciousness is not harboured within the brain and that death is a transition to another realm. Since his other worldly experience, Alexander has toured the world giving lectures to universities, churches and schools.

However, in 2013 Esquire magazine did an investigation into the claims and found that Alexander was subjected to numerous malpractice lawsuits and had been terminated from multiple practices. He was suspected of altering medical documents to cover up medical errors.

It was also discovered that Alexander was experiencing hallucinations prior to being put into a medically induced coma during his battle with bacterial meningoencephalitis. Many sceptics believe that his journey into an alternate dimension was nothing more than a feverish hallucination brought on from his ailments.

6. The Mystery Man From Taured

These Time Travelers Claim They Visited Parallel Universes

A man landed in Tokyo in 1954 with a very unusual story. The mysterious man arrived at Tokyo International Airport and presented a passport that had been stamped with a place of origin called Taured. You don’t have to study a map of the world for very long before realizing that no place called Taured actually exists.

The mysterious man’s passport backed up his story. It appeared to be legitimate. What’s more, it was filled with customs and visa stamps that were consistent with his story of visiting Japan on business quite frequently. He also possessed a checkbook full of checks from a bank that nobody had ever heard of before.

Immigration officials decided that the man should be sent to a hotel near the airport until more information could be gathered. Two officials were stationed outside the door of his hotel room for the night. However, the man was gone by morning. He simply vanished from a ledge-free room that was 15 stories above a busy Tokyo street.

All attempts to locate the man again came up short. Had he simply slipped back into whatever parallel version of reality he had come from?


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